The Fated Sky | ,

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In a horoscope he cast in 1647 for Charles I, William Lilly, a noted English astrologer, made the following judgment: "Luna is with Antares, a violent fixed star, which is said to denote violent death, and Mars is approaching Caput Algol, which is said to denote beheading." Two years later the king's head fell on the block. "Astrology must be right," wrote the American astrologer Evangeline Adams, a claimed descendant of President John Quincy Adams, in a challenge to skeptics in 1929. "There can be no appeal from the Infinite." The Fated Sky explores both the history of astrology and the controversial subject of its influence in history. It is the first serious book to fully engage astrology in this way. Astrology is the oldest of the occult sciences. It is also the origin of science itself. Astronomy, mathematics, and other disciplines arose in part to make possible the calculations necessary in casting horoscopes. For five thousand years, from the ancient Near East to the modern world, the influence of the stars has been viewed as shaping the course and destiny of human affairs. According to recent polls, at least 30 percent of the American public believes in astrology, though, as Bobrick reveals, modern astrology is also utterly different from the doctrine of the stars that won the respect and allegiance of the greatest thinkers, scientists, and writers -- Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Arab, and Persian -- of an earlier day. Statesmen, popes, and kings once embraced it, and no less a figure than St. Thomas Aquinas, the medieval theologian, thought it not incompatible with Christian faith. There are some two hundred astrological allusions in Shakespeare's plays, and not one of their astrological predictions goes unfulfilled. The great astronomers of the scientific revolution -- Copernicus, Tycho Brahe, Kepler -- were adherents. Isaac Newton's appetite for mathematics was first whetted by an astrological text. In more recent times, prominent figures such as Churchill, de Gaulle, and Reagan have consulted astrologers and sometimes heeded their advice. Today universities as diverse as Oxford in England and the University of Zaragoza in Spain offer courses in the subject, fulfilling Carl Jung's prediction decades ago that astrology would again become the subject of serious discourse. Whether astrology actually has the powers that have been ascribed to it is, of course, open to debate. But there is no doubt that it maintains an unshakeable hold on the human mind. In The Fated Sky, Benson Bobrick has written an absolutely captivating and comprehensive account of this engrossing subject and its enduring influence on history and the history of ideas..


The Alfonsine Tables of Toledo | José Chabás,B.R. Goldstein

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The Alfonsine Tables of Toledo is for historians working in the fields of astronomy, science, the Middle Ages, Spanish and other Romance languages. It is also of interest to scholars interested in the history of Castile, in Castilian-French relations in the Middle Ages and in the history of patronage. It explores the Castilian canons of the Alfonsine Tables and offers a study of their context, language, astronomical content, and diffusion. The Alfonsine Tables of Toledo is unique in that it: includes an edition of a crucial text in history of science; provides an explanation of astronomy as it was practiced in the Middle Ages; presents abundant material on early scientific language in Castilian; presents new material on the diffusion of Alfonsine astronomy in Europe; describes the role of royal patronage of science in a medieval context..


The Age of Genius | A. C. Grayling

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The Age of Genius explores the eventful intertwining of outward event and inner intellectual life to tell, in all its richness and depth, the story of the 17th century in Europe. It was a time of creativity unparalleled in history before or since, from science to the arts, from philosophy to politics. Acclaimed philosopher and historian A.C. Grayling points to three primary factors that led to the rise of vernacular (popular) languages in philosophy, theology, science, and literature; the rise of the individual as a general and not merely an aristocratic type; and the invention and application of instruments and measurement in the study of the natural world. Grayling vividly reconstructs this unprecedented era and breathes new life into the major figures of the seventeenth century intelligentsia who span literature, music, science, art, and philosophy--Shakespeare, Monteverdi, Galileo, Rembrandt, Locke, Newton, Descartes, Vermeer, Hobbes, Milton, and Cervantes, among many more. During this century, a fundamentally new way of perceiving the world emerged as reason rose to prominence over tradition, and the rights of the individual took center stage in philosophy and politics, a paradigmatic shift that would define Western thought for centuries to come..


Technology and Science in Ancient Civilizations | Richard G. Olson

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Why did the Greeks excel in geometry, but lag begin the Mesopotamians in arithmetic? How were the great pyramids of Egypt and the Han tombs in China constructed? What did the complex system of canals and dykes in the Tigris and Euphrates river valley have to do with the deforestation of Lebanon's famed cedar forests? This work presents a cross-cultural comparison of the ways in which the ancients learned about and preserved their knowledge of the natural world, and the ways in which they developed technologies that enabled them to adapt to and shape their surroundings. Covering the major ancient civilizations - those of Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece, the Indus Valley, and Meso-America - Olson explores how language and numbering systems influenced the social structure, how seemingly beneficial construction projects affected a civilization's rise or decline, how religion and magic shaped both medicine and agriculture, and how trade and the resulting cultural interactions transformed the making of both everyday household items and items intended as art. Along the way, Olson delves into how scientific knowledge and its technological applications changed the daily lives of the ancients..

Technology & Engineering

Van Nostrand’s Scientific Encyclopedia | Douglas M. Considine,Glenn D. Considine

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Advancements in science and engineering have occurred at a surprisingly rapid pace since the release of the seventh edition of this encyclopedia. Large portions of the reference have required comprehensive rewriting and new illustrations. Scores of new topics have been included to create this thoroughly updated eighth edition. The appearance of this new edition in 1994 marks the continuation of a tradition commenced well over a half-century ago in 1938 Van Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedia, First Edition, was published and welcomed by educators worldwide at a time when what we know today as modern science was just getting underway. The early encyclopedia was well received by students and educators alike during a critical time span when science became established as a major factor in shaping the progress and economy of individual nations and at the global level. A vital need existed for a permanent science reference that could be updated periodically and made conveniently available to audiences that numbered in the millions. The pioneering VNSE met these criteria and continues today as a reliable technical information source for making private and public decisions that present a backdrop of technical alternatives..

Social Science

Astronomy and Astrology in the Islamic World | Stephen P. Blake

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It was the astronomers and mathematicians of the Islamic world who provided the theories and concepts that paved the way from the geocentric theories of Claudius Ptolemy in the second century AD to the heliocentric breakthroughs of Nicholas Copernicus and Johannes Kepler in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Algebra, the Arabic numeral system, and trigonometry: all these and more originated in the Muslim East and undergirded an increasingly accurate and sophisticated understanding of the movements of the Sun, Moon, and planets. This nontechnical overview of the Islamic advances in the heavenly sciences allows the general reader to appreciate (for the first time) the absolutely crucial role that Muslim scientists played in the overall development of astronomy and astrology in the Eurasian world..


The Expanding Earth | S.W. Carey

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Developments in Geotectonics, 10: The Expanding Earth focuses on the principles, methodologies, transformations, and approaches involved in the expanding earth concept. The book first elaborates on the development of the expanding earth concept, necessity for expansion, and the subduction myth. Discussions focus on higher velocity under Benioff zone, seismic attenuation, blue schists and paired metamorphic belts, dispersion of polygons, arctic paradox, and kinematic contrast. The manuscript then ponders on the scale of tectonic phenomena, non-uniformitarianism, tectonic profiles, and paleomagnetism. Concerns cover global paleomagnetism, general summary of the tectonic profile, implosions, fluid pressures, pure shear, crustal extension, simple shear with horizontal axis, geological examples of scale fields, and length-time fields of deformation. The publication explores the cause of expansion, modes of crustal extension, and rotation and asymmetry of the earth, including dynamic asymmetry, precessions, nutations, librations, and wobbles at fixed obliquity, variation of rate of rotation, and categories of submarine ridges. The text is a dependable source of data for researchers wanting to study the concept of expanding earth..

Body, Mind & Spirit

Cosmic Navigator | Gahl Eden Sasson

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Gahl Sasson's second book, Cosmic Navigator, is like a GPS for the soul. It combines Astrology, the map of where and who we are, with Kabbalah the navigation system that tells us how to get to our goal and avoid those traffic patterns and areas of gridlock in our lives. This three part text is the first book of its kind. Not only is it the first book to use Astrology as a resource for self help, it also weds the wisdom of ancient Kabbalisitic truths with the powerful archetypes of the zodiac to help you improve and change your life. The first part of the book introduces the basic concepts of Kabbalah and Astrology and how they work together. The second part teaches you how to interpret your own astrological chart as the road map of your life. The third and final part of the book, which is based on Gahl's twelve week workshop, walks the reader through the twelve signs and teaches them how to use each one to bring balance and success into their lives. Is your love life in need of more passion? Turn to the chapter on Scorpio and learn how to invoke that sexual mysterious energy. Do you need to be more assertive at work? Turn to the chapter on Aries and discover your inner warrior. Unlike other astrology books that simply offer stereotypical profiles, Cosmic Navigator teaches us how to take control of our astrological destinies..


Narrative of the Embassy of Ruy Gonzalez de Clavijo to the Court of Timour, at Samarcand, A.D. 1403-6 | Clements R. Markham

Narrative of the Embassy of Ruy Gonzalez de Clavijo to the Court of Timour, at Samarcand, A.D. 1403-6 Pdf/ePub eBook Narrative of the Embassy of Ruy Gonzalez de Clavijo to the Court of Timour, at Samarcand, A.D. 1403-6 Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 643 | Ebook Reads: 643 | File: Narrative of the Embassy of Ruy Gonzalez de Clavijo to the Court of Timour, at Samarcand, A.D. 1403-6.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1317090578


Narrative of the Embassy of Ruy Gonzalez de Clavijo to the Court of Timour, at Samarcand, A.D. 1403-6 - Clements R. Markham Preview:

Translated, for the First Time, with Notes, a Preface, and an Introductory Life of Timour Beg. This is a new print-on-demand hardback edition of the volume first published in 1859..


Cosmos and Psyche | Richard Tarnas

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Cosmos and Psyche - Richard Tarnas Preview:

From a philosopher whose magisterial history of Western thought was praised by Joseph Campbell and Huston Smith comes a brilliant new book that traces the connection between cosmic cycles and archetypal patterns of human experience. Drawing on years of research and on thinkers from Plato to Jung, Richard Tarnas explores the planetary correlations of epochal events like the French Revolution, the two world wars, and September 11. Whether read as astrology updated for the quantum age or as a contemporary classic of spirituality, Cosmos and Psyche is a work of immense sophistication, deep learning, and lasting importance..

Body, Mind & Spirit

The Stars Within You | Juliana McCarthy

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The Stars Within You - Juliana McCarthy Preview:

A fresh introduction to astrology that will provide a contemporary perspective on this age-old practice. Where have we been? Where are we going? There is no greater roadmap than the stars for helping us to recognize habitual patterns, discovering our gifts, and figuring out how to move toward greater joy and contentment. A Modern Guide to Astrology provides readers with a fresh perspective on the fundamentals of astrology and how to read their own birth charts. With accessible depictions of the astrological signs and symbols, this guide opens up the rich world of astrology as a tool to deepen self-awareness and lead a more fulfilling life. The book highlights the basic concepts of astrology that provide entryways into an understanding of the factors that shape our lives in fundamental ways. This book weaves together the whole tapestry, showing readers that reading and understanding astrology charts is within reach..

Body, Mind & Spirit

You Were Born for This | Chani Nicholas

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From beloved astrologer Chani Nicholas comes an essential guide for radical self-acceptance. Your weekly horoscope is merely one crumb of astrology’s cake. In her first book You Were Born For This, Chani shows how your birth chart—a snapshot of the sky at the moment you took your first breath—reveals your unique talents, challenges, and opportunities. Fortified with this knowledge, you can live out the life you were born to. Marrying the historic traditions of astrology with a modern approach, You Were Born for This explains the key components of your birth chart in an easy to use, choose your own adventure style. With journal prompts, reflection questions, and affirmations personal to your astrological makeup, this book guides you along the path your chart has laid out for you. Chani makes the wisdom of your birth chart accessible with three foundational keys: The First Key: Your Sun (Your Life’s Purpose) The Second Key: Your Moon (Your Physical and Emotional Needs) The Third Key: Your Ascendant and Its Ruler (Your Motivation for Life and the Steersperson of Your Ship) Astrology is not therapy, but it is therapeutic. In a world in which we are taught to look outside of ourselves for validation, You Were Born for This brings us inward to commit to ourselves and our life’s purpose..


Return to the Central Sun | Gary Francis Dini

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At 450 years old, Orville Parker has hardly aged. He lives on the Planet Mirror, near the Grand Central Sun. Born on earth during the time of Galactic Contact after the Pleiadians ended thousands of years of isolation. He is given a task by the Pleiadian Elders to help facilitate the evolution of humanity, as the diaspora begins and earth’s inhabitants set forth to explore and settle throughout the galaxy. The Light and Dark face off on the Planet Tatochin where the Colonial Corporation, and its nefarious allies the Centurians and the Dravithians, enslave yet one more planet in the galaxy for their own greed. The rebels of Tatochin supported by Orville, the Pleiadians, and other secret allies, challenge these dominating forces with pluck and verve. Amidst the play of dynamic and heartfelt action, a subtle infiltration of a symbiotic life form, the Tharrr, offers the experience of unity consciousness to its host. The backdrop of blossoming new love and the striving for the spiritual ideal of harmonious living, carries the interplay of authentic and larger than life characters to a new level on the journey to Cosmic Consciousness..


Criminal Procedure | Erwin Chemerinsky,Laurie L. Levenson

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Criminal Procedure - Erwin Chemerinsky,Laurie L. Levenson Preview:

Written in a student-friendly manner, the third edition of Criminal Procedure eschews reliance on rhetorical questions and law review excerpts in favor of comprehensive exploration of black letter law and trendsetting policy issues. Authored by a pair of well-respected criminal and constitutional law scholars, Criminal Procedure utilizes a chronological approach that guides students through criminal procedure doctrine from rules governing law enforcement investigation to matters related to habeas corpus relief. In addition to presenting the perspectives from various stakeholders (i.e., defense attorneys, judges, prosecutors, and victims), the authors take care to provide students with useful, practice-oriented materials, including pleadings and motions papers. Criminal Procedure not only employs a systemic approach that takes students through issues from policy to application of legal doctrine, but also introduces issues at the forefront of modern criminal procedure debates. Key Benefits: Straightforward writing style and dynamic text combined with clear and presenting thoughtfully edited principal and minor cases Intuitive chronological presentation of topics in an easy-to-understand approach from investigation to prosecution to post-conviction relief Systematic and cohesive exploration of policy on every issue, before moving on to the specifics of doctrine Useful examples for future and current criminal law practitioners Approachable organization based on common progression through criminal justice system Straight writing style that relies on cases and author essays rather than law review excerpts and strict Socratic rhetoric questions. Practice-oriented features, discussion of modern policy issues, useful example documents for practitioners..


Landscape, Tourism, and Meaning | Michelle M. Metro-Roland,Daniel C. Knudsen,Charles E. Greer

Landscape, Tourism, and Meaning Pdf/ePub eBook Landscape, Tourism, and Meaning Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1271 | Ebook Reads: 1271 | File: Landscape, Tourism, and Meaning.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1317108124


Landscape, Tourism, and Meaning - Michelle M. Metro-Roland,Daniel C. Knudsen,Charles E. Greer Preview:

How do we re-theorize tourism? By drawing less on the Foucauldian notion of 'tourism as gazing' and instead focusing on the social construction of meaning in the landscape, this insightful book provides an innovative and compelling new approach to tourist studies. Arguing that in any view of the landscape and in tourism generally there is a multiplicity of insider and outsider meanings, the book grounds tourism studies within the framework of social theory, and particularly in the social theoretic approaches to landscape. Bringing together specialists in tourism and landscape studies to discuss the relationships between the two, it finds that issues of identity are a common thread and are raised with regard to the social construction of landscape and its portrayal through tourism. The international studies range in scale from regional to national, personal to political, and from local residents to international tourists, highlighting the multiplicity of interpretations and meanings between these scales..


Grudgebearer | J.F.Lewis

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Kholster is the first born of the practically immortal Aern, a race created by the Eldrennai as warrior-slaves to defend them from the magic-resistant reptilian Zaur. Unable to break an oath without breaking their connection with each other, the Aern served the Eldrennai faithfully for thousands of years until the Sundering. Now, the Aern, Vael, and Eldrennai meet every hundred years for a Grand Conjunction to renew their tenuous peace. While the tortures of slavery remain fresh in Kholster's mind, most of the rest of the world has moved on. Almost six hundred years after the Sundering, an Eldrennai prince carelessly breaks the truce by setting up a surprise museum exhibit containing sentient suits of Aernese armor left behind, never to be touched, lest Kholster kill every last Eldrennai. Through their still-existing connection with their ancient armor, the Aern know instantly, and Kholster must find a way to keep his oaths, even those made in haste and anger. While Kholster travels to the Grand Conjunction with his Freeborn daughter and chosen successor Rae'en, his troops travel by sea, heading for war..

Political Science

Germany after the Grand Coalition | S. Bolgherini,F. Grotz

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Germany after the Grand Coalition - S. Bolgherini,F. Grotz Preview:

In Germany, Grand Coalitions of the two major parties - the Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) and the Social Democrats (SPD) - generally have a bad reputation. Hence, the CDU/CSU-SPD government under Angela Merkel (2005-2009) was neither the parties' nor the citizens' preferred choice, its performance was seen quite critical from the outset, and it was finished without further ado after the 2009 federal election. Has the Grand Coalition 2005-2009 been a single episode or rather a turning point for German politics? This book provides a retrospective of the first Merkel government, an analysis of the 2009 election and an account of its prospective consequences..


The Grand Babylon Hotel | Arnold Bennett

The Grand Babylon Hotel Pdf/ePub eBook The Grand Babylon Hotel Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1538 | Ebook Reads: 1538 | File: The Grand Babylon Hotel.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 177048521X


The Grand Babylon Hotel - Arnold Bennett Preview:

Arnold Bennett’s tale of murder, intrigue, and romance at a luxurious London hotel is now back in print in a Broadview Edition..


The Grand Strategy of the Russian Empire, 1650-1831 | John P. LeDonne

The Grand Strategy of the Russian Empire, 1650-1831 Pdf/ePub eBook The Grand Strategy of the Russian Empire, 1650-1831 Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 981 | Ebook Reads: 981 | File: The Grand Strategy of the Russian Empire, 1650-1831.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 0195347692


The Grand Strategy of the Russian Empire, 1650-1831 - John P. LeDonne Preview:

At its height, the Russian empire covered eleven time zones and stretched from Scandinavia to the Pacific Ocean. Arguing against the traditional historical view that Russia, surrounded and threatened by enemies, was always on the defensive, John P. LeDonne contends that Russia developed a long-term strategy not in response to immediate threats but in line with its own expansionist urges to control the Eurasian Heartland. LeDonne narrates how the government from Moscow and Petersburg expanded the empire by deploying its army as well as by extending its patronage to frontier societies in return for their serving the interests of the empire. He considers three theaters on which the Russians expanded: the Western (Baltic, Germany, Poland); the Southern (Ottoman and Persian Empires); and the Eastern (China, Siberia, Central Asia). In his analysis of military power, he weighs the role of geography and locale, as well as economic issues, in the evolution of a larger imperial strategy. Rather than viewing Russia as peripheral to European Great Power politics, LeDonne makes a powerful case for Russia as an expansionist, militaristic, and authoritarian regime that challenged the great states and empires of its time..


European Law and New Health Technologies | Mark L Flear,Anne-Maree Farrell,Tamara K Hervey,Thérèse Murphy

European Law and New Health Technologies Pdf/ePub eBook European Law and New Health Technologies Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 410 | Ebook Reads: 410 | File: European Law and New Health Technologies.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 0191634840


European Law and New Health Technologies - Mark L Flear,Anne-Maree Farrell,Tamara K Hervey,Thérèse Murphy Preview:

Health is a matter of fundamental importance in European societies, both as a human right in itself, and as a factor in a productive workforce and therefore a healthy economy. New health technologies promise improved quality of life for patients suffering from a range of diseases, and the potential for the prevention of incidence of disease in the future. At the same time, new health technologies pose significant challenges for governments, particularly in relation to ensuring the technologies are safe, effective, and provide appropriate value for (public) money. To guard against the possible dangers arising from new health technologies, and to maximize the benefits, all European governments regulate their development, marketing, and public financing. In addition, several international institutions operating at European level, in particular the European Union, the Council of Europe, and the European Patent Office, have become involved in the regulation of new health technologies. They have done so both through traditional 'command and control' legal measures, and through other regulatory mechanisms, including guidelines, soft law, 'steering' through redistribution of resources, and private or quasi-private regulation. This collection analyses European law and its relationships with new health technologies. It uses interdisciplinary insights, particularly from law but also drawing on regulation theory, and science and technology studies, to shed new light on some of the key defining features of the relationships and especially the roles of risk, rights, ethics, and markets. The collection explores the way in which European law's engagement with new health technologies is to be legitimized, and discusses the implications for biological or biomedical citizenship..