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This is the story of a range war, the story of a railroad right of way, of murder, greed and corruption littering the long dark trail from the East Coast of America, to south Texas. This is the story of the township of Serenity, and the people who live and die there. Above all it is the story of Louise Kettle a frontier woman and her love for the ageing gunfighter, a living legend, a man with a voice in the White House. He rides that long dark trail leading back from the hollows of western Kentucky, and on to the slaughterhouse they call Shiloh. He is the fastest gun south of the Picket wire, and always behind him is a stone cold killer on a mission from God. This is the story of the pistolero, shootist and gentleman, Rio Jack Fanning: the Undertaker.....


Hard Ride to Glory | Harry Jay Thorn

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Griffin Boone is happy in his Wyoming valley; he has his Arrowhead ranch, his close friends, a good stock of cattle and a job as a part time deputy sheriff in the county of Liberty. Boone has ridden through the battlefields of the Civil War, served throughout with John Bell Hood's Texas Brigade, he has survived the horror of battle and found peace and solitude with a woman and a shared past. That long-ago trail they once unknowingly rode draws them ever closer together until their lives are threatened by Heck Thomas and his outlaw crew of gunfighters and vagabond thieves. Ride with Boone from the peaceful town of Liberty to the ruins of Glory, a ghost town in the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains where past meets present in a blaze of gunfire. Griffin Boone is a quiet, unassuming man, a gentleman - but make no mistake, you cross him at your peril?.


The Dark Trail to Nowhere | Harry Jay Thorn

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Lucas Santana is a freelance range detective working for both the US Marshals Service and the Pinkerton Detective Agency in the 1880s. A wanted man in some States, he takes great care where he rides and has a number of off-the-cuff aliases - and is not too shy about lining his own pockets in order to finance his Wyoming Wildcat ranch. When a number of gold coins surface in South Texas, loot from a long ago three-quarters of a million dollar heist at the end of the Civil War, both Pinkerton and the US Marshals call on his services to find the source of that gold. The problem is, he is not the only one searching for it. Then when a fellow agent is murdered in cold blood, Santana's quest becomes personal and he sets off on the long dark trail to nowhere.....


Stagecoach to Serenity | Steven Gray

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After Darren Norton shoots Arthur Hamlin dead during a card game, he goes on the run, leaving behind his girlfriend, Sal the Gal. A reward is put up for his capture and bounty hunter Gustavus Greeley is soon on his trail. He catches Norton in the hills and intends to take him back to Serenity by stagecoach to stand trial..


Where No Ravens Fly | Harry Jay Thorn

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After a long hiatus following the death of his wife, Annie Blue, sometime Pinkerton Agent, Deputy US Marshal and freelance detective Lucas Santana is once again called to serve. The smooth-talking, well-read Wyoming private eye is ordered south to Riverton County Texas, to investigate the rumoured growing unrest there. Washington is worried that the ambitions of one man could destroy the peace on that lonely stretch of borderline. The ambitious Frank Vagg controls the local law on both the Mexican side and the Texas side of the Rio Grande, straddled as it is by his headquarters, the township of San Pedro. Santana's attractive contact, Henri Larsson, wary at first of the senior operative with the reputation for action, proves to be more of a match than he would like. Santana attracts trouble like horse manure attracts dung beetles and it isn't too long before he is compelled to use his big Colt. When the lead begins to fly he is joined by fellow Pinkerton agents Joshua Beaufort and Jacob Benbow and the body count grows in the grim, grey borderline county where no ravens fly..


Gunfight at Nameless Village | Chris Adam Smith

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Harry James Luck, Civil War veteran, US Cavalry captain, sometime lawman, gambler and part-time town drunk, resigns his army commission and heads south to the High Plains country of Texas in the hope of settling down to a trouble and conflict free life. He meets the lovely Bonnie Luxford, buys a small but attractive ranch and sees his trail clear ahead and going on forever. Texas trails never run straight, though, and a wandering band of Comancheros bring the dream to a fire-ravaged close. Harry knows he cannot forever hide in a bottle and with an elderly Comanche as his only companion, he sets his sights on a new road, a trail of revenge. The two men, together with a small company of adventurous young Texas Rangers and an over-the-hill lawman, seek out the infamous Comanchero Miguel Sanchez and beard him in his own den, a little Mexican hamlet without a name. What followed went down in Western folklore as the Gunfight at the Nameless Village..


From the Vineyards of Hell | Harry Jay Thorn

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When ex lawman Captain Joshua Beaufort, late of Hood's Texas Brigade, marches clear of the hell that was Gettysburg he has no intention whatsoever of any further engagement in the Civil War; he has, in his own words, killed enough Yankees. But the war has not finished with the Confederate captain and, captured by Union troops, he is given a choice - help to end the war on their terms or spend the rest of it in a prisoner-of-war camp. Colonel Horatio Vallance and the mysterious E.J. Allen persuade him it is in his best interests to cooperate with the North. So, in company with and under the watchful eye of young Corporal Benbow, Beaufort returns to his home state of Texas to old loves, old friends and old enemies. His task, to bring back the head of Buford Post, a notorious warmonger and gunrunner who is in possession of 300 stolen Henry repeating rifles.....


Serenity Springs Box Set (Books 1-4) | Dawn Sullivan

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Serenity Springs, Texas…where you will find white picket fences, love on the horizon, and danger around every corner. Life in this small town is anything but ordinary. The Caldwell siblings will have your hearts fluttering, and your blood pumping! Follow Creed, Ryder, Linc, Justice, Caiden, and Katy as they face the unexpected, vow to protect the people of Serenity Springs, and find the true meaning of family. This series is full of sexy cowboys, the ladies who love them, and suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Box Set includes: Book 1 Tempting His Heart Book 2 Healing Her Spirit Book 3 Saving His Soul Book 4 A Caldwell Wedding.


Desire in a Kiss | Nicki Night

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Sweet deception Ambitious, charming and heir to a food empire, Christian Chandler has no problem meeting women. If only more of them could see beyond his family’s fortune… On impulse, he creates a fake dating profile and quickly connects with petite powerhouse Serenity Williams. She’s smart, down-to-earth and ignites his fantasies from their first encounter. He has to tell her who he really is. But how can he admit the truth to a woman for whom honesty is everything? Serenity has transformed her life—dropping a lying ex and starting her own nonprofit—and is finally ready to date again. Online, “Chris Mullins” is perfect. In real life, he’s even hotter. From extravagant dates to black-tie balls, Serenity’s falling fast…and then devastated to find she’s been taken in by another fraud. To rekindle their trust, Chris must prove that what they share is the deepest passion she’s ever known….

Health & Fitness

The Search For Serenity And How To Achieve It | Lewis F. Presnell

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This book is about people who have found it necessary to change the way they feel. They have learned that one’s feelings are largely the result of certain complex patterns of habit. To change these emotional habits requires understanding, patience and self-discipline. In simple language this book attempts to describe some of the practical ways in which one can replace misery with serenity..


Lessons from Sedona: a Spiritual Pathway to Serenity and Contentment | Lewis Tagliaferre

Lessons from Sedona: a Spiritual Pathway to Serenity and Contentment Pdf/ePub eBook Lessons from Sedona: a Spiritual Pathway to Serenity and Contentment Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1501 | Ebook Reads: 1501 | File: Lessons from Sedona: a Spiritual Pathway to Serenity and Contentment.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1450215645


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Based upon the works of some of the worlds greatest thinkers, Lessons from Sedona: A Spiritual Pathway to Serenity and Contentment by author Lewis Tagliaferre, builds on the success of his first volume, Voices of Sedona. This new, comprehensive collection of essays is designed to teach the fundamental principles of Theofatalismthe belief that God runs everything in the universe from the smallest subatomic particle to the largest interstellar galaxy. The essays link the five principles developed in Voices of Sedona to contemporary issues in society and personal living including politics, science, religion, aging, history, and economics. Useful for both self-study and as lesson guides to be used in organized discussion groups, the essays show the world as it really is from many different perspectives. A comprehensive and formidable source on metaphysics and spirituality, Lessons from Sedona: A Spiritual Pathway to Serenity and Contentment provides a plethora of information for those interested in growing, changing, and transcending the limiting constrictions of consensus beliefs. It communicates humankinds unique place in time and space and their special role in the giant jigsaw puzzle of life..


Journey to Serenity | Colleen Kay

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“I could have been dead, not here today to tell my story, but I am here; nothing else matters!” —Colleen Kay Imagine yourself on a journey from the darkest night of your life to one filled with joy and serenity. Through her personal journal entries, Colleen weaves you through the ups and downs of her path to self-discovery and a new life. She will inspire you with her warmth and compassion to begin a journey of your own. You will see that you are not alone. There are others who are going through the same feelings, emotions, questions, and situations. Through her journey, Colleen gives you hope that you too can have a better life. Follow the path of her journal entries as she transforms hardships into rays of light that quide her to serenity..

Young Adult Fiction

A Measure of Serenity | Bryan Prosek

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Eighteen-year-old Serenity Ashdown has a brilliant mind: she counts, calculates, and analyzes everything, even when she doesn't want to. Her memory is also far beyond photographic, surpassing her physicist father's abilities. But her world was otherwise normal right up until dimension-hopping enemies forced her into a parallel reality. The feds she meets on the other side claim to want to help her go home. All she has to do is use her memory to reconstruct the right sequence of codes. But it's soon clear they want something more: a gateway for invasion, because this version of Earth is dying. Serenity can't risk returning home with a deadly force behind her, but the feds aren't about to let her escape. Then she learns that the "other Serenity," her alter-ego in this dimension, was a resistance leader recently betrayed and killed. She has a chance to assume her alter-ego's identity and use her unique ability to lead the resistance in their fight against the tyrannical super-government that is poised to invade her universe. Serenity has no idea how to be someone she's not, but she has to try-or she may not even have a home to return to..


Serenity Harbor | RaeAnne Thayne

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In the town of Haven Point, love can be just a wish—and one magical kiss—away… Computer-tech millionaire Bowie Callahan is about the last person that schoolteacher Katrina Bailey wants to work for. As far as she can see, he’s arrogant, entitled and not up to the task of caring for his young half brother, Milo. But Kat is, especially if it brings her closer to her goal of adopting an orphaned little girl. And as her kindness and patience work wonders with Milo, she realizes there’s more to sexy, wary Bo than she’d ever realized. Bo never imagined he’d be tasked with caring for a sibling he didn’t know existed. Then again, he never pictured himself impulsively kissing vibrant, compassionate Katrina in the moonlight. Now he’s ready to make her dream of family come true…and hoping there’s room in it for him, too….

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Serenity Magazine | Antione Jones

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Serenity Magazine, a world based magazine about people, fashion, art, photographers, photography, music, urban designers and companies that are doing things outside of the box with an emphasis on giving back. We have features, interviews, pictures, and articles. We will be available in print and online. Our target audience is 20-55, 52% women and 48% men. Serenity wants you to think outside the box and go beyond the skies. We over at Serenity Love the culture, The people, and the vibes that we get from each other. Welcome to Serenity, you can come inside now..


Serenity Blake | Natalie G. Owens

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Serenity Blake - Natalie G. Owens Preview:

Her fate lies in her family's legacy... A mysterious phone call leads to clues about her past... and lands her in trouble. The instructions were clear. Book the first flight to Venice, Italy. Pick up a package bequeathed to her from her grandfather, who'd died mysteriously over half a century earlier. Then, leave the box unopened until she's back in New York. Soon after Serenity Blake steps foot in Italy, she stumbles on a missing person's case and a cryptic clue that might unlock long-buried, dark family secrets. This leaves her with two choices: go home empty-handed, or stay and go down a rabbit hole that could lead to a dangerous world of dark magic, conspiracies, and secrets. With the help of a few dearly departed and living human companions, she might just get the answers she's seeking ... if she doesn't get killed first. Mystery, ghosts, and magic collide in this wicked fun first instalment of a paranormal adventure series. If you enjoyed movies and series like Tomb Raider, The Librarian, Indiana Jones, and The Ghost Whisperer, you'll love Serenity Blake!.


Sweet Serenity | Catherine Stang

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Sweet Serenity - Catherine Stang Preview:

Recently orphaned heiress, Serenity Springfield, fled the prospect of a brutal marriage to her brother's best friend for the promise of a new life with widower Collin MacClarron and his four daughters only to find that trouble followed her. Can she protect her new family from her dark past when she doesn't dare reveal it? Guilt-ridden widower, Collin MacClarron blames himself for his late wife's death. Although he knows he needs to remarry for his daughters' sakes, he isn't ready to open up his heart or is he? Can he accept this second chance at happiness or will he let Serenity's past mistakes keep them apart? Genre: Romance/Historical Fiction/Western.


Long Ride (Book 3) | Kathryn Thomas

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This is book 3 and the finale of the Black Sparks MC romance series! Once you go biker, you never go back. I thought I’d moved on. But even though I let go of the bad boy, he never let go of me. Nicholas Stone will either drag me to his bed and take me to heaven… Or drag me to hell and watch me burn. LIANA I left home to chase a dream. Instead, I stumbled into a nightmare. My police officer ex has gone insane since our break-up. He’s everywhere I look. Lurking in my shadows. Haunting me. I flee, back to the only place I’ve ever felt safe. But the devil waiting for me in my hometown isn’t much better. In the eight years I’ve been gone, Nicholas Stone has become so much more. More powerful. More tatted. More irresistible. But just when I start to think that, if I let my guard down, I can be safe in his arms… A gift arrives from a not-so-secret admirer. My ex has discovered where I went. He sees who I’m with. And I know that my troubles are far from over. In fact, they’re just beginning. NICHOLAS I’ve never forgotten the girl who broke my heart. But I’ve filled the hole she left with nothing but pure savagery. The biker life suited me. It lets me get my hands dirty. There’s no feeling quite like the wind in your face, an open stretch of highway, and your enemies’ cries for mercy still ringing in your ears. But Liana’s return threatens to undo the man I’ve become. I need to know why she’s back after all these years. There must be something she’s hiding. And yet, she refuses to admit it. Until the ugly truth comes roaring back with a vengeance and a death wish. But there’s something different this time around. Liana is mine. And if her ex thinks he can come anywhere near her again, I’ll have to teach him the hard way: Never, ever mess with a biker..


Crowning Stones | Tina Flurry

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It has been almost twenty years since King Taylon tried to invade the Mountain Valley region.His defeat brought peace to the valley. Now, his son Jase is leading the invasion. He has given the people time to choose to surrender or fight.The town of Morningside sends two brave young people to infiltrate his castle before time runs out. Their quest to spy and bring back information the council can use to combat the evil tyrant.Briella has always felt different from her friends. She knows something is missing in her life. Her parents were killed in the war, leaving her to be raised by her grandmother. The only thing her mother left her was a pair of boots. Her only link to her mother is the sun pendant she wears around her neck. If only she could find what she is searching for...Briella is chosen along with Kier. But on the way, Kier is taken, leaving Briella to go on alone. Fear for his safety propels her forward. Can she reach the castle in time? Who is the mysterious man she meets on the way? Why is he helping her? Who is the hermit living in the woods?She is afraid for herself and her friends. Her faith is all she has to keep her going. Following this path, she finds out who she is and what she was born to be..


Living the Serenity Prayer | Jeanett Gardner Littleton,Bell, James Stuart

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Living the Serenity Prayer - Jeanett Gardner Littleton,Bell, James Stuart Preview:

A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader..