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    For Sarah Hostetler, her life plan is coming into its own. Marry Eli King, have children and live happily ever after…Of course, life has a nasty habit of not running to plan. After Eli returned from Rumpspringa her world fell apart.Abram Byler befriended Sarah during this difficult time. She soon learns that her happiness isn’t dependent solely on Eli. But when she sees Eli courting Ruth Yoder, she can’t help the jealousy that suddenly takes hold of her heart.When Eli returns to Sarah begging for her to take him back, Sarah doesn’t hesitate. Abram might have lightened her heart when she was sad, but Eli was the man she had built her dreams on.But what will Sarah do when she learns Eli isn’t the boy she fell in love with? Can Sarah find love this spring? Will Eli prove himself to her or will he only betray the memory of what they had together. Should she take a closer look at Abram? Find out now in this sweet Amish romance that highlights the challenges of courting in modern Amish times.

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