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    A Sweet Amish RomanceEli Beiler's much-loved little market has been operating in a small town near his Amish community for generations. But his daughter, Ruthie, isn't sure she wants to be part of it, especially as her relationship with her father grows increasingly rocky – she can't understand why he's acting strangely lately. She's also becoming increasingly more interested Isaac Kurtz, a frequent customer. Isaac is handsome and kind, and Ruthie knows that if she marries him, she won't have to work in the market anymore. Yet... she also harbors secret feelings for Jesse Wittmer, an employee in the shop. What Ruthie doesn't know is that her father, Eli, has a tragic secret. The only person he has confided in is Jesse, who has been sworn to secrecy. Hope begins to arise in Ruthie, and it looks like her desperate prayers will be answered – until a sudden event occurs.Can Ruthie trust God to intervene? 

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