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    A Sweet Amish RomanceLeah Lambricht is a sweet and gentle girl who just started working at the market. Her older brother James is a rebel who caused trouble and then left the Amish community, leaving Leah feeling that she has to prove she's nothing like him. The shadow of James's rebellion is always lying over her, causing young men to avoid her and many members of the community to look down upon her family. She struggles to forgive her brother for what he did. She becomes attracted to a regular customer, Noah, and the feelings are mutual over time. She's relieved to find that Noah holds nothing against her regarding her shunned brother, despite advice from his brother to be cautious of her.Early one morning she makes a quick stop to the market before heading to a neighbor's barn raising. She's now late to the barn-raising and Noah heads to the market, concerned. A devastating incident occurs and Noah makes some unwise decisions... should he have rethought his quick action?

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