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    "Here... this would make you feel better."Cassandra Grey has had a crush on her boss since they were kids; way before he started his own company. She now works for him, lusting at the very sound of his voice and mesmerized by his smile. She abhors the very existence of Bianca Gilbert who threatens to steal her chance of ever being with Mark and living her deepest fantasies. Unknown to her, Mark Vorley, her boss, with perfect alpha traits, also has feelings for her. The stage is properly set when a trip for a charity event lands the both of them in the cradle of love, where only fear and uncertainty can hold them back. Mark presents her with a gift and can only hope that she likes it. But does she?The Desired Boss is a full length standalone romance with plenty of steam and a very satisfying Happily Ever After. I've also included some bonus stories for your enjoyment.xxAmy Heighton

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