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The Jeeves Omnibus - Vol 1 Pdf/ePub eBook The Jeeves Omnibus - Vol 1 Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 861 | Ebook Reads: 861 | File: The Jeeves Omnibus - Vol 1.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1407070711


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'It beats me why a man of his genius is satisfied to hang around pressing my clothes and what not,' says Bertie. 'If I had Jeeves's brain I should have a stab at being Prime Minister or something.' Luckily for us, Bertie Wooster manages to retain Jeeves's services through all the vicissitudes of purple socks and policeman's helmets, and here, gathered together for the first time, is an omnibus of Jeeves novels and stories comprising three of the funniest books ever written: Thank You, Jeeves, The Code of the Woosters and The Inimitable Jeeves..


The World of Jeeves | P.G. Wodehouse

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A Jeeves and Wooster Omnibus 'Jeeves knows his place, and it is between the covers of a book.' This is an omnibus of wonderful Jeeves and Wooster stories, specially selected and introduced by Wodehouse himself, who was struck by the size of his selection and described it as almost the ideal paperweight. As he wrote: 'I find it curious, now that I have written so much about him, to recall how softly and undramatically Jeeves first entered my little world. Characteristically, he did not thrust himself forward. On that occasion, he spoke just two lines. The first was: "Mrs Gregson to see you, sir." The second: "Very good, sir, which suit will you wear?" It was only some time later that the man's qualities dawned upon me. I still blush to think of the off-hand way I treated him at our first encounter...'. This omnibus contains Carry On, Jeeves, The Inimitable Jeeves, Very Good, Jeeves and the short stories 'Jeeves Makes an Omelette' and 'Jeeves and the Greasy Bird'..


The Jeeves Omnibus - Vol 2 | P.G. Wodehouse

The Jeeves Omnibus - Vol 2 Pdf/ePub eBook The Jeeves Omnibus - Vol 2 Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1673 | Ebook Reads: 1673 | File: The Jeeves Omnibus - Vol 2.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1448107075


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Jeeves may not always see eye to eye with Bertie on ties and fancy waistcoats, but he can always be relied on to whisk his young master spotlessly out of the soup (even if, for tactical reasons, he did drop him in it in the first place). The paragon of Gentlemen's Personal Gentlemen shimmers through these fat pages in much the same way he did through the first Jeeves Omnibus. This volume contains one brilliant collection of short stories and two hilarious novels: Right Ho, Jeeves, Joy in the Morning and Carry On, Jeeves..


The Jeeves Omnibus - Vol 5 | P.G. Wodehouse

The Jeeves Omnibus - Vol 5 Pdf/ePub eBook The Jeeves Omnibus - Vol 5 Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 448 | Ebook Reads: 448 | File: The Jeeves Omnibus - Vol 5.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1407073648


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Poor Bertie is in the soup again, and throughout this latest omnibus it is only Jeeves who keeps him from being the fish and the main course as well. In these delightful pages you will encounter all the stalwarts who have made the Jeeves novels and short stories the pinnacle of English humour, from Aunts Agatha and Dahlia to Roderick Spode, Tuppy Glossop, Madeline Bassett, Oofy Prosser and Anatole the Chef. At the end even Augustus the cat has come to be much obliged to Jeeves. This volume contains Much Obliged, Jeeves, Aunts Aren't Gentlemen and the short stories 'Extricating Young Gussie', 'Jeeves Makes An Omelette' and 'Jeeves and the Greasy Bird'..


The Psychology of Vampires | David Cohen

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Why have vampires become such a feature of modern culture? Can vampire-like conditions be explained by medical research? Is there a connection between vampirism and Freud? The Psychology of Vampires presents a captivating look at the origins of vampires in myth and history, and the psychological theories which try to explain why they fascinate us. It traces the development of vampires from the first ever vampire tale, written by John Polidori in 1819, to their modern cultural legacy. Together with historical detail about Polidori’s eventful life, the book also examines the characteristics of vampires, and explores how and why people might identify as vampires today. From sanguinarians who drink blood, to psychic vampires who suck the energy from those around them, The Psychology of Vampires explores the absorbing connections between vampirism and psychology, theology, medicine and culture..


The Jeeves Omnibus - Vol 3 | P.G. Wodehouse

The Jeeves Omnibus - Vol 3 Pdf/ePub eBook The Jeeves Omnibus - Vol 3 Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1151 | Ebook Reads: 1151 | File: The Jeeves Omnibus - Vol 3.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1407071777


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As always, Bertie is about to find himself in the soup (or 'up to the knees in bisque') and Jeeves is poised to pull him out - quite possibly after pushing him in in the first place. In this omnibus of characteristically hilarious short stories and novels, Jeeves is for the first time shockingly employed to resolve the woes of someone other than Bertie Wooster. Contains The Mating Season, Ring for Jeeves and Very Good, Jeeves....


Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves | P.G. Wodehouse

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A Jeeves and Wooster novel Bertie Wooster looks pretty stylish in his new Tyrolean hat - or so he thinks: others, notably Jeeves, disagree. But when Bertie embarks on an errand of mercy to Totleigh Towers, things get quickly out of control and he's going to need all the help Jeeves can provide. There are good eggs present, such as Gussie Fink-Nottle and the Rev. 'Stinker' Pinker. But there also is Sir Watkyn Bassett J.P., enemy of all the Woosters hold dear, to say nothing of his daughter Madeline and Roderick Spode, now raised to the peerage. And Major Brabazon Plank, the peppery explorer, who wants to lay Bertie out cold. Thank goodness for the intervention of Chief Inspector Witherspoon of Scotland Yard - but is this gentleman all he seems?.


Meet Mr Mulliner | P.G. Wodehouse

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Classic Mulliner stories from P.G. Wodehouse, the great comic writer of the 20th century Sitting in the Angler's Rest, drinking hot scotch and lemon, Mr Mulliner has fabulous stories to tell of his extraordinary behaviour and far-flung family. This includes Wilfred, whose formula for Buck-U-Uppo enables elephants to face tigers with the necessary nonchalance. 'A cavalcade of perfect joy.' - Caitlin Moran Sunlit perfection... Bask in its warmth and splendour. - Stephen Fry 'The best English comic novelist of the century.' - Sebastian Faulks 'The greatest chronicler of a certain kind of Englishness' - Julian Fellowes.


Laughing Gas | P.G. Wodehouse

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A P.G. Wodehouse novel Joey Cooley is a golden-curled child film star, the idol of American motherhood. Reginald, Third Earl of Havershot, is a boxing blue on a mission to save his wayward cousin from the fleshpots of Hollywood. Both are under anaesthetic at the dentists when something strange happens - and their identities are swapped in the ether. Suddenly Joey can use his six-foot frame to get his own back on his Hollywood persecutors. But Reggie has to endure everything Joey had to put up with in the horrible life of a child star - including kidnap. Laughing Gas is Wodehouse's brilliantly funny take on the 'If I were you' theme - a wry look at the dangers of getting what you wish for in the movie business and beyond..


Jeeves in the Offing | P.G. Wodehouse

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A Jeeves and Wooster novel Jeeves is on holiday in Herne Bay, and while he's away the world caves in on Bertie Wooster. For a start, he's astonished to read in The Times of his engagement to the mercurial Bobbie Wickham. Then at Brinkley Court, his Aunt Dahlia's establishment, he finds his awful former head master in attendance ready to award the prizes at Market Snodsbury Grammar School. And finally the Brinkley butler turns out for reasons of his own to be Bertie's nemesis in disguise, the brain surgeon Sir Roderick Glossop. With all occasions informing against him, Bertie has to hightail it to Herne Bay to liberate Jeeves from his shrimping net. And after that, the fun really starts..

Business & Economics

The Value and Momentum Trader | Grant Henning

The Value and Momentum Trader Pdf/ePub eBook The Value and Momentum Trader Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 671 | Ebook Reads: 671 | File: The Value and Momentum Trader.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 9780470561867


The Value and Momentum Trader - Grant Henning Preview:

A winning approach to stock trading based on proprietary statistical research in Excel In The Value and Momentum Trader, Grant Henning presents a comprehensive approach to stock trading, which centers around Excel-based research methods he has developed. In this book, Henning presents the trading tools he has used to become a successful trader, and discusses some of the greatest challenges facing active market participants. This reliable resource presents both winning trading systems and all the skills necessary to perform as a trader as market conditions change. It also demonstrates how you can turn the successes and failures of any trading system into an interactive feedback loop to discover one's true trading skills. Provides a solid understanding of the author's statistical trading system Explores how to execute optimal trades under different market conditions Outlines a very affordable Excel-based stock analysis method that is easy to implement Dr. Henning has proven to be a trusted author with other academic publications in the areas of measurement and statistics. The Value and Momentum Trader is an essential guide to trading today's dynamic markets..


The Mating Season | P.G. Wodehouse

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The Mating Season - P.G. Wodehouse Preview:

A Jeeves and Wooster novel At Deverill Hall, an idyllic Tudor manor in the picture-perfect village of King's Deverill, impostors are in the air. The prime example is man-about-town Bertie Wooster, doing a good turn to Gussie Fink-Nottle by impersonating him while he enjoys fourteen days away from society after being caught taking an unscheduled dip in the fountains of Trafalgar Square. Bertie is of course one of nature's gentlemen, but the stakes are high: if all is revealed, there's a danger that Gussie's simpering fiancée Madeline may turn her wide eyes on Bertie instead. It's a brilliant plan - until Gussie himself turns up, imitating Bertram Wooster. After that, only the massive brain of Jeeves (himself in disguise) can set things right..

Literary Criticism

Middlebrow Wodehouse | Ann Rea

Middlebrow Wodehouse Pdf/ePub eBook Middlebrow Wodehouse Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 821 | Ebook Reads: 821 | File: Middlebrow Wodehouse.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1134805659


Middlebrow Wodehouse - Ann Rea Preview:

While he is best known for his Jeeves and Bertie Wooster stories, P.G. Wodehouse was a prolific writer who penned many other novels, stories, and musical comedy libretti, the latter of which played an enormous role in the development of American musical theater. This collection re-examines Wodehouse in the context of recent scholarship on the middlebrow, attending to his self-conscious relationship to the literary marketplace and his role in moving musical comedy away from vaudeville’s lowbrow associations towards the sophistication of the Wodehouse style. The focus on the middlebrow creates a critical context for serious critical consideration of Wodehouse’s linguistic playfulness and his depictions of social class within England. The contributors explore Wodehouse’s fiction and libretti in reference to philosophy, depictions of masculinity, World War I Britain, the periodical market, ideas of Englishness, and cultural phenomena such as men’s fashion, food culture, and popular songwriting. Taken together, the essays draw attention to the arbitrary divide between high- and middlebrow culture and make a case for Wodehouse as a writer whose games with language are in keeping with modernist experimentation with artistic expression..


Winds of Change | Peter Hennessy

Winds of Change Pdf/ePub eBook Winds of Change Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 488 | Ebook Reads: 488 | File: Winds of Change.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1846147247


Winds of Change - Peter Hennessy Preview:

From the celebrated author of Never Again and Having It So Good, a wonderfully vivid new history of Britain in the early 1960s Harold Macmillan famously said in 1960 that the wind of change was blowing over Africa and the remaining British Empire. But it was blowing over Britain too - its society; its relationship with Europe; its nuclear and defence policy. And where it was not blowing hard enough - the United Kingdom's economy - great efforts were made to sweep away the cobwebs of old industrial practices and poor labour relations. Life was lived in the knowledge that it could end in a single afternoon of thermonuclear exchange if the uneasy, armed peace of the Cold War tipped into a Third World War. In Winds of Change we see Macmillan gradually working out his 'grand design' - how to be part of both a tight transatlantic alliance and Europe, dealing with his fellow geostrategists Kennedy and de Gaulle. The centre of the book is 1963 - the year of the Profumo Crisis, the Great Train Robbery, the satire boom, de Gaulle's veto of Britain's first application to join the EEC, the fall of Macmillan and the unexpected succession to the premiership of Alec Douglas-Home. Then, in 1964, the battle of what Hennessy calls the tweedy aristocrat and the tweedy meritocrat - Harold Wilson, who would end 13 years of Conservative rule and usher in a new era. As in his acclaimed histories of British life in the two previous decades, Never Again and Having it so Good, Peter Hennessy explains the political, economic, cultural and social aspects of a nation with inimitable wit and empathy. No historian knows the by-ways as well the highways of the archives so well, and no one conveys the flavour of the period so engagingly. The early sixties live again in these pages..