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The story—both romantic and terrifying—of how a handful of men, armed with nothing more than handguns and guts, forced the greatest nation in the world from their shores. On Easter Monday, April 24, 1916, the first great revolution of the twentieth century began as working-class men and women occupied buildings throughout Dublin, Ireland, including the general post office on O’Connell Street. Among the commoners in the GPO was a young staff captain of the Irish Volunteers named Michael Collins. He was joined a day later by a fourteen-year-old messenger boy, Eoin Kavanagh. Four days later they would all surrender, but they had struck the match that would burn Great Britain out of Ireland for the first time in seven hundred years. The 13th Apostle is the reimagined story of how Michael Collins, along with his young acolyte Eoin, transformed Ireland from a colony into a nation. Collins’s secret weapon was his intelligence system and his assassination squad, nicknamed “The Twelve Apostles.” On November 21, 1920, the squad—with its thirteenth member, young Eoin—assassinated the entire British Secret Service in Dublin. Twelve months and sixteen days later, Collins signed the Treaty at 10 Downing Street, which brought into being what is, today, the Republic of Ireland. An epic novel in the tradition of Thomas Flanagan’s The Year of the French and Leon Uris’s Trinity, The 13th Apostle is a story that will capture the imagination and hearts of freedom-loving readers everywhere. Skyhorse Publishing, as well as our Arcade, Yucca, and Good Books imprints, are proud to publish a broad range of books for readers interested in fiction—novels, novellas, political and medical thrillers, comedy, satire, historical fiction, romance, erotic and love stories, mystery, classic literature, folklore and mythology, literary classics including Shakespeare, Dumas, Wilde, Cather, and much more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home..


Thirteenth Apostle | Michel Benoit

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When his friend Andrei is mysteriously killed on his way back from Rome, Father Nil, a Benedictine who teaches the Gospel of St. John to novices, decides to conduct his own investigation. The dead priest possessed proof of the existence of a thirteenth apostle and an epistle stating that Jesus was nothing more than an inspired prophet, not the Son of God - two things that would spell great danger for the Church. Father Nil then discovers a previously unpublished account of the origins of Christianity. It tells of the Nazoreans - a community excluded from the official Church by Peter and Paul - who appear to have thrived until the 7th century, playing an important role in the birth of Islam. While he pushes ahead with his investigation, the Pope's advisors, rival factions and secret societies are trying, by any means, to lay their hands on the priest's findings. From the Mossad to Fatah, everyone seems to have a very good reason to keep the thirteenth apostle a secret... The story of an ancient sect detailed within papyrus sheaves hidden in the caves at Qumran forms the basis of this exhaustively researched novel. A captivating and thoroughly researched religious thriller comparable to Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose..


The 13th Disciple | Deepak Chopra

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The New York Times bestselling author of Buddha and Jesus weaves together historical narrative, mystery, exciting adventure, and intrigue in this masterfully told novel that reveals surprising discoveries about the unknown last disciple of Christ, and a new understanding of who Jesus was in his final days. When a solid gold reliquary missing from a church in Belgium suddenly resurfaces in America, a young newspaperman begins to investigate the story. At first, it seems like just another case of a treasure stolen during World War II that has resurfaced. But it soon becomes apparent that much more is at stake. Hidden within the medieval reliquary is a gold box that holds a sacred relic—a single finger bone—from an anonymous saint. Why would the remains of someone unknown to the Church be considered holy? The search for answers leads to a shocking discovery—a dangerous secret known only to a small band of people. If one touches the reliquary, a sacred vision is received—a vision involving a young girl who had a chance encounter with Jesus just before he was crucified. The few people who have been blessed with these miraculous messages have banded together into a mysterious school, a closed society that preserves this venerated wisdom. But their knowledge of the young girl and Jesus is at once so fascinating yet so highly controversial that it cannot be shared with the world. This young girl, curious about the charismatic man named Jesus, embarks on a quest to find out who he really was. What she finds—the knowledge the society protects—is at times far different from the accepted gospels. Could this unknown girl be the 13th Disciple—the last and truest apostle of Christ?.


Lamb | Christopher Moore

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The birth of Jesus has been well chronicled, as have his glorious teachings, acts, and divine sacrifice after his thirtieth birthday. But no one knows about the early life of the Son of God, the missing years -- except Biff, the Messiah's best bud, who has been resurrected to tell the story in the divinely hilarious yet heartfelt work "reminiscent of Vonnegut and Douglas Adams" (Philadelphia Inquirer). Verily, the story Biff has to tell is a miraculous one, filled with remarkable journeys, magic, healings, kung fu, corpse reanimations, demons, and hot babes. Even the considerable wiles and devotion of the Savior's pal may not be enough to divert Joshua from his tragic destiny. But there's no one who loves Josh more -- except maybe "Maggie," Mary of Magdala -- and Biff isn't about to let his extraordinary pal suffer and ascend without a fight..


The Year of the French | Thomas Flanagan

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In 1798, Irish patriots, committed to freeing their country from England, landed with a company of French troops in County Mayo, in westernmost Ireland. They were supposed to be an advance guard, followed by other French ships with the leader of the rebellion, Wolfe Tone. Briefly they triumphed, raising hopes among the impoverished local peasantry and gathering a group of supporters. But before long the insurgency collapsed in the face of a brutal English counterattack. Very few books succeed in registering the sudden terrible impact of historical events; Thomas Flanagan’s is one. Subtly conceived, masterfully paced, with a wide and memorable cast of characters, The Year of the French brings to life peasants and landlords, Protestants and Catholics, along with old and abiding questions of secular and religious commitments, empire, occupation, and rebellion. It is quite simply a great historical novel. Named the most distinguished work of fiction in 1979 by the National Book Critics’ Circle..


Revelation | ,

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The final book of the Bible, Revelation prophesies the ultimate judgement of mankind in a series of allegorical visions, grisly images and numerological predictions. According to these, empires will fall, the "Beast" will be destroyed and Christ will rule a new Jerusalem. With an introduction by Will Self..


The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ | Philip Pullman

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This is a story. In this ingenious and spellbinding retelling of the life of Jesus, Philip Pullman revisits the most influential story ever told. Charged with mystery, compassion and enormous power, The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ throws fresh light on who Jesus was and asks the reader questions that will continue to resonate long after the final page is turned. For, above all, this book is about how stories become stories..

Biography & Autobiography

Prisoner of God | Michel Benoit

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"e;Prisoner of God"e; is a revolutionary testimony against the Church and its methods, against the brainwashing to which many members are submitted, and the power and influence it exerts across a broad spectrum of society. It is also an account of the mysterious world of the abbeys: the monks' everyday life and the way they deal with solitude, silence and sexuality. A brilliant student with a promising career ahead of him as a biologist under the guidance of Nobel Prize-winner Jacques Monod, Michel Benoit decided at the age of twenty-two to follow the path of God and take on monastic orders as Brother Irenee. But after twenty-two years of self-sacrifice and a fraught quest for God, Michel was "e;discharged"e; by the Church. What happened? What mechanism led to the Catholic hierarchy rejecting one of its own?.


Why I Love the Apostle Paul | John Piper

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“Besides Jesus, no one has kept me from despair, or taken me deeper into the mysteries of the gospel, than the apostle Paul.” —John Piper No one has had a greater impact on the world for eternal good than the apostle Paul—except Jesus himself. For John Piper, this impact is very personal. He does not just admire and trust Paul. He loves him. Piper gives us thirty glimpses into why his heart and mind respond this way. Can a Christian-killer really endure 195 lashes from a heart of love? Can a mystic who thinks he was caught up into heaven be a model of lucid rationality? Can an ethnocentric Jew write the most beautiful call to reconciliation? Can a person who lives with the unceasing anguish of empathy be always rejoicing? Can a man’s description of the horrors of human sin be exceeded by his delight in human splendor? Can a man with a backbone of steel be as tender as a nursing mother? If we know this man—if we see what Piper sees—we too will love him. Paul’s testimony is a matter of life and death. Piper invites you into his relationship with Paul in the hope that you will know life, forever..


Apostle | Tom Bissell

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A profound and moving journey into the heart of Christianity that explores the mysterious and often paradoxical lives and legacies of the Twelve Apostles—a book both for those of the faith and for others who seek to understand Christianity from the outside in. “Expertly researched and fascinating… Bissell is a wonderfully sure guide to these mysterious men.… This is a serious book about the origins of Christianity that is also very funny. How often can you say that?” —The Independent Peter, Matthew, Thomas, John: Who were these men? What was their relationship to Jesus? Tom Bissell provides rich and surprising answers to these ancient, elusive questions. He examines not just who these men were (and weren’t), but also how their identities have taken shape over the course of two millennia. Ultimately, Bissell finds that the story of the apostles is the story of early Christianity: its competing versions of Jesus’s ministry, its countless schisms, and its ultimate evolution from an obscure Jewish sect to the global faith we know today in all its forms and permutations. In his quest to understand the underpinnings of the world’s largest religion, Bissell embarks on a years-long pilgrimage to the supposed tombs of the Twelve Apostles. He travels from Jerusalem and Rome to Turkey, Greece, Spain, France, India, and Kyrgyzstan, vividly capturing the rich diversity of Christianity’s worldwide reach. Along the way, he engages with a host of characters—priests, paupers, a Vatican archaeologist, a Palestinian taxi driver, a Russian monk—posing sharp questions that range from the religious to the philosophical to the political. Written with warmth, empathy, and rare acumen, Apostle is a brilliant synthesis of travel writing, biblical history, and a deep, lifelong relationship with Christianity. The result is an unusual, erudite, and at times hilarious book—a religious, intellectual, and personal adventure fit for believers, scholars, and wanderers alike..


Holy Misogyny | April D. DeConick

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Holy Misogyny - April D. DeConick Preview:

In Holy Misogyny, bible scholar April DeConick wants real answers to the questions that are rarely whispered from the pulpits of the contemporary Christian churches. Why is God male? Why are women associated with sin? Why can't women be priests? Drawing on her extensive knowledge of the early Christian literature, she seeks to understand the conflicts over sex and gender in the early church-what they were and what was at stake. She explains how these ancient conflicts have shaped contemporary Christianity and its promotion of male exclusivity and superiority in terms of God, church leadership, and the bed. DeConick's detective work uncovers old aspects of Christianity before later doctrines and dogmas were imposed upon the churches, and the earlier teachings about the female were distorted. Holy Misogyny shows how the female was systematically erased from the Christian tradition, and why. She concludes that the distortion and erasure of the female is the result of ancient misogyny made divine writ, a holy misogyny that remains with us today..


Kingdom Disciples | Tony Evans

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Where have all the disciples gone? There is a missing force in Christianity today. It’s a critical one, and its absence has led to weak believers, disintegrating families, ineffective churches, and a decaying culture. Without it, we lack what we need to fully live as heaven’s representatives on earth. That missing force is discipleship. In Kingdom Disciples, Tony Evans outlines a simple, actionable definition of discipleship to help the church fulfill its calling. Readers will learn: What a disciple is What a disciple cares about How to be a disciple and make disciples What discipleship looks like in community What the impact of discipleship on the world can be Kingdom disciples are in short supply, and the result is a legion of powerless Christians attending powerless churches, having a powerless presence in the world. The power, authority, abundance, victory, and impact God has promised will only come about when we understand and align ourselves with His definition of discipleship. Kingdom Disciples calls believers and churches back to our primary, divinely ordained responsibility to be disciples and make disciples. Only when we take seriously this assignment will the world see heaven at work on earth. Will you accept the assignment? Kingdom Disciples isuseful as base material for a course on discipleship..


The 13th Apostle | Dan Danov

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A prominent Swiss banker in Palm Beach finds his wife murdered and suspects a secret military operation. His determination to find out who is behind the killing throws the Swiss diplomatic and military establishment into panic. He has the knowledge to expose the biggest secret of all how the gold and artifacts stolen from Jews and deposited in secret bank accounts during WWII became the foundation for a worldwide investment scheme that became the pillar of the Swiss economic miracle. Max Hooker becomes involved in the case when the murder takes place at his door step. He stumbles on to a covert military operation and a mysterious "13th Apostle". Max has to gain the confidence of a surviving Nazi organization as his search takes him to Germany, Paraguay and finally to Switzerland. His possession of secret bank records and the coinciding US Government negotiation with the Swiss banks on behalf of the surviving Holocaust victims allows him to recover some of the stolen loot. Max finds out who the real "13th Apostle" is and closes the circle of a dark human tragedy that originated in the last days of WWII and came to a close when the secret is revealed..


The 13Th Apostle | Arkady Povzikov

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The Thirteenth Apostle uncovers a jarring world secret through loss, love, and human experience culminating beyond simple answers and instead in ultimate truth. Upset over the tragic loss of his infant son to a freak genetic abnormality writer Sasha Komarov, sets out on a quest for answers regarding his family's mysterious and illustrious past. His travels take him from Canada to Siberia,where a century ago his great-grandfather survived a massive explosion resulting from the devastating Tunguska crash. While there, Sasha becomes entangled in a forbidden love affair and thrust into nefarious dealings with Chechen terrorists-from which he narrowly escapes with his life. Amidst it all, Sasha reconnects with distant relatives who hold key not only to the mystery of his son's death, but to his grand purpose in life a mission of extraordinary global significance. The truth he uncovers is astonishing-certain to rattle the religious masses...but would the world accept it?.


The Acts of the Apostles | P.D. James

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The Acts of the Apostles - P.D. James Preview:

Acts is the sequel to Luke's gospel and tells the story of Jesus's followers during the 30 years after his death. It describes how the 12 apostles, formerly Jesus's disciples, spread the message of Christianity throughout the Mediterranean against a background of persecution. With an introduction by P.D. James.


Recovering the Original Gospel of Thomas | April D. DeConick

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Recovering the Original Gospel of Thomas - April D. DeConick Preview:

This book explores the fascinating and enigmatic collection of 114 sayings of Jesus, the 'Gospel of Thomas' that was discovered in the sands of Nag Hammadi, Egypt, in the 1940's. Since its discovery, scholars and the public alike have been intrigued to know what the Gospel says and what light it sheds on the formation of early Christianity. Here, DeConick provides a new English translation of the entire Gospel of Thomas, which includes the original 'kernel' of the Gospel and all the sayings. A unique feature of this book is that translations to the parallels of the Gospel are also included..


Mental Floss: What's the Difference? | Editors of Mental Floss

Mental Floss: What's the Difference? Pdf/ePub eBook Mental Floss: What's the Difference? Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1738 | Ebook Reads: 1738 | File: Mental Floss: What's the Difference?.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 006174770X


Mental Floss: What's the Difference? - Editors of Mental Floss Preview:

Enlighten Up Already! Monet? Manet? Who can even tell the difference? Well, with the help of the newest mental_floss tome, you can! Want to learn how to tell egg rolls from spring rolls, nuclear bombs from dirty nuclear bombs, or even how to tell an idiot from a moron (there's a real scientific difference)? Piece of cake! Whether you're trying to impress your boss, your mother-in-law, attractive singles, or a pack of fourth graders (you know how they love semantics), mental_floss gives you all the tips and tricks to have you sounding like a genius..


Voices and Views on Paul | Ben Witherington III,Jason A. Myers

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Voices and Views on Paul - Ben Witherington III,Jason A. Myers Preview:

In the field of Pauline studies, much has changed over the last twenty years. In this reliable guide to the major terrain of Pauline scholarship, Ben Witherington and Jason Myers explain and analyze the thought of recent major Pauline interpreters and track developments within this dynamic field over the past two decades..


Life of Heber C. Kimball, an Apostle | Orson F. Whitney

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Life of Heber C. Kimball, an Apostle - Orson F. Whitney Preview:

"Life of Heber C. Kimball, an Apostle" by Orson F. Whitney. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format..


The Trinitarian Theology of Jonathan Edwards | Steven M. Studebaker,Robert W. Caldwell Iii

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The Trinitarian Theology of Jonathan Edwards - Steven M. Studebaker,Robert W. Caldwell Iii Preview:

While Jonathan Edwards scholars have increasingly recognized the central role that the Trinity played in his thought, no work brings together Edwards' central texts on the Trinity and interprets and applies them to contemporary theological issues. This book reveals how the doctrine of the Trinity transformed Edwards' ministry and how the Trinity can inform current evangelical thought, life, and ministry. Key primary texts, interpretation, and application of Edwards' trinitarian theology are all presented here. Part one features Edwards' chief trinitarian writings and provides an in-depth analysis on his doctrine. Part two sets Edwards' trinitarianism in historical context. Part three demonstrates how Edwards employed the Trinity in his sermons, in spiritual formation, and in other areas of doctrine..