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    Isaac Burnet didn't want to go to Louisiana to deliver the letter from Delia to her sister Fairlee, but he did. He sure didn't want to be party to kidnapping the sassy, spirited lass on the eve of her wedding, or journey two weeks with a woman who didn't like him, but he did.Fairlee Lavalle was determined to marry Matthew Cheval no matter what her sisters, aunt, or uncle thought. She had all the adventure she wanted the spring before when her father hired three outlaws to bring her and her two sisters, Delia and Tempest, home from Texas. She would marry Matthew and they would be happy.She continued to believe that he would love her right up until she was drugged and kidnapped by one of those outlaws who'd escorted them home. And to think it was with her sister's help.During the two-week journey, their hearts begin to see qualities they both like in the other. Will they ever admit it or will their stubbornness keep them apart forever?

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