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    Surprises arise when a trip down Mistletoe Lane brings second chance love and a chance of a lifetime.Heartwarming friends, magical cookies, and miracles happen every day in the enchanted mountain town of Kissing Bridge, but nobody expected this...“This book left me laughing, crying and clapping. Extraordinarily heartwarming and unusual!” J.StevensThree women are given a second chance to fix their lives when they encounter magical Christmas cookies in a small-town and are allowed to travel back in time to do-over one Christmas from their past.They say once in a blue moon you get the chance of a lifetime, and this was that blue moon.Miracles happen every day in the adorable mountain town of Kissing Bridge, but nobody expected this... “An instant Christmas classic! So inspirational and heartwarming! A small-town Christmas novel about overcoming the past, second chances and miracles.” A strange Christmas letter appears and the forces of nature begin to pull three very different women into a Christmas adventure that will change their lives forever.Macy Kennedy is a hot-headed powerful lawyer in Manhatten who is used to getting her own way, but this Christmas nothing goes as she planned. Her fiance dumps her via text message, and her dreams of true love and a Tiffany diamond ring crumble around her...again.It seems as if things just couldn't get worse when she receives one last Christmas card with news she never expected. Now, she is forced to go back home to the small town of Kissing Bridge she has avoided for over thirty years. She bribes her loyal secretary, Samantha, a sweet pretty girl with scars she never talks about, and the firm’s maid, Naomi, a woman with a secret gift, to drive her through the blizzard up to the small mountain town to accomplish the sordid ordeal. Little can they ever imagine, that a rare mystical blue moon hangs high in the sky on this Christmas Eve, and magic lives in this enchanted mountain town full of love and friendship.Miracles happen every day in the adorable town of Kissing Bridge, but nobody expected this..." A gem that will stay with me a long time. Fully inspirational and filled with hope. I loved the small town rural setting and the wonderful clean and wholesome plot."Reviews:***** My favorite book I've ever readI picked this up because it made me curious and I liked the adorable cover. I never expected to fall in love with the characters and root for them the way I did. This book is full of Christmas spirit. I loved it. I think it should become a holiday classic movie like Miracle on 34th Street! Great." O. Dayton***** "I cannot get enough of the Kissing Bridge novels! I love that you get the opportunity to know and love each of the characters. Every story she has written about this Christmas obsessed town evokes emotion but this book was different. I shed tears of joy, tears of sadness, and tears of relatability." L. Flours***** "I love the book: the thought of going back in time to where you think everything went wrong and do it differently?The stories are so different and so poignant that I finished in one sitting. I had to find out what happened. I found the characters believable and hopeful when they took the possible chance to redo the past. For anyone who loves a good story and possibilities." Tags: Snow town, holiday fiction, holiday romance, Christmas romance 2018, Christmas romance book, Small town Christmas romance, Christian romance, snow town second chance romance, snow town romance, small-town romance fiction, Christmas romance, Christmas book, Christmas novel, Small town and rural, Holiday romance, clean and wholesome, inspirational, family life, holidays, cookies,time travel, second chance, time travel romance, heartwarming, Christmas Eve, Small Town Rural Fiction

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