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    Books Description :

    It's a pie war... and it's on! Bumbling but kindly Amish woman, Ruth Miller, known as the community matchmaker, holds a pie auction to pair up the local youth. But just like Ruth's tendency to be scatterbrained, things go awry. The pies get mixed up. The names get switched.Leaving the young people of Oakville, Minnesota confused and heartbroken.After the auction, April Lambright waits eagerly for her promised outing with Jacob Lapp. She's always had a crush on him! But her date shows up - and it's Joseph King.Her arch enemy!Their families have been feuding for years, ever since the King patriarch gave Old Lambright a cow as a wedding present and it dried up right after delivery.But as they recount the grievances between their families, the two go from hostility to laughter. When listed out loud, these things start to sound 'udderly' ridiculous. It turns out they like each other after all.All's well that ends well, but Ruth's confused. The names were written down! How could this mix-up have happened? Unless...someone switched the names on purpose.Who could be creating the chaos causing The Amish Pie Wars?

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