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    These monsters don't sparkle... they drip blood when they walk. Click now & start reading! ~ My name is Jaevia Knightley. I'm a daemon: half succubus, half vampire.  Tarnished love, violence, and darkness are all I have ever known. I was once a part a great organization - the Kindred. Charged with policing the other supernaturals of the worlds. The Kindred and I came to a crossroads and I wanted out. The problem? You can't leave the Kindred, it's forbidden. Now I'm wanted by the same monsters I once served. Branded a traitor, I escaped and have been hiding in Baltimore among humans.  I'm trying to live a normal life, or at least something close to it, but every person I love is another person I put in danger.  The Kindred never forgives or forgets, I should have remembered that. Exacting their own twisted revenge, they sent my ex-lover to hunt me down.  Now heavy questions haunt me... will I survive? will I save those I love? ~ If you're a fan of sexy warrior protagonists, complicated love, deep characters, and raw emotion on every page, then you'll love SNOW COVERED MOON. Enjoy both kink and adventure with a strong female protagonist who knows revenge is best served HOT. But beware: this story is not for the faint of heart! WARNING: SNOW COVERED MOON is a dark romance that includes paranormal erotica (MF, MMF, FF, MM). This novel contains BDSM, horror, and other content not suitable for persons under 18 or those sensitive to trauma fiction. For everyone else: hold on tight.  ~~~ For those wishing to read the series, here are the volumes, in order:Snow Covered Moon (Twisted Eventide-1)Yuletide Crimson (Twisted Eventide-2)Hunted Nightmare: Descension (Twisted Eventide-3)Hunted Nightmare: Ascension (Twisted Eventide-4)Murder of Crows (Twisted Eventide-5)Harper Files, Bad and Good (Twisted Eventide-5.5) Sacred Bones (Twisted Eventide-6)Moon Rise (Twisted Eventide-7)Touch (Twisted Eventide-7.5) Monster (Twisted Eventide-8)Cursed and Finding Honor (Twisted Eventide-8.5)

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