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    A young woman is recruited by a clandestine organization to assassinate Satan, and to help prevent human extinction from spiritual forces of evil.Eve’s parents were murdered when she was a child. Since then, she’s been a troubled teen who does not feel the need to answer to anyone. All interventions from the state’s foster-care program have failed, which makes Eve continuously succumb to the lawlessness of the streets when she runs away. None of her foster parents have been able to tame her. The fact that Eve keeps being sexually assaulted when she relocates to a new foster family doesn’t help either. After running away from her most recent foster home, Eve gets entangled in the criminal world of a diabolical drug dealer. She’s his new toy. The drug dealer doesn’t know that Eve has been misleading him. In fact, Eve has been misleading everyone. She’s not who she says she is, and she might not even be the age that everyone thinks she is. Eve is one of the young recruits of an extremely clandestine organization that might not even be commissioned by the United States government. That’s something that Eve isn’t really sure of. She’s certain that the organization is nothing like the CIA. They have an interest in spirits rather than terrorist, and the drug dealer has a lot of spirits surrounding him that the organization needs to track. They have a bigger objective that Eve learns has more to do with preventing a spiritual plot to eradicate humans, rather than her simply pretending to be a troubled, reckless teen.

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