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    Download WHY are some Preachers so POOR?: How almost all Preachers could get Moderately Rich without Preaching any Outlandish Lies! and read WHY are some Preachers so POOR?: How almost all Preachers could get Moderately Rich without Preaching any Outlandish Lies! online books in format PDF. Get also books in EPUB and Mobi Format. Check out other translated books in French, Spanish languages.

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    This Inspired Book Reveals WHY all Good Preachers should be Paid WELL for Preaching Good Sermons, which everyone should Hear, and could Hear with a Capital H, if their Spiritual Ears were not Filled with the Wax of Unbelief; and all such Sermons would also be free of charges, even on TVs, if things were Right with a Capital R. Will anyone help us to make things Right, or will the Masses of People of the World have to go on Suffering for another thousand Years for a Lack of Good Enlightening Sermons, such as the Sermon that was Preached by our Selected King's Great Grandfather, which can be found in Chapter 6? Such a Sermon should be Mandatory Reading by Well-paid Professional Readers, even at Tax-payers' Expenses, in all Capitals and Courthouses around the World, and in all Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Temples, Cathedrals, Basilicas, Schools, Theaters, Auditoriums, Universities, Organizations, Clubs, Assemblies, Meetings, Family Picnics, Corporations, and in Business Offices. Just read it for yourself, and you will have to Agree! Guaranteed! In Fact, offers a ONE-MILLION-DOLLAR REWARD to anyone on this Poverty-stricken Natural-disaster Disease-ridden War-torn Earth, who can Prove that Good Sermon to be WRong, Unworkable, or Unreasonable! Therefore, all Poor Preachers, and Especially all Poor Deprived Unemployed and Underemployed People, should be Greatly Interested in that Special Sermon, and for the Price of less than a single small Meal of Dog Food or Hog Slop at the Death and Hell Restaurant, where Aunt Wretched and Uncle Miserable have been Feasting with Chronic Indigestion for all of their Lives, and have still not Discovered the Doorway of Confession, nor the Key of the Nolij of ALL that is Good and Evil, whereby they might Unlock the Door of Confession, and thus Escape from their Prison of Lies! Indeed, they are not even Willing to Confess that they are now Locked Up in any such Prison of Lies, much less that they have been Eating Proverbial Rotten Snake Eggs and Barbecued Skunk Tails, if you know what we Mean. However, if you, yourself, have Suffered Long Enough in your State of Extreme Poverty, now is the Time to Study the Inspired Words of Provable Truths in the Wonderful Books by our Selected King, who is the King of the most Colorful Birds, you might say! Yes, he is by far the Best Author on the Earth that we have Discovered, and we Challenge anyone to Prove that to be WRong! Just read "WHY are some Preachers so POOR?" and you will Understand why we Agree with him, who Deserves to be the Elected KING of "The New RIGHTEOUS One-World Government," which has an Endless Supply of GOOD Money, which must be Earned by Honest Labor, which it wants to use Wisely for Hiring "Seven Great Armies of Working Soldiers" to Build Beautiful Planned City States, called: "GLORIOUS Swanky Hotels Castles and Fortresses!" — each of which Governs itself according to its own Elected Laws and Flexible Rules, without any Monster Federal Government anywhere in the World! Indeed, we Vote for him, and so should all other Intelligent Well-Educated People with Common Sense and Good Understanding. Therefore, make this a very Good Day for yourself and others, and Enlighten your Mind with a True Feast on his Inspired Words of Provable Truths, which have a few necessary Political Additives and only a few Digestible Religious Preservatives and a little Spiritual Salt for Enhancing the Flavor! Indeed, it is now Time to Celebrate "The END of CONFUSION!" (The Great CELEBRATION of the Magnificent Wedding of the Most Humble Honest Nations, and the Grand Year of JUBILEE!) By The Worldwide People's Revolution!, come next Year! God Help us to Accomplish it! Amen.

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