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    A dessert cookbook full of organic, nutritious, and completely irresistible recipes. Welcome to mouthwatering vegan treats with no processed sugar or flour.   For anyone serious about living a healthy lifestyle, the way to better health is not about diets and guilt—it’s about loving life. And what embodies that ethos better than a delicious piece of cake?   In Raw Cakes, anyone who wants to live healthily but also loves delicious desserts can find what they’re looking for—from cakes to other desserts like cookies and ice cream. All the cakes in this book are based on raw food principles and are completely free of sugar, milk, additives, gluten, and animal fats. They are 100% vegan, unheated, natural, and bursting with flavor and nutrition.  Raw Cakes also includes tips on how to stop indulging in unhealthy eating habits, practical advice on how to fight the craving for sweets, and how you can easily replace unhealthy, sweet and fatty treats with healthy, delicious, and especially nutritious alternatives.   Let health, balance, and happiness be your new addiction—because you can really get addicted to feeling good!

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