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    “Get in here,” he whispered, pulling me into the bathroom and locking the door again. “God, Leah, you look so hot! I can’t keep my hands off you!” And then he was kissing me, pinning me hard against the wall...FROM NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING & AWARD WINNING AUTHOR SELENA KITTLeah and Erica have been best friends since just about forever. Leah spends so much time with the Nolans that she's practically part of the family. When the girls find something naughty under Mr. Nolan's bed, their strict, repressive Catholic upbringing makes it all the more exciting as they begin their sexual experimentation. Leah's exploration presses deeper, and eventually she finds herself in love for the first time, torn between her best friend and Mr. Nolan. Warning: This title contains erotic situations, lesbian sex, sex toys, some very naughty taboos and also makes mention of pornography, salmon, amusement parks, chocolate covered strawberries, brownies (as well as girl scouts), plaid skirts, naughty uses for confessionals and some sacrilegious humor.The Nolan Trilogy (FREE in KINDLE UNLIMITED)TemptationConfessionGraceRelated TitlesUnder Mr. Nolan's Bed (Original) - PRINTForbidden Fruit

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