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    Review Kristeva suggests that the antidote to xenophobia, racism and other weapons against outsiders is to recognize that 'the foreigner is within us.' [The book] demonstrates her amazing command of history, politics, literature, linguistics, and psychology...argues powerfully for a radical examination of self, beginning with the realization that what is most fearful to us in the stranger may be the very quality we do not want to recognize in ourselves. Only through this reconciliation with our estranged self, Kristeva asserts, can we begin to give fair treatment to others. (San Fransisco Examiner-Chronicle) Read more From the Back Cover This book explores the notion of the 'stranger'--the foreigner, outsider, or alien in a country and society not their own--as well as the notion of strangeness with-in the self--a person's deep sense of being, as distinct from outside appearance and from their conscious idea of self. Read more See all Editorial Reviews

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