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    Sara could not be true to herself living among the Amish, now that she knew the truth about her future. She would make a life for herself as a midwife delivering others' babies, now that Gott decided she was never to have a boppli of her own.Ruth had lost her parents at a young age, but he had kept her haus and her independence regardless of her tender age. Now, at last, it seemed that someone loved her in the way a husband loved a wife, and the future looked brighter than she could have imagined after the life she had led. Letters unearthed in her maem's belongings, and people discovered on their honeymoon trip across the country to be reunited with familye as yet unknown, proved way more telling than anyone could ever have imagined.Join Chippy and Ruth as they journey across the Amish communities, brightening lives and enlightening others’ along the way.

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