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    TALES FROM THE CELLBLOCK VOL. 1 features three short horror stories: Tribes & Tribulations, The Closet, and Chrishé. These stories are told by inmates who are currently in administrative segregation ... stories that they witnessed firsthand.TRIBES & TRIBULATIONS by Akasha:Twin brothers Eric and Derrick Winslow take a camping trip with some friends from the ‘hood. They joke around that Camp Miggit is located on sacred ground, until they start hearing strange noises in their cabins. Then one of their friends comes up missing. And the creatures of the night just might get the last laugh.THE CLOSET by Tony Steele:The squeak of the door and the darkness within The Closet is all you see just before the evil lurking in the shadows has you. Never in Kareem’s wildest dreams would he have expected a Halloween party to end in terror. All he wanted was one night with JoAnn—now he’s faced with eternal darkness.CHRISHÉ by Tashiana Harper:Chrishé has blackouts. She wakes up with no idea where she is and what she’s done. But someone does know. And her name is Helen

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