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    TALES FROM THE CELLBLOCK VOL. 2 features three short horror stories: Protein Pellets, Hoodapocalypse, and The Perfect Celly. These stories are told by inmates who are currently in administrative segregation ... stories that they witnessed firsthand.PROTEIN PELLETS by Akasha:One of the scariest sights in prison isn’t the small cells or the unkempt inmates—it’s the food. And when the warden introduces protein pellets into the meals, Bobby “Sutan” Earl is skeptical. Then a riot breaks out. And the inmates seem a little more animalistic than normal.HOODAPOCALYPSE by Tony Steele:Who would’ve that MT and Rome would find a laboratory inside a home they broke into? When Rome spills one of the strange liquids on his hand, his nervous system starts to change. He attacks MT and flees into the streets, where whatever he’s infected with is bound to spread.THE PERFECT CELLY by Jordan Belcher:There’s good cellmates and bad cellmates … but a perfect celly? Benjamin Danbury meets Luke Diablo, a weird jailhouse lawyer who has the power to take back an inmate’s crime. But what will Benji do with his newfound freedom? Will he do the right thing, or will he commit a bigger, more brazen crime?

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