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    BOOK ONEHe is a knight who would do anything to serve his King and country. Protect them at all costs. But does that service include sleeping with the enemy? Sir Christopher de Quincey has just been knighted. He has returned to his ancestral home of Chardwood Hall in Somerset from court for a brief spell, but he knows it is a short visit. The de Quincey’s have served the King of England for centuries as knights of the Garter and will forevermore. His father, James, has a special mission for him. A mission to bring down his noble family’s mortal enemies, the Barrington’s, and protect the King at the same time.The Lady Alice Barrington doesn’t want to be at court. All she wants is to live the life of a country lady at her ancestral home. But now she is one of the new queen’s ladies. A queen who is joyfully expecting her first child. And Alice is being compelled to do something evil. Something that might change the course of events in England entirely. It sickens her heart, but what choice does she have? BOOK TWOHe has been entrusted with a mission by the King of England. To take the spoiled daughter of an impoverished aristocrat over the seas and see her safely married. How hard can it be? Sir Oliver de Quincey is about to find out that where the Lady Mirabelle Wharton is concerned, nothing is simple. He had thought that King Henry’s command to escort the lady would be a way of redeeming himself in the eyes of the King. And Oliver needs to redeem himself, from the mess that his life has become. He can’t afford to make any more mistakes, and he has always wanted to travel, after all. His father has begged for this second chance for him. So why does the lady seem to want to sabotage everything from the get go? Lady Mirabelle Wharton is angry. Angry at how her parents have pawned her off on an old Count who lives in Spain, of all places. She knows why. She knows she has a reputation of being difficult; no one in England is willing to have her without a dowry, which her parents can’t supply. And now she must put up with a boring, chivalrous knight trying to cramp her style. A knight who keeps insisting that she stay away from the handsome and charismatic Captain Jacob Carew. Doesn’t Sir Oliver realise that her reputation has long since flown, and she never cared about it in the first place? BOOK THREEShe is a healer and a wise woman, who has been told that she must never fall in love. He is a broken man, desperately searching for his missing wife. And their worlds are about to collide... England, 1537. King Henry V111 rules England, and Sir Tobias de Quincey is a knight of the realm. But he is about to face the hardest battle of his life. His wife, the Lady Cicely, vanished suddenly in the middle of the night from their comfortable home in the country. Disappeared without trace. And Tobias is desperate to find her. Lilah Payne lives alone in her little cottage in the Cotswolds, eking out a living as a local wise woman and healer. She doesn’t know what to make of the broken man who arrives on her doorstep one day, trying to find out what has happened to his wife. Lilah has a bad feeling about it, but she has a duty to help anyone who asks for it. She comes from a long line of wise women, who have lived in this part of the world for generations, communing with the landscape. She is happy. She is settled. And she never imagines that her world will change. Tobias doesn’t believe in folk magic. He never has. But he is desperate, and Lilah seems like she has some strange knowledge. Knowledge that will lead him to Cicely. But as they journey on, through the dark woods and along the trail of the springs, there will be more dangers than either of them could ever imagine. And perhaps the greatest danger is of the heart…

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