When Daddy Wasn T Looking A Dad S Bff Romance Nice And Dirty Series Book 1 Pdf Pdf Free

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    HE'S DONE WITH WAITING. IT'S TIME TO TAKE WHAT'S HIS, F*UK THE CONSEQUENCES...Hawk DentonMy best friend would kill me if he knew the dirty things that come to mind when I look at his only daughter. She's innocent and untouched. And when she gets a job working in my bar, all bets are off. I don’t care about the consequences. I will mark her so the whole world knows she belongs to me; only me. Lucy GraceI want my first time to be with a real man--Hawk Denton. He stayed away because he thought of me as too virtuous, but there is nothing chaste about what I want him to do to me. And now that we will be around each other all day and all night, I'll do whatever it takes to unleash the beast he's been keeping at bay. WARNING: He's an over-the-top, possessive, "take what he wants" Alpha. If you like that, then you're in for a nice (and dirty) ride. This is a safe, STAND ALONE, short story with no cliffhangers. ITS OVER THE TOP. And yes, there's a very happy ending. Readers 18 yrs and up.

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