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    Review “One of the great masterworks of twentieth-century fiction.” - Vogue“Djuna Barnes is a writer of wild and original gifts. . . .To her name there is always to be attached the splendor of Nightwood, a lasting achievement of her great gifts and eccentricities---her passionate prose and, in this case, a genuineness of human passions.” - Elizabeth Hardwick“A masterpiece of modernism.” - The Washington Post Book World“To have been madly and disastrously in love is a kind of glory that can only be made intelligible in a sublime poetry―the revelatory and layered poetry of Djuna Barnes's masterpiece, Nightwood.” - Dorothy Allison, author of the National Book Award-nominated novel Bastard Out of Carolina Read more From the Back Cover 'A novel of extraordinary and appalling force...a kind of symbol of sinister magnificence.'―The New York Times 'One of the greatest books of the twentieth century.'―William S. BurroughsNightwood, Djuna Barnes's strange and sinuous tour de force, has become a classic of modernist and lesbian literature since its first publication in 1936. Set in Paris, Berlin, and Vienna during the decadent period between the two World Wars, Nightwood 'belongs to that small class of books that somehow reflect a time or an epoch' (Times Literary Supplement). It is the story of Robin Vote and those she destroys―her husband the 'Baron,' their child Guido, and the two women, Nora and Jenny, who love her; the whole is illuminated by the fantastic monologues of the renegade doctor Matthew O'Connor. Most striking of all is Barnes's unparalleled stylistic innovation, which led T. S. Eliot to proclaim the book 'so good that only sensibilities trained on poetry can wholly appreciate it,' and The New York Times Book Review to assert: 'Admired by Joyce, Nightwood is as important to the history of the 20th-century novel as Finnegans Wake―and more readable.' 'Nightwood is itself. It is its own created world, exotic and strange, and reading it is like drinking wine with a pearl dissolving in the glass. You have taken in more than you know, and it will go on doing its work. From now on a part of your is pearl-lined.'―from the Preface by Jeanette Winterson 'What I would leave the reader prepared to find is the great achievement of of a style, the beauty of phrasing, the brilliant of wit and characterization and a quality of horror and doom very nearly related to that of Elizabethan tragedy.'―from the Introduction by T. S. Eliot Read more See all Editorial Reviews

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