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    An Englischer, the boy her parents had chosen for her, and her friend’s brother – will Naomi find the love she is seeking?Naomi Bawell is head over heels in love with her boss, Marcus. Although he is an Englischer Naomi can’t help the way she feels about Marcus. He’s generous and kind and makes her heart skip a beat every time he smiles in her direction.But her parents have no idea about Naomi’s infatuation with the Englischer. Instead, they are worried that she will become a spinster since at the age of twenty-four she is yet to start courting. They devise a plan to match Naomi and Elmer Fischer without her knowledge.Even as Naomi wades through uncertain waters while courted by Elmer and still in love with Marcus, she doesn’t notice Levi Hauptfleisch. As her best friend’s brother, Levi has always been there but Naomi’s has never taken a second look.When certain events take place that makes Naomi realize how brittle life can be and how quickly things can change, it’s time for her to look into her heart and face what she finds.Will Marcus be able to compete with the Amish boys vying for Naomi’s heart? Can Elmer make Naomi see that he is the better man? Will Levi always remain in the shadows? Find out in this clean Amish romance and let your heart be taken on a wild ride of romance, deceit, and loss.

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