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Respect the Legend. Idolize the Prodigy. Celebrate the Champion. But never underestimate the Rebel. With unmatched suspense and her signature cinematic storytelling, #1 New York Times–bestselling author Marie Lu plunges readers back into the unforgettable world of Legend for a truly grand finale. Eden Wing has been living in his brother’s shadow for years. Even though he’s a top student at his academy in Ross City, Antarctica, and a brilliant inventor, most people know him only as Daniel Wing’s little brother. A decade ago, Daniel was known as Day, the boy from the streets who led a revolution that saved the Republic of America. But Day is no longer the same young man who was once a national hero. These days he’d rather hide out from the world and leave his past behind. All that matters to him now is keeping Eden safe—even if that also means giving up June, the great love of Daniel’s life. As the two brothers struggle to accept who they’ve each become since their time in the Republic, a new danger creeps into the distance that’s grown between them. Eden soon finds himself drawn so far into Ross City’s dark side, even his legendary brother can’t save him. At least not on his own . . ..


The Rebel | Albert Camus

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By one of the most profoundly influential thinkers of our century, The Rebel is a classic essay on revolution. For Albert Camus, the urge to revolt is one of the "essential dimensions" of human nature, manifested in man's timeless Promethean struggle against the conditions of his existence, as well as the popular uprisings against established orders throughout history. And yet, with an eye toward the French Revolution and its regicides and deicides, he shows how inevitably the course of revolution leads to tyranny. As old regimes throughout the world collapse, The Rebel resonates as an ardent, eloquent, and supremely rational voice of conscience for our tumultuous times. Translated from the French by Anthony Bower..

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Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Immigrant Women Who Changed the World | Elena Favilli

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The latest installment in the New York Times bestselling Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls series, featuring 100 immigrant women who have shaped, and will continue to shape, our world. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Immigrant Women Who Changed the World is the third book in the New York Times bestselling series for children. Packed with 100 all-new bedtime stories about the lives of incredible female figures from the past and the present, this volume recognizes women who left their birth countries for a multitude of reasons: some for new opportunities, some out of necessity. Readers will whip up a plate with Asma Khan, strategize global affairs alongside Madeleine Albright, venture into business with Rihanna, and many more. All of these unique, yet relatable stories are accompanied by gorgeous, full-page, full-color portraits, illustrated by female artists from all over the globe..


In and Out of Rebel Prisons | Alonzo Cooper

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"In and Out of Rebel Prisons" is a book based on a Lieutenant Alonzo Cooper's diary. During his ten months imprisonment in the South, Cooper kept a complete diary of events which occurred there and gave a reliable account of what came under his personal observation. "Many books have been written upon prison life in the South, but should every survivor of Andersonville, Macon, Savannah, Charleston, Florence, Salisbury, Danville, Libby and Belle Island write their personal experiences in those rebel slaughter houses, it would still require the testimony of the sixty-five thousand whose bones are covered with Southern soil to complete the tale.".


Rebel | Beverly Jenkins

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The first novel in USA Today Bestselling Author Beverly Jenkins’s compelling new series follows a Northern woman south in the chaotic aftermath of the Civil War . . . Valinda Lacy’s mission in the steamy heart of New Orleans is to help the newly emancipated community survive and flourish. But soon she discovers that here, freedom can also mean danger. When thugs destroy the school she has set up and then target her, Valinda runs for her life—and straight into the arms of Captain Drake LeVeq. As an architect from an old New Orleans family, Drake has a deeply personal interest in rebuilding the city. Raised by strong women, he recognizes Valinda’s determination. And he can’t stop admiring—or wanting—her. But when Valinda’s father demands she return home to marry a man she doesn’t love, her daring rebellion draws Drake into an irresistible intrigue..


Rebel | Faith Morgan

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My name is Faith Morgan and I was born into the infamous Children of God cult, or 'The Family' as it came to be known. At age 19 I managed to escape and entered a world in which I had to learn how to live again. Rebel is my story. My teenage diary helps piece the story of my travels in Costa Rica, India, Greece, Mexico, and London together. Of the communes, the 'missions', the friendships and the relationships. And of course, my enduring faith: in Jesus, in the Prophet (cult leader David Berg), and in the inevitability of the coming end times, which I fully believed would arrive. But beyond the brainwashing and mistreatment is the extraordinary story of my family and the adventures of my early life which help me understand what happened and why, so it doesn't happen to others. The spirit of that defiant girl who escaped is still in there somewhere, and through telling my story I wish to look into the eyes of 'evil', with its many faces so I can send it on its way..


Tom Watson | C. Vann Woodward

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Although Thomas E. Watson championed the rising Populist movement at the turn of the 19th century--an interracial alliance of agricultural interests fighting the forces of industrial capitalism--his eventual frustration with politics transformed him from liberalism to racial bigotry, from popular spokesman to mob leader. Pulitzer Prize winning scholar C. Vann Woodward clearly and objectively traces the history of this enigmatic Populist leader..


Rebel | Edward W. Robertson

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In the early 21st century, an alien attack drove humanity to the brink of extinction. A thousand years after their defeat, the aliens haven't been seen since. Rada Pence has spent the last three years driving carts for an independent mining crew. Most likely, that's how she'll die, too. Then, deep beneath the ice of a Neptune moon, her crew discovers a long-lost ship. If it's from Earth's first space age, it would be worth millions. When they dig down to it, they discover it's not human—it's alien. The discovery is priceless. But as they extract it from the ice, pirates slaughter the mining crew and steal the vessel. Left for dead, Rada vows to reclaim the ship and avenge her friends. But before that, she'll have to escape the moon—and she has mere hours until her air runs out..


Rebel | E.L. Thorne

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This is a closed door, clean, supernatural suspense, coming of age romance. The language has been toned down and the books have been specifically reworked for those who do not particularly enjoy open door romances. Darby’s a wolf shifter’s human daughter. What’s that meant in her life? Her father views her as a flawed individual. A failure. So when her human mother and her shifter father split up, he had no interest in her. What’s it do to a girl? It creates an obstinate streak which gets caught up on all the wrong priorities. She wants to prove herself to her wolf shifter father by infiltrating the Crooked Arrow Ranch shifters and getting information for her dad. She’s got no plan. She’s shooting from the hip. Jared’s riled up about the rule-breaking going on at Crooked Arrow. They have brought human mates. Now how is this supposed to fit into the rules on the Virginia Range? Granted, the rules are more of an understanding built on respect. On his grandfather’s principles. The rules state: Shifters keep a low profile. Shifters do not kill humans. Shifters do not attempt to turn humans. Lore says it’s myth a bite can turn humans. Others say it takes witchery. Back to Jared. Back to those rules. How can shifters keep a low profile when they are mating with humans for frack’s sake? And what if other packs find out about this? Shifters mating with humans doesn’t guarantee shifter babies. It makes it a coin toss..

Juvenile Fiction

R Is for Rebel | J. Anderson Coats

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“An empowering and timely story about resistance.” —Booklist Princess Academy meets Megan Whalen Turner in this stunning novel about a girl who won’t let anything tame her spirit—not the government that conquered her people, and definitely not reform school! Malley has led the constables on a merry chase across her once-peaceful country. With her parents in prison for their part in a failed resistance movement, the government wants to send her to a national school—but they’ll have to capture her first. And capture her they do. Malley is carted off to be reformed as a proper subject of the conquering empire, reeducated, and made suitable for domestic service. That’s the government’s plan, anyway. But Malley will not go down without a fight. She’s determined to rally her fellow students to form a rebellion of their own. The government can lock these girls up in reform school. Whether it can break them is another matter entirely….


The Rebel | J. R. Ward

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Only one woman can tame him…. Experience the first book in the Moorehouse Legacy series from New York Times bestselling author J.R. Ward writing as Jessica Bird, first published as Beauty and the Black Sheep! Entrepreneur Nate Walker does whatever it takes to carve out his place in life. After rejecting his family’s legacy and losing a gold-digging fiancé in the process, it’s just him, his chef knives and his trusty old car on the road to developing a five-star restaurant… until the trusty old car breaks down in the Adirondacks, leading him right to White Caps Inn… and Frankie Moorehouse. Suddenly Nate has a job he doesn’t really need—and an affair that has to end when summer does. Except Frankie has a way about her. She gets under his skin. She even makes him want to do what he never thought he could: stay forever. Originally published in 2005.


Rebel... | anas chattoui

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The meaning of the pain of life. when destiny take all your dreams and your family.

Social Science

Rebel, Rebel, Rebel: How to Rebel Right | Andrew Bushard

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Rebel, Rebel, Rebel: How to Rebel Right - Andrew Bushard Preview:

Some say don't rebel, just conform. I don't know about you, but I want to rebel. Certainly, you ought to rebel if you do it right. In essence, if we rebel only to harm or destroy, we rebel wrong. On the other hand, if we reject dominant norms because they oppress or confine and in response, we create something positive, constructive, and life affirming, we rebel right. How should we rebel? This book will show you exactly how to rebel by discussing different ways to rebel. This work also analyzes different rebel icons such as the Hippie movement, the Flappers, and radical political organizations, in order to show you how to rebel right. 73 pages..


Rebel | Helen Hardt

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When Rock Wolfe was fourteen, he tried to kill his father. Twenty years later, someone else finished the job. Now Rock is returning to New York for the reading of the billionaire's will. No way did Derek Wolfe leave anything to his oldest son, but according to Rock's brother, his presence is required. Estate attorney Lacey Ward isn't looking forward to the reading. None of Derek Wolfe's children will be happy, least of all his oldest. When Rock enters the conference room, Lacey is stunned. He's a rebel--a biker all muscled and gorgeous in black leather. This won't be easy, especially since she can't stop staring at him. Rock pays no attention to the reading. He's lost in a fantasy of bending his father's hot attorney over a desk. He's not a commitment kind of guy, though, and she screams white picket fence. Sparks fly between them, but the murder lurks in the back of their minds. Rock knows all his family's secrets...or so he thinks. Mysteries seem to hide everywhere--mysteries that threaten not only his and Lacey's future but their lives as well..


Tank & the Rebel | Elizabeth Stevens

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**Full Blurb coming soon Petra I was the juvenile delinquent now in her late-twenties and with very little hope in sight. But I got along okay. I had a good group of friends, some delicious eye-candy, and my business was growing in leaps and bounds. Going out for a few benders with the girls of a Saturday night was what being in your twenties was all about. Right? Who needed to settle down? My life is mess and disorder, but maybe there’s one man who’ll make me want to straighten it out. Gavin When I was younger, they called me the gentle giant. I was actually one of the most picked on kids at school because I refused to return a punch. It wasn’t just that I knew, as the biggest kid, I’d get into the biggest trouble. I just didn’t like trouble. Odd then that I ended up in the Navy and turning a blind eye to the antics of the Grace Grayson boys. My life is ordered and stable, but maybe there’s one rebel who’ll make me want to shake it up. Please be aware that this story is set in Australia and therefore uses Australian English spelling and syntax..


The Rebel | Kendall Ryan

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I never thought I’d see her again. We shared one hot night together back in college before our paths took us in different directions. But now, the most brilliant and beautiful woman I’ve ever met is back in my life. And the chemistry I remember? It’s more combustible than ever. Except…our fling is forbidden and must exist only in secret. Her rules, not mine. I can’t be her forever. I’m not that guy, and even she knows it. But I can’t stay away from her either. I’m determined to claim not just her body but her heart, even if that’s the one thing she’s vowed not to give me. A sweet and bananas-sexy hockey romance you do not want to miss! Grab this sizzling standalone today from New York Times bestselling author, Kendall Ryan and you’ll automatically get a FREE bonus scene in his point of view that you won’t want to miss!.

Young Adult Fiction

The Rebel | Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

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The Rebel - Amelia Atwater-Rhodes Preview:

In this rich, compelling prequel to Bloodkin, sixteen-year-old Kadee is haunted by the memories she has fought so long to keep bottled up inside. This short story is set in the alternate-reality world of THE MAEVE’RA, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes’s trilogy about the powerful empire of Midnight,where vampires rule, shapeshifter royals obey, and the Obsidian guild refuses to bow to anyone—and where loyalty and power always come with a price..


The Rebel | Col Neerav Bhatnagar

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The Rebel - Col Neerav Bhatnagar Preview:

Why did Gandhi support the Khilafat movement? Why couldn't he do enough to save the life of Bhagat Singh? Why did he not make Sardar Patel the PM? Why did he allow the partition of India? Join Col. Ravi in finding the answers to these questions and more, as he leads a struggle inspired and steered by an old genial Swiss billionaire, to resurrect the lives of the poor people living in misery in Mohoba. Starting from the snowy mountains of the Alps, as he traverses across geographies and history and embarks on this path of struggle, taking on the mighty Government machinery head-on, he gets the answers to his questions, and to his shock, also unravels some hidden secrets. After all, a small body of determined spirits, fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history..


Geliefde rebel | Frenette van Wyk

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Geliefde rebel - Frenette van Wyk Preview:

na tien jaar sien malaika weer vir baron, die ou op wie sy haar hart op skool verloor het, maar hy het sy rug op haar gedraai. sy het egter nie haar liefde vir hom ontgroei soos sy gedink het nie. haar aartsvyand heloise skynbaar ook nie. sy is ook steeds net so verlief op baron en dit lyk of hy haar bo malaika kies..