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    Gloria has always hidden herself away because of the scar on her face. When she hears her parents plotting a wedding she is horrified, she will only marry for love but who would marry her?Gloria loses herself in her quilting, making a beautiful picture of the Golden Labrador she has always wanted. If only her parents didn’t think it so frivolous.Matthew is watching Gloria at service. His heart is full of love for her but his life has been complicated. Now he feels ready to ask to drive her home in his buggy. What is the worst that can happen?Gloria is angry when Matthew asks her. Surely a man as handsome as him would not wish to be with her. Is this just a way of teasing her like the boys used to do, or have her parents arranged it?Can Gloria’s heart be healed and will a chance encounter bring love and all her dreams… or will she let the anger get the better of her?Find out for free on Kindle Unlimited in The Scarred Amish Bride.Also by Sarah Miller:A Miracle Baby for the Amish MidwifeThe Amish Grandson a sweet Christmas romanceHidden by the Amish a sweet Christmas romanceA Christmas Baby MiracleAmish Life and LoveAmish Hearts ReturnAmish Love and Faith – a 12 book box set

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