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    Download Amish Romance: The Affliction (Willa's Story Book 1) and read Amish Romance: The Affliction (Willa's Story Book 1) online books in format PDF. Get also books in EPUB and Mobi Format. Check out other translated books in French, Spanish languages.

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    Download FREE on Kindle Unlimited!Willa Springer suffers from frequent migraines. Since her father won’t consider Englisch medicine, and the district’s healer can’t help her, Willa’s life becomes more and more confined. She hates it, wanting nothing more than to be “normal” and to live life fully, which would include having a beau and a promising future.Collin Wilson needs a quick escape. His father has dragged him into his illegal medical practices, and Collin wants out. A quiet Amish community would be the perfect place to disappear. He decides to impersonate an elderly Amish couple’s long-lost grandson.It seems to work—if only he could shed his conscience. When he meets the beautiful yet fragile Willa, his guilt soars. He likes her—a lot. But how can he? He’s not Amish, and he’s running from the law. When Willa appears to return his affection, he realizes anew how little possibility they have for a future together. His only hope is to maintain his deception. But will his conscience allow it? “In the tradition of the works of Beverly Lewis, Cindy Woodsmall, and Wanda Brunstetter, Brenda Maxfield continues to bring you gripping Amish tales of love, hope, and God’s miracles.” Enjoy this inspirational Christian romance today!

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