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    Download Text Da Plug 3: Keisha's Song: Text (912) 268-1890 To Begin: An Interactive SMS UNovel and read Text Da Plug 3: Keisha's Song: Text (912) 268-1890 To Begin: An Interactive SMS UNovel online books in format PDF. Get also books in EPUB and Mobi Format. Check out other translated books in French, Spanish languages.

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    YOUR ROLE:Keisha (See Description Below.)Text (912) 268-1890 To Begin Journey. In the last of the trilogy, a weary Keisha believes that she can now rest following the deadly street battle of Bourbon Street in volume two. But when she learns that Damien’s son Mammon has been released from prison, she discovers that it was Da Plug’s plan all along for his son to rule in his place. Sadly, Keisha accepts the reality that the only way to stop Mammon is to allow herself to become an addict and prostitute to the same deadly drug she is seeking to destroy. In the final battle the question must be asked, will the life of addiction take Keisha’s body and soul, or will she be strong enough to disconnect Da Plug once and for all.Jomo K. Johnson is an author and Creator of the SMS Interactive UNovel: the first live author story in which YOU are the main character. UNovel allows you to select your story, interact with a live author via text message, and respond with your answers to shape the story. Each UNovel is $2.99 or purchase monthly subscription which includes UNLIMITED UNovels & ENTIRE Jomo K. Johnson E-Book Library (Over 20 Books) for only $9.99. Text (912) 268-1890 to order.FAQ ABOUT LIVE UNOVEL:Q: Is the author a real person?Y: Yes, the authors are always live and respond directly to your responses in the story.Q: How long does it take to read a UNovel?A: Each novel varies depends on how frequent you interact, but usually one or two days.Q: Is the outcome of the story already determined?A: Yes and No. Story has a conclusion but final outcome is determined by your answers.Q: Who does the story belong to when done?A: The story is yours to do whatever you want, even publish it.

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