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    An honest book about life and martial arts. Ving Tsun, Wing Tsun or Wing Tjun are the names used throughout the world for this beautiful art. However, in Hong Kong it is written as Ving Tsun. The Ving Tsun Athletic Association headquarters was opened in 1967.After 28 years of security work – personal, club and venue, as well as many years in private security - I believe I have the experience to guide you through the dos and don’ts of what can and what will happen in real-life street violence.Reason the book was written When I set out to write this book I didn’t want it to be one where I told the reader how tough I was. Nor did I want it to be all about techniques, or me telling you This is the gospel set in stone’. I wanted to make sure the depth was there for all to see. It has been my real-life experience, as well as having such a great Sifu explaining so much and in such great depth during my time spent with Ip Ching in Hong Kong, that makes me think I am more than qualified to cast an educated eye. This isn’t just a Ving Tsun book, this is a book about certain experiences of violence of which Ving Tsun forms a significant part.During my early encounters of violence and reality of street fighting, my interest was sparked about certain fighting arts and made me ask the question “Would they work in real brutal street situations?”.Benefits I’d like to think I can give you a different perspective without you having to live my indifferent life. The world is changing very quickly, and in my educated humble opinion I don’t think for the better. I truly believe we all have a duty to our loved ones and our friends, to go through life having honest, educated and quiet - when possible - opinions. People like me have lived, as I said, a different life and seen enough violence to understand we shouldn’t go through life wearing those rose tinted glasses.I’ve made some awful mistakes in the past that I believe I would never get away with in today’s society of namby-pamby liberal gumpf. However, it has given me a hands on view that helps me guide you, the reader, away from the mistakes we can all fall into.Target Audience If you are a student of Ving Tsun, whatever lineage, but would like an insight into the Ip Man Lineage through Ip Mans son, Ip Ching, then this book has the essence from many lessons I’ve had the pleasure of attending with my Sifu, Ip Ching.

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