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    DrakeDamn, it’s good to be king.Of the family. My company. This entire f*cking city. Hell, I even have the most powerful Senator under my control.With my gorgeous, sweet new wife by my side and in my bed, life is absolutely perfect. I rule the world.Until she disappears.The sadistic bastard who stole her from me doesn’t want anything to set her free. She’s not a pawn or a hostage. She’s his prisoner. I have no idea where they are. And, all my money and power can't help me find her.The first time I've ever been weak. I don't know what the hell to do.TrinityThey think I’m fragile. Delicate. Broken. Maybe I am. Maybe that's why I've fallen for Drake so hard and so fast. After a lifetime of being lost, I've finally been found.I'm in love. He's obsessed.With taking care of me. Making me the queen to his king. Sheltering me from his savage life and protecting me from the rest of the world. Until I’m stolen from him. My body. My memory. My life.I’m fighting to survive. To escape from a monster. Yet, this time no one can save me. Except me. On the Rocks is a dark mafia romance. A stand alone novella with an HEA and no cheating.This book is intended for mature audiences only and contains sensitive material that may not be suitable for all readers.

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