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    Review Transgender 101 is a highly readable and thorough primer on the history, terminology, types, politics, and medical and social realities of the transgender population. Teich uses insights from his personal and clinical experience and from the growing body of literature in transgender studies to educate the professional and lay communities on the many layered meanings and manifestations of transgenderism. This comprehensive introduction informs without being self-absorbed or polemical. (Betty Morningstar, president of the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers)In an eminently readable fashion, Teich covers topics ranging from the underlying sociological concepts of sex, gender, and sexual identification to the experiences of 'coming out' and 'transitioning.' He then situates the 'trans' person in an historical context―examining the mental health and medical ramifications of the way society has viewed and (mis)treated the change from imputed to 'authentic' sex. I am glad I read this book. (Kevin J. Mahoney, professor and director of the Center for Participant-Directed Services at Boston College)...a fascinating read... effectively raising questions and prompting discussions about assumptions we've always taken for granted... (Bibrary Book Lust)...highly recommended reading as a user-friendly introduction. (Youth Today) Read more About the Author Nicholas M. Teich is a licensed social worker pursuing a Ph.D. in social policy at Brandeis University. A member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, he trains and educates groups about gender issues and is the founder and president of Camp Aranu'tiq, the first-ever summer camp for transgender children. Read more

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