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    The pews haven’t shut up yet, and the choir continues to sing.After Bryce’s dark secrets began to come to light, he embarks on a journey of damage control. Nothing or no one is safe, not even him, and certainly not his beloved church, Heavenly Hope. But that still doesn’t stop him from running for cover. When it comes to his money and his manor, he’ll do anything to protect it. Even if that means having to neglect the ones he supposedly loves the most.His wife, Easter, on the other hand, is dealing with the debris from his damages, and this time, she refuses to be the one responsible for cleaning it up. Instead, she does what she knows how to do best: survive—with or without Bryce. In that aspect, Harlem Jones, who’s part of one of the city’s most lethal drug rings, are alike. Survival has been Harlem’s way of life since the death of his mother, which Easter’s husband, Bryce, is the reason for. Finding out that Anniston’s admired pastor was accountable for his angel’s murder sent him over the edge. Now, it’s all about revenge. Will he get it before it’s too late? The clock is ticking.

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