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    Review 'In this book, Stephen Sohn takes not only an interethnic but a continental approach, analyzing fiction by Asian American, Asian Canadian, and mixed-race queer authors, while paying careful attention to subtle national differences. Concerning itself with the complex interplay of aesthetics, ethics, and politics, Inscrutable Belongings is a vitally important intervention in Asian North American and queer literary studies.' (Donald C. Goellnicht McMaster University)'In this groundbreaking, meticulously researched book, Stephen Hong Sohn teases out how specific formal strategies in novels by queer Asian North American writers are used to develop and explore alternative kinship networks, forms of social recognition, and survival plots in the face of physical death as well social death, in which a Asian North American LGBTQ existence literally cannot be imagined. In its theorizing of queer racial formalisms, Inscrutable Belongings is the genuine melding of narrative theory, queer theory, and ethnic studies that we have been waiting for.'―Sue J. Kim, University of Massachusetts, Lowell Read more About the Author Stephen Hong Sohn is Associate Professor of English at the University of California, Riverside. Read more

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