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    Three years ago, Merci realized she’d been a part of something much bigger than she ever could have imagined. Sure, every family has their secrets, hidden truths and ties but Merci had no idea she’d been born into the family that lies ... without caring who it hurts!At the repast, following her sister's funeral, Merci finds out the true nature of her daddy's hatred towards her ... She wasn't his daughter. Now, in the midst of grief, a new baby and marriage; she has to find the courage to pick up the pieces of her life.In The Family that Lies: Merci Restored, we revisit the Alexanders to see how life has treated them. Is Melvin still raising hell? Has Merci and Thomas' marriage survived? How is Imani Grayce? What happened with Merci's relationship with Warren? All the questions we answer but I have to warn you. There will be tragedy, hurt and of course LIES! But what good would a book be without it?

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