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    Pastor Hosea Reynolds was the man of God that had been sent to preach the gospel. His church was flourishing and he made sure to give all of his time to his members. The one thing that he failed to realize was that his seventeen year old daughter Haven, needed him the most. For fifteen years he labored for the Lord until one day his house of cards came crashing down like the walls of Jericho.Yearning for her father’s attention and missing the mother that she never knew, Haven was in a battle all alone. Her wild best friend Mila was there when she needed her to be but there was still a void. Being so young when her mother died, Haven never got the chance to experience certain things that every girl should. Learning about the changes in her body, accepting her appearance, and having “that talk” were just a few things she needed the most. It wasn’t until one day Trouble entered her life and caused just that, trouble.Asa “Trouble” Thomas was his father’s only son but he didn’t want to be. Instead of enjoying the pleasures of being a teenager, he was forced into a life of crime by the age of thirteen. Just like Haven, he too had lost his mother. Except he didn’t know that her life had been taken by the hands of the man who created him. It’s not until Haven enters his life that his eyes are opened and he realizes he was just a pawn in his father’s deadly game. Will the secrets of Trouble’s family cause Haven to turn completely away from God or had her own father done that already? Standing before the Lord on judgement day we all will be held accountable for our sins. What happens though, when the person who should have been leading you to righteousness had been preaching lies this whole time?

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