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    She was always Daddy’s little princess. They’re vicious outlaws. Now she’s theirs, and they’re not going to let her go without a fight.Sophia Wolford’s always looked at the world as if the glass is half full. Even after the Apocalypse. What’s the point of focusing on the negative, after all, when you need to get busy rebuilding the world? Finn Knight sees things differently, however. His motto is: Trust no one and always suspect the worst.Not surprisingly, Sophia and Finn get along like oil and water.When Sophia sees an opportunity to save not only Jacob’s Well, but the entire country which is on the brink of war, however, Finn is the only person who can help her.Sophia gets a lot more than she bargained for, though, when she heads into the wilds of New Mexico and offers herself as a Raffle Bride.She discovers too late that her new husbands might not have the most honorable intentions. Will she and Finn be able to find a way to save themselves in time, much less the Republic?

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