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    The highwayman and the waif he rescues by the side of the road can hide only for so long before their enemies catch up with them…enemies who want them both dead.BONUS: This edition includes an excerpt from SWEET DECEPTION by Colleen French.Readying for another nighttime raid, the highwayman Kincaid rounds a bend in the road on when he spots something in the ditch. He stops and turns his horse around.“What are you doing?” shouts Monti, his friend and fellow thief.Kincaid holds up a gloved finger, signaling to wait. He dismounts and walks back. He pulls at the edge of a wet mud-caked cloak and, to his surprise, finds a tumble of curls.“Madame?” Kincaid crouches beside her. “Could I assist you?” She is a tearing beauty, whoever she is. She is as pale as milk glass. “Madame?” “No!” she screams and kicks him in the chest with surprising force, knocking him back into the mud. Then she scrambles up the wet bank off the road. “You’ll not take me alive.”“I mean you no harm,” Kincaid hollers, fascinated by the woman’s voice, her haunting eyes. He couldn’t tell what color they were. I can’t let her go without knowing. He scrambles to his feet and chases her up the grassy bank, slippery from snow.“No!” The woman wobbles as she reaches the top. Then she faints, collapsing on the ground in front of Kincaid.He reaches down and gently picks her up. Carrying her to the road, he whistles for his horse.“What are you doing, man?” Monti demands. “Taking her with us.”Reviews3.4 average rating all editions (prior title To Love A Dark Stranger), 10 ratings, 1 review, added by 41 people, 24 to-reads, 90% of people liked it. –Goodreads5.0 out of 5 stars (2 reviews)—AmazonAbout The AuthorColleen French is a multiple award-winning and bestselling novelist, daughter of bestselling novelist Judith E. French. Colleen French has written more than 130 novels under several pen names. Colleen’s print books have sold more than 5 million copies and been translated into Bulgarian, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, and Spanish. Colleen’s Native American novels are inspired by her English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, and Lenni–Lenape ancestry and the Del-Mar Peninsula near the Chesapeake Bay, where her family has made its home for more than 300 years. Colleen French was awarded The Diamond Award for Literary Excellence from the State of Delaware. Her books appeal to readers of C. J. Petit, Shirleen Davies, Karen Kay, Madeline Baker, Elle Marlow, Ellen O'Connell, Judith E. French, Caroline Fyffe, and Hannah Howell.

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