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    On April 7, 2014, Honey Ford and her husband, Nathan, heard devastating news that would change their lives forever. Their seventeen-year-old daughter, Chelsea, had a brain tumor. In a candid story of love, inner-strength, and courage, Honey chronicles their heartbreaking journey from the moment they learned of the diagnosis through Chelsea's continual challenges as she battled the disease through surgery and subsequent treatments. As Honey fought to keep her only child alive, she details how she became a passionate advocate for Chelsea, relayed news to family and friends, coordinated visitors, and organized a much-needed getaway to Fiji for the family. As the worst possible outcome became a reality, Honey reveals how she managed to get through the darkest of days and a year of firsts--one step at a time--while providing inspiration to others enduring similar challenges. Since You've Been Gone shares the true story of the tragic reality a small family endured after their only child was diagnosed with brain cancer.

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