The Ghost Of Blackwater Creek Secrets Of The South Book 2 Pdf Pdf Free

    Download The Ghost of Blackwater Creek: Secrets of the South Vol II and read The Ghost of Blackwater Creek: Secrets of the South Vol II online books in format PDF. Get also books in EPUB and Mobi Format. Check out other translated books in French, Spanish languages.

    Books Description :

    The Ghost of Blackwater Creek is the son of a hoodoo woman and a freed slave. His skin is the color of spilled milk and his hair looks like clean yellow tassels bursting from a new ear of corn. He does not fit into either world, so his mother attempts to keep him from harm by raising him in isolation with wolves and bobcats for companions. He grows up with a code of his own, one of survival and primal justice. He has only his mother then when he loses her, he is completely bereft of human companionship until he fulfills his destiny—a destiny foretold by his mother. By saving a child of his own family, a family he has never known, he finds what he seeks. Racism is as old as mankind, but this particular vein of horror marked the South for many years after it was declared dead. Post-Civil War racism marks all the characters in this story. The story has historical links to a Southern tragedy that took place in North Florida in 1934 but all characters are fictional. The details of the lynching, however, are based on the actual event.

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