The Art of Deception | ,

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Max Willem, a young art student in Montreal at the end of the 1960s, becomes obsessed with outward appearances - with make-up, costume, and masks of all kinds. For him, outward reality, and in particular that of the opposite sex, is composed of many veils of illusion and artifice through which he must see if he is to feel fully alive. At the same time, Max discovers his exceptional talent for art forgery. Moving to New York, he becomes a tool in the hands of a powerful international ring dealing in forged art, and suffers from the loss of his own artistic integrity. Himself seduced as much as a seducer, how can Max escape and redeem his artistic soul?.


The Science of Deception | Michael Pettit

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During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Americans were fascinated with fraud. P. T. Barnum artfully exploited the American yen for deception, and even Mark Twain championed it, arguing that lying was virtuous insofar as it provided the glue for all interpersonal intercourse. But deception was not used solely to delight, and many fell prey to the schemes of con men and the wiles of spirit mediums. As a result, a number of experimental psychologists set themselves the task of identifying and eliminating the illusions engendered by modern, commercial life. By the 1920s, however, many of these same psychologists had come to depend on deliberate misdirection and deceitful stimuli to support their own experiments. The Science of Deception explores this paradox, weaving together the story of deception in American commercial culture with its growing use in the discipline of psychology. Michael Pettit reveals how deception came to be something that psychologists not only studied but also employed to establish their authority. They developed a host of tools—the lie detector, psychotherapy, an array of personality tests, and more—for making deception more transparent in the courts and elsewhere. Pettit’s study illuminates the intimate connections between the scientific discipline and the marketplace during a crucial period in the development of market culture. With its broad research and engaging tales of treachery, The Science of Deception will appeal to scholars and general readers alike..

Social Science

The Language of Deception | Dariusz Galasinski

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Dariusz Galasinski employs a discourse analytical approach to the study of deception in The Language of Deception. The book focuses on the deceptive messages themselves -- how language is used to deceive others and what kinds of linguistic devices are used. Galasinski develops a theory of deception based on his extensive study of debates and interviews of American and British politicians. Actual exchanges such as one in which a politician is asked the same question 14 times and evades it 14 times provide fascinating insight into deceptive linguistic practices..


The Deception of the Emerald Ring | Lauren Willig

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New York Times bestselling author Lauren Willig presents the third novel in her charming Pink Carnation series... Harvard grad student Eloise Kelly has gotten into quite a bit of trouble since she started spying on the Pink Carnation and the Black Tulip-two of the deadliest spies to saunter the streets of nineteenth-century England and France. Not only has she unearthed secrets that will rearrange history, she's dallied with Colin Selwick and sought out a romantic adventure all her own. Little does she know that she's about to uncover another fierce heroine running headlong into history... In June 1803, Letty Alsworthy attempts to prevent her sister’s midnight elopement—only to be accidentally whisked away herself. The scandal forces her into a hasty marriage with Geoffrey Pinchingdale-Snipe, who then decamps immediately to help the Pink Carnation quash a ring of Irish rebels led by the Black Tulip. Not to be outdone, Letty steals away to the Emerald Isle herself, ready to learn a thing or two about espionage—and never imagining she might learn a few things about love along the way..


Liespotting | Pamela Meyer

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GET TO THE TRUTH People--friends, family members, work colleagues, salespeople--lie to us all the time. Daily, hourly, constantly. None of us is immune, and all of us are victims. According to studies by several different researchers, most of us encounter nearly 200 lies a day. Now there's something we can do about it. Pamela Meyer's Liespotting links three disciplines--facial recognition training, interrogation training, and a comprehensive survey of research in the field--into a specialized body of information developed specifically to help business leaders detect deception and get the information they need to successfully conduct their most important interactions and transactions. Some of the nation's leading business executives have learned to use these methods to root out lies in high stakes situations. Liespotting for the first time brings years of knowledge--previously found only in the intelligence community, police training academies, and universities--into the corporate boardroom, the manager's meeting, the job interview, the legal proceeding, and the deal negotiation. WHAT'S IN THE BOOK? Learn communication secrets previously known only to a handful of scientists, interrogators and intelligence specialists. Liespotting reveals what's hiding in plain sight in every business meeting, job interview and negotiation: - The single most dangerous facial expression to watch out for in business & personal relationships - 10 questions that get people to tell you anything - A simple 5-step method for spotting and stopping the lies told in nearly every high-stakes business negotiation and interview - Dozens of postures and facial expressions that should instantly put you on Red Alert for deception - The telltale phrases and verbal responses that separate truthful stories from deceitful ones - How to create a circle of advisers who will guarantee your success.

Young Adult Fiction

The Kiss of Deception | Mary E. Pearson

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In a society steeped in tradition, Princess Lia's life follows a preordained course. As First Daughter, she is expected to have the revered gift of sight—but she doesn't—and she knows her parents are perpetrating a sham when they arrange her marriage to secure an alliance with a neighboring kingdom—to a prince she has never met. On the morning of her wedding, Lia flees to a distant village. She settles into a new life, hopeful when two mysterious and handsome strangers arrive—and unaware that one is the jilted prince and the other an assassin sent to kill her. Deception abounds, and Lia finds herself on the brink of unlocking perilous secrets—even as she finds herself falling in love. The Kiss of Deception is the first book in Mary E. Pearson's Remnant Chronicles..


The Palgrave Handbook of Deceptive Communication | Tony Docan-Morgan

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Deception and truth-telling weave through the fabric of nearly all human interactions and every communication context. The Palgrave Handbook of Deceptive Communication unravels the topic of lying and deception in human communication, offering an interdisciplinary and comprehensive examination of the field, presenting original research, and offering direction for future investigation and application. Highly prominent and emerging deception scholars from around the world investigate the myriad forms of deceptive behavior, cross-cultural perspectives on deceit, moral dimensions of deceptive communication, theoretical approaches to the study of deception, and strategies for detecting and deterring deceit. Truth-telling, lies, and the many grey areas in-between are explored in the contexts of identity formation, interpersonal relationships, groups and organizations, social and mass media, marketing, advertising, law enforcement interrogations, court, politics, and propaganda. This handbook is designed for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, academics, researchers, practitioners, and anyone interested in the pervasive nature of truth, deception, and ethics in the modern world..

Language Arts & Disciplines

Handbook of Research on Deception, Fake News, and Misinformation Online | Chiluwa, Innocent E.,Samoilenko, Sergei A.

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Handbook of Research on Deception, Fake News, and Misinformation Online - Chiluwa, Innocent E.,Samoilenko, Sergei A. Preview:

The growing amount of false and misleading information on the internet has generated new concerns and quests for research regarding the study of deception and deception detection. Innovative methods that involve catching these fraudulent scams are constantly being perfected, but more material addressing these concerns is needed. The Handbook of Research on Deception, Fake News, and Misinformation Online provides broad perspectives, practices, and case studies on online deception. It also offers deception-detection methods on how to address the challenges of the various aspects of deceptive online communication and cyber fraud. While highlighting topics such as behavior analysis, cyber terrorism, and network security, this publication explores various aspects of deceptive behavior and deceptive communication on social media, as well as new methods examining the concepts of fake news and misinformation, character assassination, and political deception. This book is ideally designed for academicians, students, researchers, media specialists, and professionals involved in media and communications, cyber security, psychology, forensic linguistics, and information technology..


Detecting Deception | Pär Anders Granhag,Aldert Vrij,Bruno Verschuere

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Detecting Deception - Pär Anders Granhag,Aldert Vrij,Bruno Verschuere Preview:

Detecting Deception offers a state-of-the-art guide to the detection of deception with a focus on the ways in which new cognitive psychology-based approaches can improve practice and results in the field. Includes comprehensive coverage of the latest scientific developments in the detection of deception and their implications for real-world practice Examines current challenges in the field - such as counter-interrogation strategies, lying networks, cross-cultural deception, and discriminating between true and false intentions Reveals a host of new approaches based on cognitive psychology with the potential to improve practice and results, including the strategic use of evidence, imposing cognitive load, response times, and covert lie detection Features contributions from internationally renowned experts.


Lying and Deception | Thomas L. Carson

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Thomas Carson offers the most comprehensive and up-to-date investigation of moral and conceptual questions about lying and deception. Part I addresses conceptual questions and offers definitions of lying, deception, and related concepts such as withholding information, "keeping someone in the dark," and "half truths." Part II deals with questions in ethical theory. Carson argues that standard debates about lying and deception between act-utilitarians and their critics are inconclusive because they rest on appeals to disputed moral intuitions. He defends a version of the golden rule and a theory of moral reasoning. His theory implies that there is a moral presumption against lying and deception that causes harm — a presumption at least as strong as that endorsed by act-utilitarianism. He uses this theory to justify his claims about the issues he addresses in Part III: deception and withholding information in sales, deception in advertising, bluffing in negotiations, the duties of professionals to inform clients, lying and deception by leaders as a pretext for fighting wars, and lying and deception about history (with special attention to the Holocaust), and cases of distorting the historical record by telling half-truths. The book concludes with a qualified defence of the view that honesty is a virtue..


Spy the Lie | Philip Houston,Michael Floyd,Susan Carnicero,Don Tennant

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Spy the Lie - Philip Houston,Michael Floyd,Susan Carnicero,Don Tennant Preview:

Three former CIA officers—among the world's foremost authorities on recognizing deceptive behavior—share their proven techniques for uncovering a lie Imagine how different your life would be if you could tell whether someone was lying or telling you the truth. Be it hiring a new employee, investing in a financial interest, speaking with your child about drugs, confronting your significant other about suspected infidelity, or even dating someone new, having the ability to unmask a lie can have far-reaching and even life-altering consequences. As former CIA officers, Philip Houston, Michael Floyd, and Susan Carnicero are among the world's best at recognizing deceptive behavior. Spy the Lie chronicles the captivating story of how they used a methodology Houston developed to detect deception in the counterterrorism and criminal investigation realms, and shows how these techniques can be applied in our daily lives. Through fascinating anecdotes from their intelligence careers, the authors teach readers how to recognize deceptive behaviors, both verbal and nonverbal, that we all tend to display when we respond to questions untruthfully. For the first time, they share with the general public their methodology and their secrets to the art of asking questions that elicit the truth. Spy the Lie is a game-changer. You may never read another book that has a more dramatic impact on your career, your relationships, or your future..

Social Science

The Body Language of Liars | Lillian Glass

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The Body Language of Liars - Lillian Glass Preview:

Being fooled or conned can happen to anyone; It doesn’t matter how intelligent, old, rich, or famous you are. Whether you have been scammed in business, swindled out of money, betrayed by a friend, relative, or coworker, or cheated on by a spouse, rest assured you are not alone. The world is full of these most toxic people—liars. You can never be sure if people are lying until you analyze their body language, facial expressions, speech patterns, even their online writing patterns. Now, world-renowned body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass shares with you the same quick and easy approach she uses to unmask signals of deception—from “innocent” little white lies to life-changing whoppers. Featuring photographs of celebrities and newsmakers such as Bill Clinton, Lance Armstrong, O.J. Simpson, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, and many others at the actual moment they were lying, their specific signals of deception will be permanently etched in your mind. Analyzing the body language of troubled or divorced couples such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, and Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, you’ll learn the “obvious” signs to look for..


Visual Revelations | Howard Wainer

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Visual Revelations - Howard Wainer Preview:

To function in modern society complex data must be absorbed and understood at a breakneck pace. The most efficient way to do this is through data-based graphics. This book is an exploration and celebration of graphical methods of data presentation. Visual Revelations' principal purpose is to enlighten, inform, and amuse the reader regarding the shortcomings of common graphical practices; particularly how they can misinform while simultaneously providing models of wonderful graphics. There are many examples of the best graphic practice, graphs that go beyond conveying, facts, and structure to be able to carry emotion as well. Aimed at an educated, lay audience, this volume benefits anyone who must either convey or receive quantitative information, including designers, statisticians, and people in the media..


Detecting Lies and Deceit | Aldert Vrij

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Detecting Lies and Deceit - Aldert Vrij Preview:

Why do people lie? Do gender and personality differences affect how people lie? How can lies be detected? Detecting Lies and Deceit provides the most comprehensive review of deception to date. This revised edition provides an up-to-date account of deception research and discusses the working and efficacy of the most commonly used lie detection tools, including: Behaviour Analysis Interview Statement Validity Assessment Reality Monitoring Scientific Content Analysis Several different polygraph tests Voice Stress Analysis Thermal Imaging EEG-P300 Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) All three aspects of deception are covered: nonverbal cues, speech and written statement analysis and (neuro)physiological responses. The most common errors in lie detection are discussed and practical guidelines are provided to help professionals improve their lie detection skills. Detecting Lies and Deceit is a must-have resource for students, academics and professionals in psychology, criminology, policing and law..


Deception Point | Dan Brown

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Deception Point - Dan Brown Preview:

Heralded for masterfully intermingling science, history, and politics in his critically acclaimed thrillers The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons, New York Times bestselling author Dan Brown has crafted another pulse-pounding novel in which nothing is as it seems -- and behind every corner is a stunning surprise. A shocking scientific discovery. A conspiracy of staggering brilliance. A thriller unlike any you've ever read.... When a NASA satellite discovers an astonishingly rare object buried deep in the Arctic ice, the floundering space agency proclaims a much-needed victory -- a victory with profound implications for NASA policy and the impending presidential election. To verify the authenticity of the find, the White House calls upon the skills of intelligence analyst Rachel Sexton. Accompanied by a team of experts, including the charismatic scholar Michael Tolland, Rachel travels to the Arctic and uncovers the unthinkable: evidence of scientific trickery -- a bold deception that threatens to plunge the world into controversy. But before she can warn the President, Rachel and Michael are ambushed by a deadly team of assassins. Fleeing for their lives across a desolate and lethal landscape, their only hope for survival is to discover who is behind this masterful plot. The truth, they will learn, is the most shocking deception of all..


Automatic Detection of Verbal Deception | Eileen Fitzpatrick,Joan Bachenko,Tommaso Fornaciari

Automatic Detection of Verbal Deception Pdf/ePub eBook Automatic Detection of Verbal Deception Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1660 | Ebook Reads: 1660 | File: Automatic Detection of Verbal Deception.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1627053387


Automatic Detection of Verbal Deception - Eileen Fitzpatrick,Joan Bachenko,Tommaso Fornaciari Preview:

The attempt to spot deception through its correlates in human behavior has a long history. Until recently, these efforts have concentrated on identifying individual "cues" that might occur with deception. However, with the advent of computational means to analyze language and other human behavior, we now have the ability to determine whether there are consistent clusters of differences in behavior that might be associated with a false statement as opposed to a true one. While its focus is on verbal behavior, this book describes a range of behaviors—physiological, gestural as well as verbal—that have been proposed as indicators of deception. An overview of the primary psychological and cognitive theories that have been offered as explanations of deceptive behaviors gives context for the description of specific behaviors. The book also addresses the differences between data collected in a laboratory and "real-world" data with respect to the emotional and cognitive state of the liar. It discusses sources of real-world data and problematic issues in its collection and identifies the primary areas in which applied studies based on real-world data are critical, including police, security, border crossing, customs, and asylum interviews; congressional hearings; financial reporting; legal depositions; human resource evaluation; predatory communications that include Internet scams, identity theft, and fraud; and false product reviews. Having established the background, this book concentrates on computational analyses of deceptive verbal behavior that have enabled the field of deception studies to move from individual cues to overall differences in behavior. The computational work is organized around the features used for classification from ??-gram through syntax to predicate-argument and rhetorical structure. The book concludes with a set of open questions that the computational work has generated..


9/11-Enemies Foreign and Domestic | Edward Hendrie

9/11-Enemies Foreign and Domestic Pdf/ePub eBook 9/11-Enemies Foreign and Domestic Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1183 | Ebook Reads: 1183 | File: 9/11-Enemies Foreign and Domestic.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 098326273X


9/11-Enemies Foreign and Domestic - Edward Hendrie Preview:

Hendrie proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the U.S. government's conspiracy theory of the attacks on September 11, 2001, is a preposterous cover story. The evidence proves that powerful Zionists ordered the 9/11 attacks, which were perpetrated by Israel's Mossad, aided and abetted by treacherous high officials in the U.S. government..

Young Adult Fiction

The Deception | Laura Gallier

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The Deception - Laura Gallier Preview:

Praise for The Delusion Series: “I encourage you to read The Delusion. It triggers your imagination about the realities of spiritual warfare.” —Jase Robertson, Duck Dynasty Less than a year after the horrific Masonville High shooting, Owen is determined to uncover why the Creepers have converged on his land and the school—a necessary step in his mission to drive evil forces out of his town. A supernatural visitor tests Owen’s ability to discern between truth and lies as the community is rocked by abductions and disappearances. While the town comes together to find those who are missing, Owen must fight to discover what is real and what is part of a strategy to distract him from his true purpose. Will Owen’s courage and conviction waver or hold firm as he to fights to free Masonville from the demonic forces threatening to tear the town apart?.


Women of Influence and Distinction - Teacher's Manual PDF | Betsy Caram

Women of Influence and Distinction - Teacher's Manual PDF Pdf/ePub eBook Women of Influence and Distinction - Teacher's Manual PDF Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1038 | Ebook Reads: 1038 | File: Women of Influence and Distinction - Teacher's Manual PDF.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1596657189


Women of Influence and Distinction - Teacher's Manual PDF - Betsy Caram Preview:

This teacher manual is based on Betsy Caram’s book Women of Influence and Distinction. In this book the author shows it is very evident from Scripture that women are, and always have been, very much involved in the plan and purposes of God in the earth. Women have been the instruments of God in the past, and He still uses them today to accomplish His ministry to a lost and dying world. This book will examine the lives of many of the women found in Scripture, considering the special characteristics which caused them to be recorded in the Bible’s sacred pages..


EC2ND 2006 | Andrew Blyth,Iain Sutherland

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EC2ND 2006 - Andrew Blyth,Iain Sutherland Preview:

This book contains the proceedings of the Second European Conference on Computer Network Defence, which took place in December 2006. The conference focused on the protection of computer networks and attracted participants from national and international organisations. The papers collected in this book include contributions from leading figures in the field and are a valuable source of reference for both researcher and practitioner..