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    Love At Macy Manor/ Love In A Zombie World- Parallel Fiction Living in New York City as a writer for a popular business magazine is a dream come true for Macy Wallace. As the daughter of once popular novelist Martin Wallace, she has some pretty big shoes to fill. Martin and Arlene Wallace traded in literary fame, money, and parenting in exchange for drugs. Macy was shipped off to rural Georgia to be raised by her feisty Grandmother Delilah. This turns her seven-year-old world upside down. After being betrayed by her parents, Macy finds that it takes hard work and smarts to escape Georgia. When living in the big city as a writer becomes stagnant, she decides a change is in order. Martin Wallace dies and leaves Macy the property in White Creek Colorado. Macy Manor was Macy’s favorite vacation spot when she was a child. She remembered the hard work that went into maintaining the property located in the middle of nowhere. It was off the grid living. Macy decides that she needs White Creek. Living off the grid could help her to write the great novel locked in her head. After all, it worked for her father. Packing up her belongings, loading up on supplies, and quitting her job she decided to make the thirty plus hour drive to Colorado for a new life.The reader has the option to decide how Macy’s journey will end. Will you take the path of Love At Macy Manor? Or will you brave the path of Love In a Zombie World? Macy finds a changed Macy Manor than she remembers from her childhood. The updated fixtures make life easier, but there is still plenty of work to be done. Whether it is raising chickens or tending to the large garden, she is up for the daily tasks. Macy meets Nico Young, her closest neighbor three miles away, and his dazzling smile captivates the young woman. Nico was a close friend of her father, Martin Wallace. He now has the arduous task of befriending Macy. Martin followed his daughter’s life closely, and Nico had fallen in love with the woman before ever laying eyes on her. Nico has his own secrets and a task that could put the kibosh on romance with Macy. Will a dark family secret send Macy running back to the safety of the big city? Can they find love far removed from the fast-paced world?One day after the start of Macy’s journey to reach White Creek Colorado, the dead begin to walk the earth. Macy is forced to choose between continuing her trek or finding a safe zone. Along the way, she rescues Roger and Mackenzie, teenagers from Nebraska. The trio decides to risk making the trip to White Creek in the hopes that the secluded Macy Manor will serve as their haven. They find that living off the grid comes with a new set of problems. The trio will have to figure out how to make the most out of the available supplies, initially procured for one person, while fighting zombies. Individuals seeking to take Macy Manor from the trio prove that uninfected humans are much more dangerous. It is easy to kill a zombie but will they be able to kill those threatening their safe haven. Nico arrives with supplies and love. His relationship with Martin Wallace, before his death, gave him a personal glimpse into Macy’s life. The love he has for the young woman is only increased after their initial meeting. Can they fight the zombie and human threats to maintain a safe existence? Is it okay to fall in love in a zombie world?

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