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    Review 'It is hard to imagine a volume that could represent the field more knowingly!' Robyn Wiegman, Duke University, USA 'This fresh, innovative, and significant volume demonstrates convincingly the queer moment is by no means over.' Laura Doan, University of Manchester, UK 'Get prepared to enter a scene of provocation, a sexy sort of maelstrom, where trans meets butch meets brown meets 'quare' meets intersex, racial, post-colonial, and disabled matters in juxtaposition, in telling combinations. Even subtleties and biting formulations appear side by side, in a queer cubism, leading both students and scholars to thoughts that will startle and seduce them.' Kathryn Bond Stockton, University of Utah, USA 'The Queer Studies Reader will serve as an official and unofficial textbook for those interested in overthrowing the patriarchal gender binary and interrupting heteronormativity.' ― Rachel Wexelbaum, Feminist Collections: A Quarterly of Women’s Studies Resources, Vol 34 No 3-4 2013 Read more About the Author Donald E. Hall is Professor and Herbert and Ann Siegel Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Lehigh University, USA. Annamarie Jagose is Professor and Head of the School of Letters, Arts and Media at the University of Sydney, Australia. Andrea Bebell is a Graduate Teaching Assistant at West Virginia University, USA. Susan Potter is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Film, Television and Media Studies at the University of Auckland, New Zealand Aotearoa. Read more

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