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Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid | ,

Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid Pdf/ePub eBook Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 951 | Ebook Reads: 951 | File: Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 0307587495


Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid - , Preview:

AUTHORS’ DISCLAIMER: We are not in any way experts on parenting children with disabilities. Our goal is simply to share strategies that have worked for each of us in the event it may help those in a similar situation. If you’re different from us (i.e., you are bright or of the perfect persuasion), we advise you not to try the following at home. On a “perfection-preoccupied planet,” sisters Gina and Patty dare to speak up about the frustrations, sadness, and stigmas they face as parents of children with disabilities (one with Asperger’s syndrome, the other with bipolar disorder). This refreshingly frank book, which will alternately make you want to tear your hair out and laugh your head off, should be required reading for parents of disabled children. Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid provides wise and funny advice about how to: • Find a support group—either online or in your community • Ensure that your child gets the right in-school support • Deal with people—be they friends, family members, or strangers—who say or do insensitive things to you or your child • Find fun, safe, and inclusive extracurricular activities for your child • Battle your own grief and seek professional help if you need it • Keep the rest of the family intact in moments of crisis.


Shut Up and Give Me a Valium | Kelly Cronk

Shut Up and Give Me a Valium Pdf/ePub eBook Shut Up and Give Me a Valium Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1919 | Ebook Reads: 1919 | File: Shut Up and Give Me a Valium.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1304034062


Shut Up and Give Me a Valium - Kelly Cronk Preview:

Bridget Jones, step aside. This journal documents the gradual, exotic dissension into madness when a Sober Life Coach is paired with a drug-addicted, eccentric billionaire who refuses to follow directions. Their dysfunctional relationship, ultimately heading towards tragedy..



WONDERS AND EVERLASTING POEMS Pdf/ePub eBook WONDERS AND EVERLASTING POEMS Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 539 | Ebook Reads: 539 | File: WONDERS AND EVERLASTING POEMS.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1450012531



Peoms and essays come in different forms, with many a momentum, force and timelessness. For example, some poems and essays are truly more powerful than others. Surely, WONDERS & EVERLASTING POEMS have their true station at the peak of such timeless literary works. Extreme bitterness can force the human soul to chant the poems of great lamentations. Indeed, when you have been through a very devastating war, when you have been captured and tortured by the so-called 'enemies', then, you would surely understand the raw meaning of unforgetable suffering. The poems of bliss are the songs of extreme joy. Have you ever been celebrated by those who once rejected you? A fantastic fate can force you to laugh the last laugh. And a pleasant destiny can carry you from the pit of total defeat to the very top of victory...."setting a rich table before you" right "in the very presence of your own enemies"..

Juvenile Fiction

Klutzhood | Chris McMahen

Klutzhood Pdf/ePub eBook Klutzhood Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 349 | Ebook Reads: 349 | File: Klutzhood.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1554694914


Klutzhood - Chris McMahen Preview:

Arlo thinks his mother is crazy for taking a job in a small town, far away from his old home and his good friends. And to make matters worse, the students at his new school are crazy—hockey crazy. Arlo has never laced up a pair of skates in his life, and he's not about to start. To avoid making a complete fool of himself in front of his classmates, Arlo joins a group of misfits called the Dumpster Dudes, who set him a series of wild initiation tests that unleash mayhem on the school. Broken windows in the classrooms, angry ants in the hallways, bicycles in the library and monsters in the air ducts—can East Bend Elementary survive Arlo? And will Arlo survive East Bend?.

Performing Arts

The Night Watch | Sarah Waters

The Night Watch Pdf/ePub eBook The Night Watch Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1155 | Ebook Reads: 1155 | File: The Night Watch.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1350014079


The Night Watch - Sarah Waters Preview:

I thought everything would change, after the war. And now, no one even mentions it. It is as if we all got together in private and said whatever you do don't mention that, like it never happened. It's the late 1940s. Calm has returned to London and five people are recovering from the chaos of war. In scenes set in a quiet dating agency, a bombed-out church and a prison cell, the stories of these five lives begin to intertwine and we uncover the desire and regret that has bound them together. Sarah Waters's story of illicit love and everyday heroism takes us from a dazed and shattered post-war Britain back into the heart of the Blitz, towards the secrets that are hidden there. Olivier-nominated playwright Hattie Naylor has created a thrilling and theatrically inventive adaptation of a great modern novel. The stage adaptation of The Night Watch was premiered at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, on 16 May 2016..


Flyboys | Tom Hanley

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Tommy Riley and his friends are growing up among the men and machines of a key Air Force Base in the middle of the Cold War. One day, the boys sneak into a top-secret reconnaissance bomber, switch on the radio, and overhear a commie plan that is so diabolical . . ..


Landing Gear | Kate Pullinger

Landing Gear Pdf/ePub eBook Landing Gear Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 419 | Ebook Reads: 419 | File: Landing Gear.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 0385681216


Landing Gear - Kate Pullinger Preview:

Sharp, engaging contemporary fiction from Governor General's Award winner Kate Pullinger, author of The Mistress of Nothing A man falls from the sky and against all odds lands himself a new life. Spring 2010. Harriet works in local radio in London, England. When a volcano explodes in Iceland and airspace shuts down over Europe stranding most of her colleagues abroad, she seizes the opportunity to change her working life. At the same time, Yacub, a migrant worker from Pakistan, is stranded in a labour camp in Dubai, an Emily, a young tv researcher, loses her father to a sudden heart attack. Michael, stuck in New York, travels to Toronto to stay with an old flame. And Jack, a teenager liberated from normal life by the absence of airplanes, takes an unexpected risk and finds himself in trouble. Two years later, these lives collide dramatically when Yacub falls out of the landing gear of the airplane on which he is a stowaway and onto Harriet's car in a supermarket car park. Yacub's arrival in the lives of Harriet, Jack, Michael, and Emily catapults these characters into a series of life-changing events. Based on a newspaper article Pullinger first read more than a decade ago, when the body of an airplane stowaway landed in a southwest London supermarket car park, Landing Gear explores what would happen if the stowaway survived, unscathed. From the ash cloud airspace shutdown in 2010, through 2012, and onto 2014, the novel is about the complex texture of modern life--airplanes, the internet, migrant labour, and the loneliness of the nuclear family..

Biography & Autobiography

I'm Awesome | Jason Ellis,Mike Tully

I'm Awesome Pdf/ePub eBook I'm Awesome Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1751 | Ebook Reads: 1751 | File: I'm Awesome.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 0062098233


I'm Awesome - Jason Ellis,Mike Tully Preview:

X Games skateboarder, pro mixed martial arts fighter, and outspoken SiriusXM satellite radio host Jason Ellis shares his jaw-dropping and inspirational life story, from the depths of addiction to the glory of victory to the joys and ordeals of fatherhood. Fans of The Jason Ellis Show and the MMA-meets-music festival "Ellismania" know Ellis as a fearless daredevil—and as the new voice of action sports in America. Now, fans can learn how he got to be the man he is: the struggles, the setbacks, and the fight he put up to make it through to something better. Fans of Griffin Forrest’s Got Fight and Tony Hawk’s Hawk won’t want to miss this unbelievable tell-all from a larger-than-life icon, and a fighter through and through..


Bardic Tales and Sage Advice (Volume VII) | Thaxson Patterson II,Jamie Lackey,Chad Strong,Carma Lynn Park,Doug Caverly,Michelle Ann King,L. Lambert Lawson

Bardic Tales and Sage Advice (Volume VII) Pdf/ePub eBook Bardic Tales and Sage Advice (Volume VII) Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 616 | Ebook Reads: 616 | File: Bardic Tales and Sage Advice (Volume VII).pdf/epub | ISBNCode:


Bardic Tales and Sage Advice (Volume VII) - Thaxson Patterson II,Jamie Lackey,Chad Strong,Carma Lynn Park,Doug Caverly,Michelle Ann King,L. Lambert Lawson Preview:

Though originally meant as a stand alone anthology, the Bardic Tales and Sage Advice collection has evolved into an annual celebration of speculative fiction. The collection is now an invitation-only anthology. Volume Seven includes short stories by Thaxson Patterson II, Jamie Lackey, Chad Strong, Carma Lynn Park, Doug Caverly, Michelle Ann King, L. Lambert Lawson, and Julie Ann Dawson..

Juvenile Fiction

The Person Controller | David Baddiel

The Person Controller Pdf/ePub eBook The Person Controller Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1062 | Ebook Reads: 1062 | File: The Person Controller.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 0007554559


The Person Controller - David Baddiel Preview:

From the author of THE PARENT AGENCY comes a thrilling, funny and touching new adventure..


Success Stories | Russell Banks

Success Stories Pdf/ePub eBook Success Stories Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 542 | Ebook Reads: 542 | File: Success Stories.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 0062123173


Success Stories - Russell Banks Preview:

In Sucess Stories, an exceptionally varied yet coherent collection, Russell Banks proves himself one of the most astute and forceful writers in America today. Queen for a Day, Success Story, and Adultery trace fortunes of the Painter family in there pursuit of and retreat from the American dream. Banks also explores the ethos of rampant materialism in a group of contemporary moral fables. The Fish is an evocating parable of faith and greed set in a Southeast Asian village, The Gully tells of the profitability of violence and the ironies of upward mobility in a Latin American shantytown, and Chrildren's Story explores the repressed rage that boils beneath the surface of relationships between parents and children and between citizens of the first and third worlds..


Strike Three You're Dead | R. D. Rosen

Strike Three You're Dead Pdf/ePub eBook Strike Three You're Dead Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 813 | Ebook Reads: 813 | File: Strike Three You're Dead.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1453290427


Strike Three You're Dead - R. D. Rosen Preview:

A slugger struggles with an empty ballpark and a murdered teammate in this Edgar Award–winning mystery. The Providence Jewels, an American League expansion team, have been taking a beating all season. Worse, relief pitcher Rudy Furth has just suffered a beating of a more lethal kind—and been left to die in the clubhouse whirlpool among whispers of mob corruption and violently lovesick fans. When the police investigation stalls, veteran Providence center fielder Harvey Blissberg, who knew Furth as well as anyone, decides to play detective. While trying to keep his eye on the ball, and his head above water with the spunky, beautiful sports newscaster Mickey Slavin, Blissberg quietly stalks Furth’s killer through major-league locker rooms and the dark streets of Rhode Island’s capital city. Lots of ballplayers keep their batting averages above .300—but how many have chased a murderer at the same time?.

Sports & Recreation

The Machine | Joe Posnanski

The Machine Pdf/ePub eBook The Machine Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 482 | Ebook Reads: 482 | File: The Machine.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 9780061901690


The Machine - Joe Posnanski Preview:

Award-winning sports columnist Joe Posnanski hits a grand slam with The Machine—a thrilling account of the magical 1975 season of the Cincinnati Reds, baseball’s legendary “Big Red Machine,” from spring training through the final game of the ’75 World Series. Featuring a Hall of Fame lineup of baseball superstars—including Johnny Bench, George Foster, Joe Morgan, Cesar Geronimo, and “Charlie Hustle” Pete Rose himself—The Machine is a wild ride with one of the greatest baseball teams in the history of the American Pastime..


The Dragon Republic | R. F. Kuang

The Dragon Republic Pdf/ePub eBook The Dragon Republic Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 910 | Ebook Reads: 910 | File: The Dragon Republic.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 0062662619


The Dragon Republic - R. F. Kuang Preview:

Rin’s story continues in this acclaimed sequel to The Poppy War—an epic fantasy combining the history of twentieth-century China with a gripping world of gods and monsters. The war is over. The war has just begun. Three times throughout its history, Nikan has fought for its survival in the bloody Poppy Wars. Though the third battle has just ended, shaman and warrior Rin cannot forget the atrocity she committed to save her people. Now she is on the run from her guilt, the opium addiction that holds her like a vice, and the murderous commands of the fiery Phoenix—the vengeful god who has blessed Rin with her fearsome power. Though she does not want to live, she refuses to die until she avenges the traitorous Empress who betrayed Rin’s homeland to its enemies. Her only hope is to join forces with the powerful Dragon Warlord, who plots to conquer Nikan, unseat the Empress, and create a new republic. But neither the Empress nor the Dragon Warlord are what they seem. The more Rin witnesses, the more she fears her love for Nikan will force her to use the Phoenix’s deadly power once more. Because there is nothing Rin won’t sacrifice to save her country . . . and exact her vengeance..

Juvenile Fiction

Vive le Sleepover Club! (The Sleepover Club, Book 27) | Narinder Dhami

Vive le Sleepover Club! (The Sleepover Club, Book 27) Pdf/ePub eBook Vive le Sleepover Club! (The Sleepover Club, Book 27) Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1007 | Ebook Reads: 1007 | File: Vive le Sleepover Club! (The Sleepover Club, Book 27).pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 0007401175


Vive le Sleepover Club! (The Sleepover Club, Book 27) - Narinder Dhami Preview:

Join the Sleepover Club: Frankie, Kenny, Felicity, Rosie and Lyndsey, five girls who want to have fun – but who always end up in mischief..


Learning to Love | Sheryl Browne

Learning to Love Pdf/ePub eBook Learning to Love Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1544 | Ebook Reads: 1544 | File: Learning to Love.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 178189275X


Learning to Love - Sheryl Browne Preview:

When two frazzled parents join forces—and families—they don’t just fall in love . . . they get along like a house on fire. In a small English village like Hibberton, neighbors help each other in time of need. But when Andrea Kelly’s house burns down—taking all her worldly possessions with it—it’s a complete surprise when the usually distant and aloof Doctor David Adams offers to take her in. Even more surprising is his willingness to open his door not just to her, but to her three squabbling kids and daffy elderly mother as well. Andrea needs all the help she can get, dealing with the aftermath of the fire and trying to rebuild a some sort of home for her children. But as she gets to know David—and his own rocky relationship with his rebellious son—she begins to realize that the overwrought doctor could use her help as much as she needs his . . ..

Comics & Graphic Novels

Ex Machina Book Two | Brian K. Vaughan

Ex Machina Book Two Pdf/ePub eBook Ex Machina Book Two Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 374 | Ebook Reads: 374 | File: Ex Machina Book Two.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1401252559


Ex Machina Book Two - Brian K. Vaughan Preview:

Award-winning writer Brian K. Vaughan (PRIDE OF BAGHDAD, Y: THE LAST MAN) uniquely combines big city politics and superheroes in this criticially acclaimed series. Set in our modern-day world, EX MACHINA tells the story of civil engineer Mitchell Hundred, who becomes America's first living, breathing super-hero after a strange accident gives him the power to communicate with machines. Eventually Mitchell tires of risking his life merely to maintain the status quo, retires from masked crime fighting and runs for mayor of New York City, winning by a landslide after the events of 9/11. Illustrated by Tony Harris, EX MACHINA BOOK TWO finds Mayor Mitchell Hundred making a difficult decision about his own future, becomes part of a shocking trial complicated by the unexpected arrival of an all-new superhero, and leaves New York City for the first time since his election to embark on a strange adventure. Plus, a shocking tragedy strikes an Iraq War protest in downtown Manhattan..

Sports & Recreation

Never Shut Up | Marcellus Wiley

Never Shut Up Pdf/ePub eBook Never Shut Up Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 557 | Ebook Reads: 557 | File: Never Shut Up.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1524743240


Never Shut Up - Marcellus Wiley Preview:

Ex-NFL player, gentleman scholar, and Fox Sports personality Marcellus Wiley sucks you into a world of inner-city violence, Ivy League intrigue, and pro-football escapades that's one part touching, one part hilarious, and all parts impossible to put down. Marcellus Wiley has never had a problem expressing his opinion, whether it was growing up in Compton with a football tucked under his arm, or going to college at Columbia University, where he learned to survive Advanced Calculus and self-important pseudo-intellectuals. Or making it to the NFL against all odds, where he put together a ten-year career of massive paydays, massive painkillers, and massive sacks of everyone from Steve Young to Peyton Manning. Now, in Never Shut Up, Fox Sports' hottest rising persona doesn't hold back as he goes off on everything that's controversial with the game today, from concussions to political protests to inherent violence that's worse than the hood he grew up in. Not because he hates football, but because he wants to save it. Marcellus has never held back, even when a lot of people wanted him to. Now, he's letting it all hang out--right there on each page. Way more than just another book about the latest NFL scandals, this warm, moving, and genuinely funny story of awkward transitions, family loyalty, fame, fortune, and failure will make you fall in love with Marcellus--and football--all over again. In Never Shut Up, Marcellus will take you on a truly unique journey from Crenshaw to Broadway to the Buffalo Bills and back again, sometimes making you laugh, sometimes making you cry, but always leaving you entertained..

Biography & Autobiography

Die Young with Me | Rob Rufus

Die Young with Me Pdf/ePub eBook Die Young with Me Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1127 | Ebook Reads: 1127 | File: Die Young with Me.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1501142631


Die Young with Me - Rob Rufus Preview:

In the tradition of John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars and Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, this incredibly moving and harrowing true story of a teenager diagnosed with cancer is “a resounding affirmation of how music can lift one’s spirits beyond gray skies and bad news (Kirkus Reviews).” Punk’s not dead in rural West Virginia. In fact, it blares constantly from the basement of Rob and Nat Rufus—identical twin brothers with spiked hair, black leather jackets, and the most kick-ass record collection in Appalachia. To them, school (and pretty much everything else) sucks. But what can you expect when you’re the only punks in town? When the brothers start their own band, their lives begin to change: they meet friends, they attract girls, and they finally get invited to join a national tour and get out of their rat box little town. But their plans are cut short when Rob is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that has already progressed to Stage Four. Not only are his dreams of punk rock stardom completely shredded, there is a very real threat that this is one battle that can’t be won. While Rob suffers through nightmarish treatments and debilitating surgery, Nat continues on their band’s road to success alone. But as Rob’s life diverges from his brother’s, he learns to find strength within himself and through his music. Die Young with Me is a “raw, honest picture of the weirdness of growing up” (Marky Ramone) and the story of a brave teen’s battle with cancer and the many ways music helped him cope through his recovery..

Political Science

No, You Shut Up | Symone D. Sanders

No, You Shut Up Pdf/ePub eBook No, You Shut Up Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 656 | Ebook Reads: 656 | File: No, You Shut Up.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 0062942697


No, You Shut Up - Symone D. Sanders Preview:

“Symone’s honest and profound reflection on standing up and speaking out is sure to inspire young people across the country to become the change agents the world needs.” — Congresswoman Maxine Waters In this rousing call to leadership, the self-described millennial spokesperson for the culture, CNN’s designated "woke AF" former commentator, and the youngest national press secretary in the history of the United States shares her take-no-prisoners approach to life, politics, and career success, and shows a new generation how to be loud and powerful in their own right. Many people—most notably white older men—may try to stop Symone Sanders from speaking up and out. But Symone will NOT shut up. And neither should you. In this inspiring call-to-action, Symone tells stories from her own life of not-shutting-up alongside loud young revolutionaries who came before her to help you find your authentic voice and use it to your advantage; to fight ideological battles more effectively; and to resist those who try to silence you. We are all gurus, masterminds, artists, entrepreneurs—we are the change agents we have been waiting for. IT IS US. And the time is RIGHT NOW. I know you’re wondering, “But HOW?” And we don’t have all the answers! Symone is the first to admit we’re all winging it in one way or another. But the point is we’re out there doing it. So get started. Open your mouth and start talking. Loudly. No You Shut Up goes beyond the surplus of “Vote-Or-Die” books we’ve seen before. Because change doesn’t just happen at the ballot box. We need people fighting oppression, injustice, and inequality—in the workplace, on the cultural battlefield, in government, in every corner of the world. With spirited storytelling filtered through a voice that cannot and will not be ignored, Symone inspires you to start now. You don’t need to have all the answers, or wait your turn to help create the change you want to see. All you need is a new toolbox, an unshakable commitment, and the confidence and guidance to wield those tools effectively..