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Aliens and the Multi-Paradox of Reality | ,

Aliens and the Multi-Paradox of Reality Pdf/ePub eBook Aliens and the Multi-Paradox of Reality Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1228 | Ebook Reads: 1228 | File: Aliens and the Multi-Paradox of Reality.pdf/epub | ISBNCode:


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Attention All Truth Seekers: The urge to know our origin has never been greater and the secrets of humanity's past are ready to be revealed. Peter J. Miele pulls back the veil with this insightful depiction of our extraterrestrial ancestry and the decisive events that have formed our world today! Cutting through all myth, mysticism, confusion and allegory to expose the raw truth Peter has personally traveled to the most remote temples on the Indian continent and around the world to bring you this Ancient Wisdom once thought lost. This book is as much practical as it is spiritual, guiding the reader through a detailed history of humanities bizarre beginnings influenced by a cabal of morally questionable beings from the sixth dimension of the Capricorn constellation. Today even NASA has begun to study the astrophysical knowledge of the Vedas uncovering the universal truths hidden within the text. How is it that a book thought to be several thousands of years old can contain exact scientific data that surpasses the forefront of our own modern age? Who were these strange beings thought to be immortals that appear time and time again throughout the myths and legends of old? Dare to study these mysteries and find out why the truth is far stranger than fiction!.


Bhima: Lone Warrior | MT Vasudevan Nair,Gita Krishnankutty

Bhima: Lone Warrior Pdf/ePub eBook Bhima: Lone Warrior Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1257 | Ebook Reads: 1257 | File: Bhima: Lone Warrior.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 9352775007


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This is the story of Bhima, the second son, always second in line - a story never adequately told until one of India's finest writers conjured him up from the silences in Vyasa's narrative. M.T. Vasudevan Nair's Bhima is a revelation - lonely, eager to succeed, treated with a mixture of affection and contempt by his Pandava brothers, and with scorn and hatred by his Kaurava cousins, Bhima battles incessantly with failure and disappointment. He is adept at disguising his feelings, but has an overwhelmingly intuitive understanding of everyone who crosses his path. A warrior without equal, he takes on the mighty Bakasura and Jarasandha, and ultimately Duryodhana, thus bringing the Great War to a close. However, all of Bhima's moments of triumph remain unrecognized and unrewarded. If his mother saw glory only in the skills of Arjuna and the wisdom of Yudhishtira, his beloved Draupadi cared only for the beauteous Arjuna..

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Ashwatthama's Redemption: The Rise of Dandak | Gunjan Porwal

Ashwatthama's Redemption: The Rise of Dandak Pdf/ePub eBook Ashwatthama's Redemption: The Rise of Dandak Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 970 | Ebook Reads: 970 | File: Ashwatthama's Redemption: The Rise of Dandak.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 9352766350


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Over a hundred years after the Mahabharata War, an ancient power threatens to destroy the new Age of Men, by establishing the Age of Terror of the asuras, long believed to be extinct. The only hurdle in its path is Guru Dronacharya’s son, the mighty but accursed warrior Ashwatthama, who lost all his powers following Lord Krishna’s curse, and who unwittingly finds himself drawn into the quest of the lost bow of Lord Rama—the Kodanda. As ghosts of the distant past return to haunt him, and the line between friends and enemies blurs, Ashwatthama must fight his inner demons to emerge victorious. He undertakes a perilous journey—across the vast plains of the Ganges, to the snow-capped peaks of the Himavant—where the price of failure is a fate worse than death, and death is a privilege not granted to Ashwatthama. Is this all part of Lord Krishna’s great plan? Will Ashwatthama be able to regain his lost glory?.

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The Myth of the Great Ending | Joseph M. Felser

The Myth of the Great Ending Pdf/ePub eBook The Myth of the Great Ending Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 791 | Ebook Reads: 791 | File: The Myth of the Great Ending.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 9781612830445


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From Christian believers in the Apocalypse and the Rapture to New Age enthusiasts of prophecies concerning the year 2012, Doomsday lore has been a part of culture, a myth that colors how we perceive the world. Why do we remain obsessed with Doomsday myths even when they fail to materialize? What if we haven’t recognized the true message of these myths? Blending history, psychology, metaphysics, and story, philosopher and author Joseph Felser explores the spiritual questions raised by these enduring myths. Along the way he consults the work of Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, Marie-Louise von Franz, Black Elk, Wovoka, Itzhak Bentov, Jane Roberts, Seth, Hermann Hesse, Ingo Swann, David Bohm, Fred Alan Wolf, J. Allen Boone, William James, and Robert Monroe through ever-widening circles of understanding. Felser suggests that our obsession with “The End of the World” hides a repressed, healthy longing for reconciliation with our inner and outer worlds--with nature and our own natural spirituality. He urges us to recognize and act upon that longing. When we begin to listen to nature’s voice and pay heed to our own dreams--including visions, intuitions, and instinctive promptings--the greatest revolution in all history will unfold. We can create a future of our own choosing, a beginning rather than an ending..

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Myth in the Modern World | David Whitt,John Perlich

Myth in the Modern World Pdf/ePub eBook Myth in the Modern World Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 684 | Ebook Reads: 684 | File: Myth in the Modern World.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1476614490


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Ubiquitous and enduring, myths are an inherent part of culture. These 10 essays explore the role of myth in the modern world, delving not only into science fiction and fantasy, but also into sport, terrorist rhetoric and television. Contributors contemplate the changing face of the hero in Breaking Bad, Justified and the Japanese film trilogy 20th Century Boys; explore ideology in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice novels and the HBO series Game of Thrones, Showtime’s The L Word, and The Day the Earth Stood Still; and examine Al Qaeda’s use of myth to justify its violent actions. Other essays consider the hero ideal in sport, the wolf myth in Twilight and the comic persona of Hercules in the Travel Channel series Man v. Food. The power of myth, this volume reveals, extends beyond ancient stories of gods and heroes to express the hopes, fears and reality of everyday life..


Hanuman's Tale | Philip Lutgendorf

Hanuman's Tale Pdf/ePub eBook Hanuman's Tale Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 656 | Ebook Reads: 656 | File: Hanuman's Tale.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 0199885826


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Hanuman, the devoted monkey helper of Rama and Sita, has long been recognized as a popular character in India's ancient Ramayana epic. But more recently he has also become one of the most beloved and worshiped gods in the Hindu pantheon - enshrined in majestic new temples, but equally present in poster art, advertising, and mass media. Drawing on Sanskrit and vernacular texts, classical iconography and modern TV serials, and extensive fieldwork and interviews, Philip Lutgendorf challenges the academic clich? of Hanuman as a "minor" or "folk" deity by exploring his complex and growing role in South Asian religion and culture. This wide-ranging study examines the historical evolution of Hanuman's worship, his close association with Shiva and goddesses, his invocation in tantric ritual, his physical immortality and enduring presence in sacred sites, and his appeal to devotees who include scholars, wrestlers, healers, politicians, and middle-class urbanites. Lutgendorf also offers a rich array of entertaining stories not previously available in English: an expanding epic cycle that he christens the "Hanumayana." Arguing that Hanuman's role as cosmic "middle man" is intimately linked to his embodiment in a charming and provocative simian form, Lutgendorf moves beyond the Indian subcontinent to interrogate the wider human fascination with anthropoid primates as boundary beings and as potent signifiers of both Self and Other..