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A Jeeves and Wooster novel At Deverill Hall, an idyllic Tudor manor in the picture-perfect village of King's Deverill, impostors are in the air. The prime example is man-about-town Bertie Wooster, doing a good turn to Gussie Fink-Nottle by impersonating him while he enjoys fourteen days away from society after being caught taking an unscheduled dip in the fountains of Trafalgar Square. Bertie is of course one of nature's gentlemen, but the stakes are high: if all is revealed, there's a danger that Gussie's simpering fiancée Madeline may turn her wide eyes on Bertie instead. It's a brilliant plan - until Gussie himself turns up, imitating Bertram Wooster. After that, only the massive brain of Jeeves (himself in disguise) can set things right..


The Mating Season | Laurie Horowitz

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Spread your wings and soar. Rigg Greensman is on the worst assignment of his life: filming a documentary about birds with scientific "hot mess" host, Sophie Castle. Since Rigg is used to the celebrity lifestyle, he'd never be interested in Sophie. But he soon realizes she's got that sexy something that drives him wild... if only he can convince her to join him for the ride. BookShots Flames Original romances presented by JAMES PATTERSON Novels you can devour in a few hours Impossible to stop reading.

Social Science

The Mating Game | Ellen Lamont

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Despite enormous changes in patterns of dating and courtship in twenty-first-century America, contemporary understandings of romance and intimacy remain firmly rooted in age-old assumptions of gender difference. These tenacious beliefs now vie with cultural messages of gender equality that stress independence, self-development, and egalitarian practices in public and private life. Through interviews with heterosexual and LGBTQ individuals, Ellen Lamont’s The Mating Game explores how people with diverse sexualities and gender identities date, form romantic relationships, and make decisions about future commitments as they negotiate uncertain terrain fraught with competing messages about gender, sexuality, and intimacy..


The Mating Season | Janet Dailey

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A famous model can’t deny her Kansas roots—or her gorgeous childhood crush—in this Americana romance from the legendary New York Times–bestselling author. Discover romance across America with Janet Dailey’s classic series featuring a love story set in each of the fifty states. Jonni Starr has everything she dreamed of as a girl in Kansas: a glamorous modeling career in New York and a sophisticated fiancé who pampers her to no end. After six years away from the Sunflower State, she can’t wait to be back with her beau and show off her success. But the happy homecoming is a little more complicated thanks to Gabe Stockman, Jonni’s father’s right-hand man. Jonni used to idolize him, even though he would never even glance at the boss’s daughter. But now, Gabe seems to do nothing but look at her. And he sees a side of the former country girl no one else does. Gabe is determined to remind Jonni of her roots, and the kind of down-home man she should be spending her life with. Filled with Midwest charm and swoon-worthy romance, The Mating Season shows why Janet Dailey is a legend with over 300 million copies of her books sold..


The Mating Chase | Bonnie Vanak

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Welcome to the sensual world of the Lupine, where the burning drive to mate claims all... Home from college, where men teased her for being overweight, Beth doesn't fit into pack life at the Mitchell ranch. Because she’s forgotten how to shift into a wolf, the pack alpha has ordered her to choose a mate or leave. The only male Beth desires is Dale, a fiercely protective Lupine who loathes the human lifestyle she embraces. She hungers for the handsome shifter’s touch, but fears their differences are too vast to overcome. Dale has waited for four long years for Beth’s return. Her scent ignites his desire and her voluptuous body fires his blood. He is determined to awaken her to the sensual world of the Lupine. Although she acts more “Skin” than wolf, he can’t deny his overwhelming drive to claim her. As the heat of passion threatens to consume them both, a new peril arises. Someone is killing a local rancher’s livestock and blaming it on wolves, endangering the pack’s ability to shapeshift. It will take all Beth’s courage and Dale’s skill to find the enemy threatening to destroy their world....


The Wrong Marquess | Vivienne Lorret

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USA Today bestselling author Vivienne Lorret continues the Mating Habits of Scoundrels series with a debutante who believes she is destined to marry the lord next door until a fateful encounter with a rogue makes her wonder… if she might be falling for the wrong marquess! The wrong place… Elodie Parrish can feel spinsterhood breathing down her neck. That’s the trouble with waiting for the marquess next door her entire life. But Ellie knows if she gives him one last Season, he’ll finally propose. The only problem is, her path keeps crossing with the arrogant Lord Hullworth, who is convinced she has designs on him. The wrong time… Brandon, Marquess of Hullworth, never wanted to be “London’s Most Elusive Bachelor,” or have a horde of hopeful debutantes and their scheming mamas follow him around. His past has left him too jaded to consider marrying any of them. At least, that’s what he thinks... until he meets Ellie. She’s quirky, opinionated, blushes easily, and drives him absolutely wild. The only problem is, she believes she’s in love with someone else. Ellie never imagined that one sultry summer could change everything. But the more time she spends with Brandon researching her book on the mating habits of scoundrels, the more she starts to fall for… The Wrong Marquess.


The Mating Mind | Geoffrey Miller

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At once a pioneering study of evolution and an accessible and lively reading experience, The Mating Mind marks the arrival of a prescient and provocative new science writer. Psychologist Geoffrey Miller offers the most convincing–and radical–explanation for how and why the human mind evolved. Consciousness, morality, creativity, language, and art: these are the traits that make us human. Scientists have traditionally explained these qualities as merely a side effect of surplus brain size, but Miller argues that they were sexual attractors, not side effects. He bases his argument on Darwin’ s theory of sexual selection, which until now has played second fiddle to Darwin’ s theory of natural selection, and draws on ideas and research from a wide range of fields, including psychology, economics, history, and pop culture. Witty, powerfully argued, and continually thought-provoking, The Mating Mind is a landmark in our understanding of our own species..


The World of Jeeves | P.G. Wodehouse

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A Jeeves and Wooster Omnibus 'Jeeves knows his place, and it is between the covers of a book.' This is an omnibus of wonderful Jeeves and Wooster stories, specially selected and introduced by Wodehouse himself, who was struck by the size of his selection and described it as almost the ideal paperweight. As he wrote: 'I find it curious, now that I have written so much about him, to recall how softly and undramatically Jeeves first entered my little world. Characteristically, he did not thrust himself forward. On that occasion, he spoke just two lines. The first was: "Mrs Gregson to see you, sir." The second: "Very good, sir, which suit will you wear?" It was only some time later that the man's qualities dawned upon me. I still blush to think of the off-hand way I treated him at our first encounter...'. This omnibus contains Carry On, Jeeves, The Inimitable Jeeves, Very Good, Jeeves and the short stories 'Jeeves Makes an Omelette' and 'Jeeves and the Greasy Bird'..


The Room-Mating Season | Rona Jaffe

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The masterful author of The Best of Everything takes us through a season of friendship, discovery, betrayal, and love to tell a story of four friends and the events that shaped their futures. New York in 1963 is a place of infinite possibilities, especially when you’re young and eager for the adventure a big city offers. Leigh, Cady, Vanessa, and Susan meet when they become roommates on the Upper East Side. Nothing can diminish the exhilaration of their newfound freedom and independence—even being crammed together in a single bedroom with a kitchen too small for a table and chairs. A casting assistant at a talent agency, Leigh is the level-headed one. Cady is a prep school teacher, emotional, passionate, and ready for love. Vanessa, a stewardess, craves her independence above all else. Susan is the mercurial, difficult one, and after one confrontation too many, makes a choice that will change the course of all their lives… PRAISE FOR RONA JAFFE “Reading Rona Jaffe is like being presented with a Cartier watch: you know exactly what you’re getting and it’s exactly what you want.”—Cosmopolitan “Vivid and trenchant…Wry and very readable…A minor genius.”—New York Times Book Review “Jaffe has not lost her wit, her keen eye for human frailties and her ear for the small but telling remark.”—Publishers Weekly.


The Mating Season | Bonnie Vanak

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In the centuries since he became immortal, Tristan, the Silver Wizard, has awaited the return of his long lost love. Nikita was his life and his heart, and when he died as mortal fighting for the freedom of Lupines and dragons, it was with her name on his lips. Now he has found her again, and Tristan is determined to claim her and fulfill his legacy – by impregnating her with his child. He will take her to his heavenly home in Tir Na-nog to show her the passion they once shared in another life. Before they can reach there, he must protect Nikita from his enemies, and he will fight with all his power to keep her safe from all harm. The handsome, sensual wizard who saved her life from a lethal virus and swept her off her feet is no mere werewolf like herself. He is the Silver Wizard – the ruler of all werewolves, with the power to turn them into dust. Possessive and protective, he wants to recapture the love they had 900 years ago – a love Nikita cannot recall. All she knows are dreams of his passionate lovemaking and a burning desire for his touch. If she doesn’t accompany Tristan to Tir Na-nog, her mortal body will die, for the potion that saved her life will not last. But the journey ahead is filled with danger, and it will take all their courage and everything they shared in the past to endure the darkness that awaits them both….


The Nesting Season | Bernd Heinrich

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One of the world’s great naturalists and nature writers, Bernd Heinrich shows us how the sensual beauty of birds can open our eyes to a hidden evolutionary process..


Lord Holt Takes a Bride | Vivienne Lorret

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USA Today bestselling author Vivienne Lorret launches a charming new trilogy about three debutantes who get more than they bargained for when it comes to the mating habits of scoundrels . . . Heiress Winnifred Humphries refuses to marry the odious man her parents have chosen. She’ll marry for love or not at all. But how does a woman know a man truly loves her? Needing answers, she sets out to discover the marriage habits of London’s aristocrats. Yet when her friends kidnap a lord for research, Winn knows they’ve gone too far. Now she’s facing a wickedly handsome scoundrel who wants revenge. Lord Asher Holt has the perfect plan to free himself of his father’s debts. But when a trio of foolish debutantes abducts him, their scheme ruins everything! Fuming and tied to a chair, Holt overhears that one of them is an heiress. Perhaps he isn’t above a little kidnapping either. Yet, when the heiress runs away from her own wedding and straight into his waiting carriage, Holt finds himself on an adventure he’ll never forget, falling in love with a woman worth more than any treasure. But will Winn ever believe his heart only desires her . . . and not her fortune?.


Mating | Norman Rush

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The narrator of this splendidly expansive novel of high intellect and grand passion is an American anthropologist at loose ends in the South African republic of Botswana. She has a noble and exacting mind, a good waist, and a busted thesis project. She also has a yen for Nelson Denoon, a charismatic intellectual who is rumored to have founded a secretive and unorthodox utopian society in a remote corner of the Kalahari—one in which he is virtually the only man. What ensues is both a quest and an exuberant comedy of manners, a book that explores the deepest canyons of eros even as it asks large questions about the good society, the geopolitics of poverty, and the baffling mystery of what men and women really want..


Jeeves and the Wedding Bells | Sebastian Faulks

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'Brings the peerless Jeeves and Wooster barrelling back to life' Daily Mail A gloriously witty novel from Sebastian Faulks using P.G. Wodehouse’s much-loved characters, Jeeves and Wooster, fully authorised by the Wodehouse estate. Bertie Wooster is staying at the stately home of Sir Henry Hackwood in Dorset. He is more than familiar with the country-house set-up: he is a veteran of the cocktail hour and, thanks to Jeeves, his gentleman’s personal gentleman, is never less than immaculately dressed. On this occasion, however, it is Jeeves who is to be seen in the drawing room while Bertie finds himself below stairs – which he doesn’t care for at all. His predicament is, of course, all in the name of love ... ‘A masterpiece ... a pitch-perfect undertaking’ Spectator ‘Entirely delightful’ Financial Times ‘Delightfully witty, packed with puns’ Sunday Mirror ‘A polished sparkling genuine fake’ Herald.


The Jeeves Omnibus - Vol 1 | P.G. Wodehouse

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'It beats me why a man of his genius is satisfied to hang around pressing my clothes and what not,' says Bertie. 'If I had Jeeves's brain I should have a stab at being Prime Minister or something.' Luckily for us, Bertie Wooster manages to retain Jeeves's services through all the vicissitudes of purple socks and policeman's helmets, and here, gathered together for the first time, is an omnibus of Jeeves novels and stories comprising three of the funniest books ever written: Thank You, Jeeves, The Code of the Woosters and The Inimitable Jeeves..


Hot Winter Nights | Codi Gary

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Hot Winter Nights - Codi Gary Preview:

The Bear Mountain days are cold, but the nights are steamy.... Allie Fairchild made a mistake when she moved to Montana. Her rental is a mess, her coworkers at the trauma center are hostile, and her handsome landlord, Dex Belmont, is far from charming. But just when she's about to throw in the towel, life in Bear Mountain takes a surprisingly sexy turn.... BookShots Flames Original romances presented by JAMES PATTERSON Novels you can devour in a few hours Impossible to stop reading.


Laughing Gas | P.G. Wodehouse

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A P.G. Wodehouse novel Joey Cooley is a golden-curled child film star, the idol of American motherhood. Reginald, Third Earl of Havershot, is a boxing blue on a mission to save his wayward cousin from the fleshpots of Hollywood. Both are under anaesthetic at the dentists when something strange happens - and their identities are swapped in the ether. Suddenly Joey can use his six-foot frame to get his own back on his Hollywood persecutors. But Reggie has to endure everything Joey had to put up with in the horrible life of a child star - including kidnap. Laughing Gas is Wodehouse's brilliantly funny take on the 'If I were you' theme - a wry look at the dangers of getting what you wish for in the movie business and beyond..


My Kind of Earl | Vivienne Lorret

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My Kind of Earl - Vivienne Lorret Preview:

USA Today bestselling author Vivienne Lorret continues her charming new trilogy with a bluestocking whose search for information on the mating habits of scoundrels has her stumbling upon the missing heir to an earldom... in the London underworld. Jane Pickerington never intended to start a brawl in a brothel. She only wanted to research her book. Yet when her simple study of scoundrels goes awry, she finds herself coming to the rescue of a dark, enigmatic stranger… who turns out to be far more than an average rake out for a night of pleasure. He’s positively wild! Only the most feral and cunning could have survived foundling homes and work houses. Orphaned as an infant, Raven never had another name. At least… not until he meets her. Now he’s face-to-face with the one person who recognizes the strange birthmark on his arm and can reinstate him to his blue-blooded birthright. All at once, Raven’s life takes a turn. His knowledge of dark alleys and gaming hells never prepared him for gilded ballrooms. So Jane becomes his tutor. Yet, the more lessons in decorum she offers, the more this untamed scoundrel wants to teach her all the ways to be wicked..


The Mating Season 1 | Nirdeana

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Setelah ratusan tahun, seluruh Daratan Barat akhirnya dipersatukan di bawah satu tonggak kekuasaan. Yakni; Kerajaan Shiro. Demi mewujudkan keinginan terakhir gadis manusia yang paling dikasihinya, Sesshomaru mengambil keputusan paling besar dalam sejarah bangsa yokai. Sebelumnya Lord Sesshomaru telah pergi ke berbagai belahan dunia hanya untuk mendapatkan kekuatan. Namun kini ia menapaki kakinya ke seluruh wilayah barat dengan satu tujuan. Penaklukan! Dia telah mendaki ke puncak, tetapi mengapa, ia selalu merasakan ada kekosongan di hatinya? Mencoba mencari apa yang bisa mengisi kekosongan itu, namun hanya berakhir pada kepahitan dan kesepian. "Dia pembunuh sempurna yang nyata. Ia berkuasa atas dunia ras-nya. Ia yang terkuat dari semuanya. Lalu apa yang kurang?" Hingga satu nama yang selalu terbersit di benaknya muncul, Inuyasha!.


The Mating Challenge | Bonnie Vanak

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The Mating Challenge - Bonnie Vanak Preview:

For a long time alpha werewolf and ranch owner Aiden Mitchell has desired the curvy, vivacious Nikita Blakemore, alpha female of the Blakemore pack. He will have her as his mate and no other. To force her hand, Aiden maneuvers her into hosting a Mating Challenge, the ultimate warrior competition for werewolves, where males fight for the right to mate and breed with a female alpha. Fiercely protective of his future mate, Aiden will do anything to make her his own, even fight to the death. Masquerading as her twin sister, Nia Blakemore knows she is the one Aiden wants in his bed. Nia has dreamed of the handsome cowboy sweeping her into his strong arms and consummating the passion consuming them both, even though he thinks she is Nikita, the true alpha female. Nia must try to keep Aiden from discovering the truth to protect her frailer, gentler twin. But Nia and the real Nikita hide a secret far more deadly than the charade they have pulled off for years, one that can kill Aiden and any healthy male who sets foot upon their land….