It Must've Been Something I Ate | Jeffrey Steingarten

It Must've Been Something I Ate Pdf/ePub eBook It Must've Been Something I Ate Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 685 | Ebook Reads: 685 | File: It Must've Been Something I Ate.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 0307486443


It Must've Been Something I Ate - Jeffrey Steingarten Preview:

In this outrageous and delectable new volume, the Man Who Ate Everything proves that he will do anything to eat everything. That includes going fishing for his own supply of bluefin tuna belly; nearly incinerating his oven in pursuit of the perfect pizza crust, and spending four days boning and stuffing three different fowl—into each other-- to produce the Cajun specialty called “turducken.” It Must’ve Been Something I Ate finds Steingarten testing the virtues of chocolate and gourmet salts; debunking the mythology of lactose intolerance and Chinese Food Syndrome; roasting marrow bones for his dog , and offering recipes for everything from lobster rolls to gratin dauphinois. The result is one of those rare books that are simultaneously mouth-watering and side-splitting..


Hometown Hardball | Tim Healey

Hometown Hardball Pdf/ePub eBook Hometown Hardball Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1843 | Ebook Reads: 1843 | File: Hometown Hardball.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1493028596


Hometown Hardball - Tim Healey Preview:

Grab a Zweigle's White Hot at Dwyer Stadium (built in 1939) and cheer on the Batavia Muckdogs. Join B.B. the Bluefish as he warms up the crowd at Bridgeport's Ballpark at Harbor Yard. Take in the view of Coney Island from the upper deck of MCU Park, home of the Brooklyn Cyclones. Watch from a box seat in Pawtucket as top Red Sox prospects try to make it to the bigs. . . . It's all part of minor league baseball in the Northeast. This book conveys the essence of the sport--from the sublime (summer nights under the lights cheering for a hometown team) to the ridiculous (racing bagels, cowboy monkeys, garish "alternate" uniforms--by visiting 27 minor league ballparks through the Northeast. It offers both a visitor's guide and an appealing narrative, covering the particulars of each venue--who plays there and when, how to get there, where to sit and what to eat--and describing what makes each park, and each team and town, special. It also offers a bit of history of the parks--the legends who played there and the great games they hosted. From Portland, Maine (home of the Sea Dogs) to Altoona, Pennsylvania (home of the Curve), this book features Triple-A, Double-A, and Single-A action from every part of the region..


Hot Potato | Bob Kuska

Hot Potato Pdf/ePub eBook Hot Potato Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1669 | Ebook Reads: 1669 | File: Hot Potato.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 9780813924250


Hot Potato - Bob Kuska Preview:

"The players today are much better than we were.... But there is one thing that we could do better. We could pass the ball better than they can now. Man, we used to pass that basketball around like it was a hot potato."--Sam "Buck" Covington, former member of the Washington Bruins n a nation distinguished by a great black athletic heritage, there is perhaps no sport that has felt the impact of African American culture more than basketball. Most people assume that the rise of black basketball was a fortuitous accident of the inner-city playgrounds. In Hot Potato, Bob Kuska shows that it was in fact a consciously organized movement with very specific goals. When Edwin Henderson introduced the game to Washington, D.C., in 1907, he envisioned basketball not as an end in itself but as a public-health and civil-rights tool. Henderson believed that, by organizing black athletics, including basketball, it would be possible to send more outstanding black student athletes to excel at northern white colleges and debunk negative stereotypes of the race. He reasoned that in sports, unlike politics and business, the black race would get a fair chance to succeed. Henderson chose basketball as his marquee sport, and he soon found that the game was a big hit on Washington's segregated U Street. Almost simultaneously, black basketball was catching on quickly in New York, and the book establishes that these two cities served as the birthplace of the black game. Hot Potato chronicles the many successes and failures of the early years of black amateur basketball. It also recounts the emergence of black college basketball in America, documenting the origins of the Colored Intercollegiate Athletic Association, or CIAA, which would become the Big Ten of black collegiate sports. The book also details for the first time the rise of black professional basketball in America, with a particular emphasis on the New York Renaissance, a team considered by experts to be as important in the development of black basketball as the Harlem Globetrotters. Kuska recounts the Renaissance's first victory over the white world champion Original Celtics in 1925, and he evaluates the significance of this win in advancing equality in American sports. By the late 1920s, the Renaissance became one of the sport's top draws in white and black America alike, setting the stage for the team's undisputed world championship in 1939. As Edwin Henderson had hoped--and as any fan of the modern-day game can tell you--the triumphs certainly did not end there..

Language Arts & Disciplines

You Say Potato | Ben Crystal,David Crystal

You Say Potato Pdf/ePub eBook You Say Potato Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 868 | Ebook Reads: 868 | File: You Say Potato.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1447276663


You Say Potato - Ben Crystal,David Crystal Preview:

Some people say scohn, while others say schown. He says bath, while she says bahth. You say potayto. I say potahto And- -wait a second, no one says potahto. No one's ever said potahto. Have they? From reconstructing Shakespeare's accent to the rise and fall of Received Pronunciation, actor Ben Crystal and his linguist father David travel the world in search of the stories of spoken English. Everyone has an accent, though many of us think we don't. We all have our likes and dislikes about the way other people speak, and everyone has something to say about 'correct' pronunciation. But how did all these accents come about, and why do people feel so strongly about them? Are regional accents dying out as English becomes a global language? And most importantly of all: what went wrong in Birmingham? Witty, authoritative and jam-packed full of fascinating facts, You Say Potato is a celebration of the myriad ways in which the English language is spoken - and how our accents, in so many ways, speak louder than words..


The Potato Thief | John Martin

The Potato Thief Pdf/ePub eBook The Potato Thief Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 793 | Ebook Reads: 793 | File: The Potato Thief.pdf/epub | ISBNCode:


The Potato Thief - John Martin Preview:

Three old men hope to trace their roots and claim an inheritance in mother Ireland. Not everything goes to plan! 1. BLOKES ON A PLANE Two old-age pensioners go from being unlikely tourists to unlikely sleuths when the former mayor disappears and someone starts stealing landmarks in the little town of Windy Mountain in Tasmania. These octogenarians are supposed to be planning their trip to Ireland to retrace family roots. But it's time to break out the walkie-talkies and cow-camouflage trousers. 2. WHITEY AND THE SIX DWARFS Even when they're not there, the old men are complicating things. Find out how in this funny whodunnit. Oodles, Wish-Wash and The Mayor have gone to Ireland to research family history, and have washed their hands of the Tasmanian Tiger Museum. But the new owners are thrown into a puzzle after a garden ornament goes missing. The clues include a skeleton, a chess set, and a concrete marsupial with a secret pouch. The old men are no help. In fact, their emails just muddy the waters. 3. BLOKES IN DONEGAL The old men think they’re flying to Ireland to trace family history and to inherit a castle. The reality is very different. It seems St Patrick was so busy chasing the snakes out of Ireland, he overlooked ridding the country of Tasmanian Tigers. Or did he?.

Juvenile Fiction

The Tattooed Potato and Other Clues | Ellen Raskin

The Tattooed Potato and Other Clues Pdf/ePub eBook The Tattooed Potato and Other Clues Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 770 | Ebook Reads: 770 | File: The Tattooed Potato and Other Clues.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1101486066


The Tattooed Potato and Other Clues - Ellen Raskin Preview:

From the Newbery Award-winning author of THE WESTING GAME, more clever riddles and wordplay, clues to be found, and mysteries to be solved! Wanted: Assistant to a painter (and a secret sleuth) Dickory Dock has come to 12 Cobble Lane to take the job as painter's assistant to the artist Garson. The townhouse looks charming and quaint, but inside its redbrick walls lurk suspicious characters, multiple mysteries, and one very eccentric portrait artist. Clues abound; and suddenly Dickory finds herself assisting Garson not in art but in crime solving. Can Dickory untangle the web of mysteries within mysteries and discover the true secret hiding on Cobble Lane?.


The Botany of Desire | Michael Pollan

The Botany of Desire Pdf/ePub eBook The Botany of Desire Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 691 | Ebook Reads: 691 | File: The Botany of Desire.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1588360083


The Botany of Desire - Michael Pollan Preview:

The book that helped make Michael Pollan, the New York Times bestselling author of Cooked and The Omnivore’s Dilemma, one of the most trusted food experts in America In 1637, one Dutchman paid as much for a single tulip bulb as the going price of a town house in Amsterdam. Three and a half centuries later, Amsterdam is once again the mecca for people who care passionately about one particular plant—though this time the obsessions revolves around the intoxicating effects of marijuana rather than the visual beauty of the tulip. How could flowers, of all things, become such objects of desire that they can drive men to financial ruin? In The Botany of Desire, Michael Pollan argues that the answer lies at the heart of the intimately reciprocal relationship between people and plants. In telling the stories of four familiar plant species that are deeply woven into the fabric of our lives, Pollan illustrates how they evolved to satisfy humankinds’s most basic yearnings—and by doing so made themselves indispensable. For, just as we’ve benefited from these plants, the plants, in the grand co-evolutionary scheme that Pollan evokes so brilliantly, have done well by us. The sweetness of apples, for example, induced the early Americans to spread the species, giving the tree a whole new continent in which to blossom. So who is really domesticating whom? Weaving fascinating anecdotes and accessible science into gorgeous prose, Pollan takes us on an absorbing journey that will change the way we think about our place in nature..


The Rocklopedia Fakebandica | T. Mike Childs

The Rocklopedia Fakebandica Pdf/ePub eBook The Rocklopedia Fakebandica Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1868 | Ebook Reads: 1868 | File: The Rocklopedia Fakebandica.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1466873019


The Rocklopedia Fakebandica - T. Mike Childs Preview:

Have you ever wondered what the name of the cantina band in Star Wars was? Or how many fictional singers Elvis played? Or how many fake bands had real Top Ten hits? This hysterical, witty, and irreverent book answers all these questions and more. Based on the popular Web site, The Rocklopedia Fakebandica contains almost 1,000 entries covering such pop-culture staples as Spinal Tap, the Monkees, the Partridge Family, the Blues Brothers, the Rutles, Schroeder, the Chipmunks, the Brady Kids, the California Raisins, the Commitments, the Archies, the Banana Splits, Eddie and the Cruisers, the Wonders, Phoebe Buffay, Miss Piggy, Josie and the Pussycats, Jessica Rabbit, School of Rock, and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Perfect for pop-culture addicts, trivia buffs, and music lovers of all stripes, The Rocklopedia Fakebandica is the consummate addition to any bookshelf, coffee table, or bathroom..


I am GoD Indigenous | Edward Holden

I am GoD Indigenous Pdf/ePub eBook I am GoD Indigenous Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 655 | Ebook Reads: 655 | File: I am GoD Indigenous.pdf/epub | ISBNCode:


I am GoD Indigenous - Edward Holden Preview:

The third part.


Chicken Soup for the Sports Fan's Soul | Jack Canfield,Mark Victor Hansen

Chicken Soup for the Sports Fan's Soul Pdf/ePub eBook Chicken Soup for the Sports Fan's Soul Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1686 | Ebook Reads: 1686 | File: Chicken Soup for the Sports Fan's Soul.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1453279946


Chicken Soup for the Sports Fan's Soul - Jack Canfield,Mark Victor Hansen Preview:

This latest collection of Chicken Soup honors all that is good in the world of sports. From major leaguers to little leaguers, from hockey stars to figure skaters, and from horseracing to mushing, the stories in this book highlight the positive and transformative nature of sports..


Mosh Potatoes | Steve Seabury

Mosh Potatoes Pdf/ePub eBook Mosh Potatoes Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1135 | Ebook Reads: 1135 | File: Mosh Potatoes.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 9781439181331


Mosh Potatoes - Steve Seabury Preview:

Divided into “Opening Acts” (appetizers), “Headliners” (entrees), and “Encores” (desserts), Mosh Potatoes features 147 recipes that every rock ’n’ roll fan will want to devour—including some super-charged Spicy Turkey Vegetable Chipotle Chili from Ron Thal of Guns N’ Roses, Orange Tequila Shrimp from Joey Belladonna of Anthrax (complete with margarita instructions), Italian Spaghetti Sauce and Meatballs from Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society (a homemade family dish), Krakatoa Surprise from Lemmy of Motörhead (those who don’t really like surprises may want to keep a fire extinguisher handy), and Star Cookies from Dave Ellefson of Megadeth. Mosh Potatoes comes with a monster serving of backstage stories and liner notes, making this ideal for young headbangers, those who still maintain a viselike grip on the first Black Sabbath album, and everyone who likes to eat..


Potatoes Are Cheaper | Max Shulman

Potatoes Are Cheaper Pdf/ePub eBook Potatoes Are Cheaper Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1734 | Ebook Reads: 1734 | File: Potatoes Are Cheaper.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1504027868


Potatoes Are Cheaper - Max Shulman Preview:

A Jewish freshman searches for love and money at the University of Minnesota in this raucous satire from the author of The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis It’s the middle of the Great Depression and Morris Katz and his cousin Albert are broke. The self-declared “best humpers in St. Paul,” they haven’t quite figured out how to make their talents pay. But that’s all about to change when they head off to college on a mission from Morris’s mother to find rich, unattractive Jewish girls to marry. The boys arrive on campus armed with a secret weapon: the poetry of Morris’s cousin Crip, a stay-at-home genius who sublimates his sex drive into song. Within a day, Morris is courting Celeste Zimmerman, the frumpy heir to a movie theater franchise. But then an Irish Catholic beauty falls under the spell of Crip’s verse and goes gaga over Morris. She thinks he’s a Jewish-Communist revolutionary poet, and who is he to tell her otherwise? But is it happiness Morris truly wants, or money? And what will Mama Katz say?.

Social Science

Everything Bad is Good for You | Steven Johnson

Everything Bad is Good for You Pdf/ePub eBook Everything Bad is Good for You Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 742 | Ebook Reads: 742 | File: Everything Bad is Good for You.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1101158018


Everything Bad is Good for You - Steven Johnson Preview:

From the New York Times bestselling author of How We Got To Now and Farsighted Forget everything you’ve ever read about the age of dumbed-down, instant-gratification culture. In this provocative, unfailingly intelligent, thoroughly researched, and surprisingly convincing big idea book, Steven Johnson draws from fields as diverse as neuroscience, economics, and media theory to argue that the pop culture we soak in every day—from Lord of the Rings to Grand Theft Auto to The Simpsons—has been growing more sophisticated with each passing year, and, far from rotting our brains, is actually posing new cognitive challenges that are actually making our minds measurably sharper. After reading Everything Bad is Good for You, you will never regard the glow of the video game or television screen the same way again. With a new afterword by the author..

Sports & Recreation

Washington Senators All-Time Greats | C. Norman Willis

Washington Senators All-Time Greats Pdf/ePub eBook Washington Senators All-Time Greats Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1947 | Ebook Reads: 1947 | File: Washington Senators All-Time Greats.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1543475604


Washington Senators All-Time Greats - C. Norman Willis Preview:

Washington Senators All-time Greats is one of the first books covering the first 101-year history of the senators/nationals before they were reborn with the transfer of the Montreal Expos to Washington in 2005. Hundreds of players appeared in Washington uniforms over the years, and from these, Mr. Willis selected an all-time team. In addition, all-star teams from five eras were chosen. Career highlights and statistics are included in each of the sixty-seven minibiographies. Photographs and anecdotes bring the players to life. The author also presents team records and summaries for each year and era and for the entire 101-year history covered. The last chapter of the book honors the best of senators managers and owners and the best Washington play-by-play announcer and sportswriter. Readers are invited to compare their selections with the authors. The book contains a foreword by senators great Frank Howard and is recommended by former Washington stars and managers Mickey Vernon and Jim Lemon..


365 Easy One Dish Meals | Natalie Haughton

365 Easy One Dish Meals Pdf/ePub eBook 365 Easy One Dish Meals Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 755 | Ebook Reads: 755 | File: 365 Easy One Dish Meals.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 0061759627


365 Easy One Dish Meals - Natalie Haughton Preview:

A year's worth of simple, sumptuous recipes that are hassle free--minimizing cooking and clean-up; maximizing variety and appeal. Everything from hearty beef borscht to spicy Thai chicken noodles..


The philosophy of necessity, or The law of consequences as applicable to mental, moral, and social science | C. Bray

The philosophy of necessity, or The law of consequences as applicable to mental, moral, and social science Pdf/ePub eBook The philosophy of necessity, or The law of consequences as applicable to mental, moral, and social science Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 807 | Ebook Reads: 807 | File: The philosophy of necessity, or The law of consequences as applicable to mental, moral, and social science.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 5458095391


The philosophy of necessity, or The law of consequences as applicable to mental, moral, and social science - C. Bray Preview:

Probably Bray's most important work was The Philosophy of Necessity; or The Law of Consequences; as Applicable to Mental, Moral and Social Science (1841). The book was an attempt to apply COMBE's philosophy of natural laws to the reform of society..


As Always, Julia | Joan Reardon

As Always, Julia Pdf/ePub eBook As Always, Julia Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 904 | Ebook Reads: 904 | File: As Always, Julia.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 0547504837


As Always, Julia - Joan Reardon Preview:

With her outsize personality, Julia Child is known around the world by her first name alone. But despite that familiarity, how much do we really know of the inner Julia? Now more than 200 letters exchanged between Julia and Avis DeVoto, her friend and unofficial literary agent memorably introduced in the hit movie Julie & Julia, open the window on Julia’s deepest thoughts and feelings. This riveting correspondence, in print for the first time, chronicles the blossoming of a unique and lifelong friendship between the two women and the turbulent process of Julia’s creation of Mastering the Art of French Cooking, one of the most influential cookbooks ever written. Frank, bawdy, funny, exuberant, and occasionally agonized, these letters show Julia, first as a new bride in Paris, then becoming increasingly worldly and adventuresome as she follows her diplomat husband in his postings to Nice, Germany, and Norway. With commentary by the noted food historian Joan Reardon, and covering topics as diverse as the lack of good wine in the United States, McCarthyism, and sexual mores, these astonishing letters show America on the verge of political, social, and gastronomic transformation..

Juvenile Fiction

Katie the Catsitter | Colleen AF Venable

Katie the Catsitter Pdf/ePub eBook Katie the Catsitter Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 890 | Ebook Reads: 890 | File: Katie the Catsitter.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1984895656


Katie the Catsitter - Colleen AF Venable Preview:

Calling all Raina Telgemeier fans! Introducing an irresistible new middle-grade graphic novel series about growing up, friendship, heroes, and cats (lots of cats!)--perfect for fans of Guts, Awkward and Real Friends (not to mention anyone who loves cats!) Katie is dreading the boring summer ahead while her best friends are all away at camp--something that's way out of Katie and her mom's budget, UNLESS Katie can figure out a way to earn the money for camp herself. But when Katie gets a job catsitting for her mysterious upstairs neighbor, life get interesting. First, Madeline has 217 cats (!) and they're not exactly . . . normal cats. Also, why is Madeline always out EXACTLY when the city's most notorious villain commits crimes?! Is it possible that Katie's upstairs neighbor is really a super villain? Can Katie wrangle a whole lot of wayward cats, save a best friendship (why is Beth barely writing back? And who's this boy she keeps talking about?!), AND crack the biggest story in the city's history? Some heroes have capes . . . Katie has cats!.

Sports & Recreation

100 GAA Greats | John Scally

100 GAA Greats Pdf/ePub eBook 100 GAA Greats Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 604 | Ebook Reads: 604 | File: 100 GAA Greats.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 184596943X


100 GAA Greats - John Scally Preview:

In 100 GAA Greats, John Scally celebrates the most significant players Gaelic games have brought us in their 125-year history. He selects those footballers, hurlers, managers and camogie players who have lit up Irish sport, becoming national treasures in the process, and highlights their remarkable skills. Amongst those included in this unique who's who of the sport are Christy Ring, Mick O'Connell, Nicky Rackard, Mick Mackey, John Joe O'Reilly, Nicky English, Mickey Harte, Kevin Moran, Enda Colleran, D.J. Carey, Angela Downey, Ger Loughnane, John O'Mahony, Justin McCarthy, Colm O'Rourke, Matt Connor and Liam Griffin. Many of the profiles featured in the book are based on exclusive interviews with the stars themselves, as well as with some of their competitors. The entries offer candid insights into the many pivotal events, major controversies, epic matches and thrilling contests to have occurred during the GAA's existence. Laced with humour and packed with entertaining anecdotes, 100 GAA Greats pulsates with insider's knowledge. It will inform, entertain, enlighten, amuse and spark debate, and is a must for all GAA fans..

Sports & Recreation

100 Irish Rugby Greats | John Scally

100 Irish Rugby Greats Pdf/ePub eBook 100 Irish Rugby Greats Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1095 | Ebook Reads: 1095 | File: 100 Irish Rugby Greats.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1780571429


100 Irish Rugby Greats - John Scally Preview:

Bursting with humour and full of amusing anecdotes, 100 Irish Rugby Greats is a unique celebration of the most significant stars of the sport from the 1930s to the present day. A veritable who’s who of Irish rugby, it takes in all of the true greats, including Jack Kyle, Tony O’Reilly, Mike Gibson, Willie John McBride, Moss Keane, Keith Wood, Brian O’Driscoll and Paul O’Connell. Many of the in-depth and revealing profiles are based on interviews with the legends themselves, as well as with those who have lined up against them. The result offers remarkable insights into the myriad controversies, epic matches, thrilling contests and pivotal events on and off the field in which each player has been involved. Written with an insider’s knowledge, 100 Irish Rugby Greats will prove to be a thrilling read for all fans of the sport..


Florida Studies | General Editor,Claudia Slate

Florida Studies Pdf/ePub eBook Florida Studies Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1850 | Ebook Reads: 1850 | File: Florida Studies.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1443810819


Florida Studies - General Editor,Claudia Slate Preview:

Florida was the first region of the United States to be discovered, explored, and, after a fashion, settled by Euroamericans. Its population in the early 21st century is approaching 17 million. Within years the number of people living in the state will surpass those living in New York, and the Sunshine State will become the most populous area east of the Mississippi. The first book in English about Florida was written by Jean Ribault. A French adventurer, Ribault established a colony of Huguenots near present-day Jacksonville. He was captured by the very able Spanish commander Pedro Menendez, who ordered his French rival and all his minions killed. The state’s long and colorful past is matched by its equally long and colorful literary production. Strangely, critical assessment of Florida literature has lagged far behind. With this volume, the Florida College English Association has formally begun an effort to correct this lamentable oversight. Included are papers on every aspect of Florida literature and history by scholars from every part of the state who are employed in every kind of institution of higher learning. Of special interest are the studies of Florida literature in the 19th century and in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, areas that are generally ignored in national journals. The papers on the contributions of African-American literary figures, such as Zora Hurston and James Weldon Johnson, are noteworthy. Of particular interest are the suggestions for teaching Florida studies in the classroom, which can be adapted for high school as well as college students..


The Law of Dreams | Peter Behrens

The Law of Dreams Pdf/ePub eBook The Law of Dreams Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1080 | Ebook Reads: 1080 | File: The Law of Dreams.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 0887848850


The Law of Dreams - Peter Behrens Preview:

Winner of the Governor General's Award for Fiction. Peter Behrens's bestselling novel is gorgeously written, Homeric in scope, and haunting in its depiction of a young man's perilous journey from innocence to experience. The Law of Dreams follows Fergus O'Brien from Ireland to Liverpool and Wales during the Great Potato Famine of 1847, and then beyond -- to a harrowing Atlantic crossing to Montreal. On the way, Fergus loses his family, discovers a teeming world beyond the hill farm where he was born, and experiences three great loves..

Sports & Recreation

Left on Base in the Bush Leagues | Gaylon H. White

Left on Base in the Bush Leagues Pdf/ePub eBook Left on Base in the Bush Leagues Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1524 | Ebook Reads: 1524 | File: Left on Base in the Bush Leagues.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1538123665


Left on Base in the Bush Leagues - Gaylon H. White Preview:

Left on Base in the Bush Leagues profiles minor league legends and near-misses from baseball’s golden era, as well as unknown players and gifted storytellers. Newspaper and magazine stories are interwoven with comments gleaned from some 200 player interviews, many of them dating back to the 1970s, creating a colorful tapestry of baseball and the times..


A Great Improvisation | Stacy Schiff

A Great Improvisation Pdf/ePub eBook A Great Improvisation Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 742 | Ebook Reads: 742 | File: A Great Improvisation.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1429907991


A Great Improvisation - Stacy Schiff Preview:

In this dazzling work of history, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author follows Benjamin Franklin to France for the crowning achievement of his career In December of 1776 a small boat delivered an old man to France." So begins an enthralling narrative account of how Benjamin Franklin--seventy years old, without any diplomatic training, and possessed of the most rudimentary French--convinced France, an absolute monarchy, to underwrite America's experiment in democracy. When Franklin stepped onto French soil, he well understood he was embarking on the greatest gamble of his career. By virtue of fame, charisma, and ingenuity, Franklin outmaneuvered British spies, French informers, and hostile colleagues; engineered the Franco-American alliance of 1778; and helped to negotiate the peace of 1783. The eight-year French mission stands not only as Franklin's most vital service to his country but as the most revealing of the man. In A Great Improvisation, Stacy Schiff draws from new and little-known sources to illuminate the least-explored part of Franklin's life. Here is an unfamiliar, unforgettable chapter of the Revolution, a rousing tale of American infighting, and the treacherous backroom dealings at Versailles that would propel George Washington from near decimation at Valley Forge to victory at Yorktown. From these pages emerge a particularly human and yet fiercely determined Founding Father, as well as a profound sense of how fragile, improvisational, and international was our country's bid for independence..

Business & Economics

The Garden of Invention | Jane S. Smith

The Garden of Invention Pdf/ePub eBook The Garden of Invention Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 750 | Ebook Reads: 750 | File: The Garden of Invention.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1101046228


The Garden of Invention - Jane S. Smith Preview:

The wide-ranging and delightful history of celebrated plant breeder Luther Burbank and the business of farm and garden in early twentieth- century America At no other time in history has there been more curiosity or concern about the food we eat-and genetically modified foods, in particular, have become both pervasive and suspect. A century ago, however, Luther Burbank's blight-resistant potatoes, white blackberries, and plumcots-a plum-apricot hybrid-were celebrated as triumphs in the best tradition of American ingenuity and perseverance. In his experimental grounds in Santa Rosa, California, Burbank bred and cross-bred edible and ornamental plants-for both home gardens and commercial farms-until they were bigger, hardier, more beautiful, and more productive than ever before. A fascinating portrait of an American original, The Garden of Invention is also a colorful and engrossing tale of the intersection of gardening, science and business in the years between the Civil War and the Great Depression..


Official descriptive and illustrated catalogue of the Great exhibition of the works of industry of all nations, 1851 | Robert Ellis

Official descriptive and illustrated catalogue of the Great exhibition of the works of industry of all nations, 1851 Pdf/ePub eBook Official descriptive and illustrated catalogue of the Great exhibition of the works of industry of all nations, 1851 Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 781 | Ebook Reads: 781 | File: Official descriptive and illustrated catalogue of the Great exhibition of the works of industry of all nations, 1851.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 5879838226


Official descriptive and illustrated catalogue of the Great exhibition of the works of industry of all nations, 1851 - Robert Ellis Preview:



Old-Time Favorites for Clawhammer Banjo | DAN LEVENSON

Old-Time Favorites for Clawhammer Banjo Pdf/ePub eBook Old-Time Favorites for Clawhammer Banjo Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1810 | Ebook Reads: 1810 | File: Old-Time Favorites for Clawhammer Banjo.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1619114542


Old-Time Favorites for Clawhammer Banjo - DAN LEVENSON Preview:

This book and accompanying audio include popular and lesser-known old-time tunes for the clawhammer banjo. This book is a followup to Dan Levenson's Old -Time Festival Tunes for Clawhammer Banjo (MB20313M ) and includes 62 more tunes of varying difficulty. Old favorites as well as new additions are presented, including many time-tested standards. The material is presented in standard notation and basic/advanced tablature. Suggested chords are also included to help you along the way. Fiddle players will enjoy the companion to this book, Old-Time Favorites for Fiddle and Mandolin (MB30225BCD), which sharesthe same basic standard notation. Includes access to online audio.


A Gentleman's Guide to Graceful Living: A Novel | Michael Dahlie

A Gentleman's Guide to Graceful Living: A Novel Pdf/ePub eBook A Gentleman's Guide to Graceful Living: A Novel Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1822 | Ebook Reads: 1822 | File: A Gentleman's Guide to Graceful Living: A Novel.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 9780393069235


A Gentleman's Guide to Graceful Living: A Novel - Michael Dahlie Preview:

“A tour filled with moments of grace and angst, and an overwhelming sense that compassion matters.” —Minneapolis Star Tribune Arthur Camden’s greatest talents are for packing and unpacking suitcases, making coleslaw, and second-guessing every decision in his life. When his business fails and his wife leaves him—to pursue more aggressive men—Arthur finds that he has none of the talents and finesse that everyone else seems to possess for navigating New York society..


Everything Is Illuminated | Jonathan Safran Foer

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Everything Is Illuminated - Jonathan Safran Foer Preview:

“Imagine a novel as verbally cunning as A Clockwork Orange, as harrowing as The Painted Bird, as exuberant and twee as Candide, and you have Everything Is Illuminated . . . Read it, and you'll feel altered, chastened — seared in the fire of something new.” — Washington Post With only a yellowing photograph in hand, a young man — also named Jonathan Safran Foer — sets out to find the woman who might or might not have saved his grandfather from the Nazis. Accompanied by an old man haunted by memories of the war, an amorous dog named Sammy Davis, Junior, Junior, and the unforgettable Alex, a young Ukrainian translator who speaks in a sublimely butchered English, Jonathan is led on a quixotic journey over a devastated landscape and into an unexpected past. As their adventure unfolds, Jonathan imagines the history of his grandfather’s village, conjuring a magical fable of startling symmetries that unite generations across time. As his search moves back in time, the fantastical history moves forward, until reality collides with fiction in a heart-stopping scene of extraordinary power. “A rambunctious tour de force of inventive and intelligent storytelling . . . Foer can place his reader’s hand on the heart of human experience, the transcendent beauty of human connections. Read, you can feel the life beating.” — Philadelphia Inquirer.


The Trifle Bowl and Other Tales | Lindsey Bareham

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The Trifle Bowl and Other Tales - Lindsey Bareham Preview:

One cook, her kitchen and a lifetime of recipes. A cookery book like no other, The Trifle Bowl and Other Tales is a dip into Lindsey Bareham's kitchen, introducing us to more of her tempting, easy-to-follow seasonal recipes, this time organized by the well-loved and well-used pots, pans, gadgets and utensils she uses to cook them. Roast Tomato Risotto with Saffron and Honey in a sauté pan, Cod, Anchovy and Spinach Boulangère made using a mandoline, Vietnamese Chicken Patties with Mint Salad and Roast Peanuts in a quaint burger press, and Raspberry Jelly Trifle in her grandmother’s trifle bowl. This unique approach to ordering recipes also looks at the objects themselves – their history, design evolution and why they're good at what they do – and their power to evoke memories of meals past. It is not just a book to cook from, Lindsey's fine writing makes it a pleasure to read from too..


3000 Miles in the Great Smokies | William A. Hart

3000 Miles in the Great Smokies Pdf/ePub eBook 3000 Miles in the Great Smokies Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1654 | Ebook Reads: 1654 | File: 3000 Miles in the Great Smokies.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 161423177X


3000 Miles in the Great Smokies - William A. Hart Preview:

A hiking memoir by “a man whose soul is held in thrall by remote places in the Smokies where . . . rising trout and fog-laden valleys rule supreme” (Jim Casada, The Literature of Hiking in the Smokies). Bill Hart has hiked, camped and fished in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for more than forty years. In over three thousand miles of walking, he has recorded experiences and impressions that will delight readers of all ages. Whether exploring some of the most remote sections of the Smokies, angling for trout, meeting mountain folk, or marveling at the flora and fauna around him, Bill has a gift for heartfelt storytelling and a wealth of knowledge to share about the park. Join him for an unforgettable journey through a beloved national treasure. Includes photos “[A] collection of essays and journal entries of over 40 years of hiking, camping and exploring in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.” —Go Knoxville “A compilation of thoughts and reminiscences of his wonderful days and nights there.” —Smoky Scout’s Hiking Adventures.


Star of the Sea | Joseph O'Connor

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Star of the Sea - Joseph O'Connor Preview:

THE INTERNATIONAL NUMBER ONE BESTSELLER In the bitter winter of 1847, from an Ireland torn by injustice and natural disaster, the Star of the Sea sets sail for New York. On board are hundreds of fleeing refugees. Among them are a maidservant with a devastating secret, bankrupt Lord Merridith and his family, an aspiring novelist and a maker of revolutionary ballads, all braving the Atlantic in search of a new home. Each is connected more deeply than they can possibly know. But a camouflaged killer is stalking the decks, hungry for the vengeance that will bring absolution. 'A triumph...A spectacular breakthrough' Sunday Times '[Joseph O'Connor is] Ireland's most brilliant storyteller' Independent on Sunday.


1493 | Charles C. Mann

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1493 - Charles C. Mann Preview:

From the author of 1491—the best-selling study of the pre-Columbian Americas—a deeply engaging new history of the most momentous biological event since the death of the dinosaurs. More than 200 million years ago, geological forces split apart the continents. Isolated from each other, the two halves of the world developed radically different suites of plants and animals. When Christopher Columbus set foot in the Americas, he ended that separation at a stroke. Driven by the economic goal of establishing trade with China, he accidentally set off an ecological convulsion as European vessels carried thousands of species to new homes across the oceans. The Columbian Exchange, as researchers call it, is the reason there are tomatoes in Italy, oranges in Florida, chocolates in Switzerland, and chili peppers in Thailand. More important, creatures the colonists knew nothing about hitched along for the ride. Earthworms, mosquitoes, and cockroaches; honeybees, dandelions, and African grasses; bacteria, fungi, and viruses; rats of every description—all of them rushed like eager tourists into lands that had never seen their like before, changing lives and landscapes across the planet. Eight decades after Columbus, a Spaniard named Legazpi succeeded where Columbus had failed. He sailed west to establish continual trade with China, then the richest, most powerful country in the world. In Manila, a city Legazpi founded, silver from the Americas, mined by African and Indian slaves, was sold to Asians in return for silk for Europeans. It was the first time that goods and people from every corner of the globe were connected in a single worldwide exchange. Much as Columbus created a new world biologically, Legazpi and the Spanish empire he served created a new world economically. As Charles C. Mann shows, the Columbian Exchange underlies much of subsequent human history. Presenting the latest research by ecologists, anthropologists, archaeologists, and historians, Mann shows how the creation of this worldwide network of ecological and economic exchange fostered the rise of Europe, devastated imperial China, convulsed Africa, and for two centuries made Mexico City—where Asia, Europe, and the new frontier of the Americas dynamically interacted—the center of the world. In such encounters, he uncovers the germ of today’s fiercest political disputes, from immigration to trade policy to culture wars. In 1493, Charles Mann gives us an eye-opening scientific interpretation of our past, unequaled in its authority and fascination..


399 Days | Pam Taylor

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399 Days - Pam Taylor Preview:

In Volume I, 399 Days: An American Adventure, the Taylor family visited the 48 contiguous United States. Their experiences bonded them together as never before. In their travels, they happened upon parades, concerts, regional festivals, holiday celebrations, and state fairs. The changing seasons brought natures kaleidoscope of colors. Although there were arguments and hurt feelings, they found grace and forgiveness through their relationships with Jesus Christ. Sometimes the challenges seemed to come from all directions, as they get sick, sore, snowed in, sent away, misquoted, misled, pulled over, and locked out. Through it all, the Lord provided and the family as thrived. Now the Taylors are ready for even higher adventure: a new continent with foreign languages, new currencies, exotic foods, and unfamiliar customs. When they mention their plans to others, most people shake their heads. They say its crazy. Maybe it is. Join them now as they embark on Volume II, 399 Days: Our European Escapade..


Old-Time Favorites for Fiddle and Mandolin | DAN LEVENSON

Old-Time Favorites for Fiddle and Mandolin Pdf/ePub eBook Old-Time Favorites for Fiddle and Mandolin Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 695 | Ebook Reads: 695 | File: Old-Time Favorites for Fiddle and Mandolin.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1619114569


Old-Time Favorites for Fiddle and Mandolin - DAN LEVENSON Preview:

You asked for it and you got it! More tunes to play at festivals and jams or just sittin' at home with a friend or two. 62 more tunes with both basic and advancedstandard notation lines with suggested chords as well as a mandolin tablature line to get you going in the right direction and playing these old-time favorites. As in Old-Time Festival Tunes for Fiddle and Mandolin (MB21023BCD), you will find some of the tunes to be straightforward while others promise to be genuine finger twisters! The book revisits some of the author's old favorites and some time -tested standards. Includes access to online audio. The accompanying audio includes each tune on both fiddle and mandolin, with a separate CD for each instrument. There is also a clawhammer banjo companion to this book titled Old-Time Favorites for Clawhammer Banjo (MB30224BCD), which shares the same basic standard notation line in this volume.


A Hollywood Darling | Brittany T. Noring

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A Hollywood Darling - Brittany T. Noring Preview:

On May 2, 1935, Rosanne Cartwright, an eleven-year-old child of the Great Depression, was signed onto one of America’s most prestigious motion picture production studios, Bailey-Banks-and-Wilburforce (also known as BBW). Solely focused on the welfare of her parents and brother, Rosanne soon became the breadwinner of her family and the victim of eight long years of sexual abuse from her agent, Barney Wilburforce. Rosanne remained under the stern thump of her agent in the hope of a stable income and reassurance for bigger roles. In return, she endured emotional trauma, embedded anxiety, and a temporary out-of-control alcohol addiction. Unaware of Barney’s actual intentions, Rosanne kept her head up and continued to smile at the cameras that captured her public and personal life. With her fame rising during the turn of the decade, she married closeted homosexual heartthrob Clyde Tish. On the set of their second film together, the couple formed a friendship with an extra named Wilma Lawse. As Rosanne’s résumé began to lengthen and her family’s happiness blooming, Barney always reassured his client that she was destined for bigger roles..


Insiders' Guide® to California's Wine Country | Jean Doppenberg

Insiders' Guide® to California's Wine Country Pdf/ePub eBook Insiders' Guide® to California's Wine Country Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1593 | Ebook Reads: 1593 | File: Insiders' Guide® to California's Wine Country.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 076276855X


Insiders' Guide® to California's Wine Country - Jean Doppenberg Preview:

The essential source for in-depth travel and relocation information to Napa and Sonoma Counties. Written by a local (and true insider), Insiders' Guide to California's Wine Country offers personal guidance to two major wine regions and their environs. Fully revised and updated, this guide contains five maps of the wine country..

Biography & Autobiography

I Wanna Be Yours | John Cooper Clarke

I Wanna Be Yours Pdf/ePub eBook I Wanna Be Yours Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1091 | Ebook Reads: 1091 | File: I Wanna Be Yours.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1509896139


I Wanna Be Yours - John Cooper Clarke Preview:

This is a memoir as wry, funny, moving and vivid as its inimitable subject himself. This book will be a joy for both lifelong fans and for a whole new generation. John Cooper Clarke is a phenomenon: Poet Laureate of Punk, rock star, fashion icon, TV and radio presenter, social and cultural commentator. At 5 feet 11 inches (32in chest, 27in waist), in trademark dark suit, dark glasses, with dark messed-up hair and a mouth full of gold teeth, he is instantly recognizable. As a writer his voice is equally unmistakable and his own brand of slightly sick humour is never far from the surface. I Wanna Be Yours covers an extraordinary life, filled with remarkable personalities: from Nico to Chuck Berry, from Bernard Manning to Linton Kwesi Johnson, Elvis Costello to Gregory Corso, Gil Scott Heron, Mark E. Smith and Joe Strummer, and on to more recent fans and collaborators Alex Turner, Plan B and Guy Garvey. Interspersed with stories of his rock and roll and performing career, John also reveals his boggling encyclopaedic take on popular culture over the centuries: from Baudelaire and Edgar Allan Poe to Pop Art, pop music, the movies, fashion, football and showbusiness – and much, much more, plus a few laughs along the way..


The Great Gatsby | F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby Pdf/ePub eBook The Great Gatsby Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 790 | Ebook Reads: 790 | File: The Great Gatsby.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1504064887


The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald Preview:

The masterful novel of Jazz Age idealism, decadence, and disillusionment by the celebrated author of The Beautiful and Damned. Here is the timeless story of mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby; beautiful debutant Daisy Buchanan; Daisy’s philandering husband, Tom; and aspiring writer Nick Carraway, who gets caught up in their drama of elegant parties and doomed romance. With its vivid prose and perceptive character portraits, it is widely considered to be author F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece, as well as one of the greatest novels ever written. Adapted for stage and screen numerous times, The Great Gatsby is emblematic of the style and sensibility of the Roaring Twenties as well as a brilliant evocation of popular culture’s growing disillusionment with the American Dream..


An Irish-English Dictionary | P.S. Dinneen

An Irish-English Dictionary Pdf/ePub eBook An Irish-English Dictionary Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1417 | Ebook Reads: 1417 | File: An Irish-English Dictionary.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 5875613440


An Irish-English Dictionary - P.S. Dinneen Preview:

Being a Thesaurus of Words, Phrases and Idioms of the Modern Irish Language, with Explanations in English..