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    KittyI had one rule: Don't. Get. Caught. I've just broken it.And I've been more than just caught. I've been taken. Maybe that's not big news. A hundred girls get taken every damn day. But not by this guy. Vicious is an English master criminal with a dominance complex. He doesn't take 'no' well. He doesn't take it at all. He's going to make me say yes. He's going to make me damn well scream it. Vicious Kitty's crossed the wrong people, and now her life is in danger. I can save her, but I'm no hero. She'll pay her dues. Obey my rules. If she's a good Kitty, she'll be well compensated. If she's a bad Kitty, my bed awaits. This city rewards the strong, punishes the weak, and destroys the innocent. So do I. Vicious Looks is the first book in the episodic Vicious City series. No cliffhangers. No gluten.

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