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    Susan Alpert has spent the last decade bringing help and a vital message to audiences ….preparing for, and handling loss. Although this is a foundation for facing the future for people of all ages, seniors are particularly vulnerable to these scenarios.The natural question to follow for this growing population is “What happens next?” The answer, although often slowly coming is “There’s more life still waiting for you.” As a single senior there may come a time when you crave companionship, activity, a partner. Finding that next chapter in the 21st century has created the need for older people to connect through social media. It’s not only acceptable, it’s almost a necessity.The number of online dating sites for the ‘mature adult’ has exploded. When a match is made, that otherwise might not have happened, life opens up again. You find excitement, adventure, vitality, aliveness and even love. That is what happened to Susan. Meeting Stephen Morse began a new phase in both their lives. They decided to share their story by writing a ‘he said’, she said’ autobiographical book, chronicling how it started, what it encompassed and where it went. There’s a lesson here for not only seniors, but for others to glimpse into the mind of elders, their needs, hopes and behaviors. So, you think adults in their 70s aren’t computer-savvy? Do you believe the myth that we’re too old for online dating, and that new love is impossible or unnecessary after a “certain age”? Do you assume that seniors are complacent and have no adventure left in us, that our recliners and TVs are enough to keep us happy, that we have given up on starting over? Think again. This is the true story of Susan and Stephen, two strangers from opposite ends of the country who met online fell in love over email and came together for romance and adventure. Join us for the twists and turns, and ups and downs, and most importantly, for the reminder that one is never too old for a new love.

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