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    Review 'Representation is a powerful thing and if you read some of the comments about this book you can tell that people are really connecting with and loving Catherine, which is a great thing for them and this series going forward. It isn't very often that a woman is chosen to lead a series like this. The most famous would probably be Milla Jovovich's Alice, from the Resident Evil movie franchise, and even less often is that main character a woman of color. Michonne of The Walking Dead and Selina from 28 Days Later have a new heroine to welcome to the club in Catherine' ~Horror, Sci-Fi, & More Read more From the Author Planet Dead is my attempt to solve a problem I had with the horror genre. I love horror movies, books, tv shows and comics but as a person of color, I noticed there are very few horror related titles that surround people from different backgrounds.Most horror movies have a white female lead, who at times starts off weak and comes out strong. Which there is nothing wrong with that, but I wanted a strong female that wasn't made strong by the horrors she saw, but by the life, she lived. I wanted a person of color so I could show the world people of color are just as strong as any other group. They can be heroes and villains, they can be complex in many ways.The horror genre leads you to believe that people of color can only die first or be the comic relief. Planet Dead is here to break down that old thought process and give people of color heroes they can relate to, all while giving the world and zombie fans a bad ass story. So pick it up and see a new face in horror. Read more See all Editorial Reviews

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