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    She can have her rules... I will have my way...If you like your alpha males big and bad, then you’re in the right place! Eight delicious stories for your reading pleasure.​Dr. Daddy Next Door: A Single Dad & Neighbor RomanceI want to slide my hand up those sexy little dresses she wears and see what’s underneath…
But I can’t because my little girl has fallen in love with Rory. 
And because she’s my next door neighbor. 

I can’t afford to let my life go off the rails.Even if she does look like she’d be worth the fiery crash.But one night I let things go too far, and now there’s no turning back.Because now that I’ve had her, I crave her.
I need her.Safeguarded: A Bad Boy Mafia RomanceI can’t want her. She’s my best friend’s daughter.But she’s all grown up and more temptation than I can resist.Her Mob Boss father places his precious princess under my care.I was supposed to protect her, not seduce her. But one starry night Fiona was determined to show me that she was all woman.Hell if I could stop what was happening between us.And I most definitely don’t want to stop…touching her.Dating the Doctor: A Single Dad Billionaire RomanceAfter months of blind dates, bad dates and regrettable dates, I gave up.Took myself out of the dating scene.That’s where a dating site came in.Six months to meet the man of my dreamsSure!He’ll be tall and sexy, rich and hung.Yeah, right.My luck was never that good.Stranded: A Mountain Man Stepbrother RomanceThe way Lena said my name, all breathless and sexy was different.She was different.And off-limits.The storm made it impossible to deny what I wanted. Needed.Her. Just her.When she disappeared, I knew I would do whatever it took to find her.To make her mine.Forever.SEAL'd to Her: A Second Chance Military RomanceI have everything I ever wanted.But something is missing.The girl I’ve loved all my life.Then she walked back into my life, scowling, snarling and hating my guts. Jaya was the woman I was meant to be with. Meant to have babies with. She can’t stand me now, but I’m not above playing dirty to get what I want.And all I want is Jaya.SEAL’d to the Prof: A Military Roommate RomanceI do my part to keep my country safe. Which apparently includes playing bodyguard to some nerdy professor.But turns out, Laney is no egghead. She's a brilliant and beautiful. Someone is after her.I'll die before I let them harm a hair on her sweet head.I was only sent to protect her.When the time comes, will I be able to let her go?Fake Fiancé Next Door: A Small Town Curvy Girl Romance“We need to talk.”“About?”I frowned. “This whole engagement farce?”“Right,” her cheeks flushed. “Yes, we should set some rules. First rule, no touching.” “We’re in love, and plan to spend our lives together, I think we’d touch… a little.” “Fine. Touching is appropriate for public consumption, but only enough to sell this thing as real. Got it?”“Pity.” I told her as my gaze lingered on the gentle curve of her shoulder. “And no sleeping with other people until this arrangement is over. Just because we both need this, doesn’t mean I’ll let you humiliate me.” “I agree. The only person I’ll sleep with while we’re you.”Knocked Up By My Best Friend: A Friends to Lovers Sports RomanceI was at the top of my game. Life was perfect.Then my best friend asked the impossible.She wants me to father her child, be her sperm donor.She’s my closest friend in the whole world.This could ruin what we have.Then why can’t I stop thinking about giving her a baby?The old-fashioned way. The sweaty, hot and dirty way.

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