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    Download The Stranger: Soul Tracker Chapter 4 (Heart of the Jaguar) and read The Stranger: Soul Tracker Chapter 4 (Heart of the Jaguar) online books in format PDF. Get also books in EPUB and Mobi Format. Check out other translated books in French, Spanish languages.

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    Soul Tracker, Chapter 4 continues with the introduction of the Stranger. In this chapter, Francisca's true love is revealed and Daniela comes face-to-face with the stranger who tackled her at the stream. Meanwhile, Daniela's father, Don Ramon, harbors a painstaking secret that could upset the peaceful balance of the entire De la Vega family. Welcome to the author's unedited chapters of Soul Tracker, the prequel and second installment to the Heart of the Jaguar series. Feel free to participate in discussion questions as the story progresses.In the first novel, Heart of the Jaguar, seventeen-year-old, Nina, discovers her link to the infamous and legendary Weeping Woman (better known in the Latino culture as La Llorona) through the assistance of the Soul Tracker. The cryptic stranger leads her into the perilous Paradise of Lost Souls where they come face-to-face with the legendary Chupacabra creatures, and they discover the origin of the Llorona as they square off with a vindictive and vicious Aztec high priest. In Heart of the Jaguar, though upon meeting, they are complete strangers, Nina cannot make sense of the strange connection that she has with this lonely wanderer, Diego. The Soul Tracker confesses that he spent centuries trying to search for her, only to have found her once before, yet losing her again without further explaining how that happened. The prequel, Soul Tracker, answers that question and further explores the relationship between these two kindred spirits, perhaps complicating Nina's current relationship in Heart of the Jaguar when we come full circle with its sequel. In chap 1, New Mexico 1821, Daniela is introduced as the headstrong and spirited youngest of three daughters to Don Ramon, whose descendants traveled with Juan de Onate to New Mexico in 1598 to establish her father's now dwindling cattle ranch. In present time, 1821, in addition to battling the daily threats of Apache raids, rumors of a Mexican revolt against Spanish rule have surfaced and Daniela is faced with the difficult task of not only discovering why the cows dying off and found drained of their blood, but proving that she is the right person for the job to run her father's ranch. Chap 2, Strangers collide, Daniela comes face-to-face with what could be the one person who will seal her fate forever. Chap 3 We're introduced t the De la Vega sisters, and it becomes quite obvious that one of them doesn’t see eye-to-eye with Daniela's strong-willed nature, while the other might be holding a secret that Daniela soon discovers could damage the reputation of the De la Vega’s family name.

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